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Avery Bradley has small tears in his shoulder

The news on Avery Bradley continues to get worse:

Boston Celtics second-year shooting guard Avery Bradley is expected to soon undergo season-ending surgery to repair small tears that have compromised the structure of his ailing left shoulder, according to a league source.

Bradley has endured a number of dislocations during the 2011-12 season, including three in the postseason. After the shoulder came out in a Game 4 loss in Philadelphia, doctors made the determination that it's simply too risky to put him back on the court with the potential for a more serious injury, according to the source. The team has not yet ruled him out for the rest of the postseason, but that decision could come soon.

With surgery unavoidable in order to correct the issues, Bradley is expected to go under the knife as soon as the team determines he's able. According to the source, Bradley is looking at a four-month recovery process, but the hope is that he'll be ready in time for the team's October training camp.

This flat-out sucks. With a four month recovery time frame, Bradley needs to have the surgery in the coming weeks to ensure he'll be in top condition for next season. 

I'm sure Dwyane Wade is relieved.

In other news, Rajon Rondo has been named to the All-NBA 3rd team.

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  • RyanH

    Avery is a warrior. I want him to shut it down and get healthy as soon as possible. The rest of his career as a Celtic is way more important than this playoff run.

  • Dude earned serious cred for his ability and toughness. Lot of pressure for a big year in ’13 AB! Get healthy, and thanks for a stellar end of season run.

  • I have small tears running down my cheeks… 🙁

  • KY Celts fan


  • SC

    Well said

  • Sucks for the C’s but Avery will end up being the best thing that happened to the C’s this year. The kid has incredible heart and is clearly missed in the line-up against Philly.
    The fact that Blake Griffin made 2nd team makes me want to puke.

  • I know its crazy to think but this really really really reallly really diminishes our chances almost entirely…his defense was HUGE in this years resurgance and would be perfect for the game 7 and going forward.
    with that said, his block on d wade was fantastic but possibly the most overrated play of the year, or ever for that mattter…great block sure but right to a wide open 3 point shooter who drilled it

  • not to mention its wear the start of the shoulder problems occured…we couldve done without that block

  • Really? The guy is elite at on the ball defense. When an NBA player is elite at anything except free throw shooting there’s aspects to their game that is risky. If that risk and the willingness of the player to take said risks weren’t there then their chances of dominating that aspect of the game diminishes.
    Elite rebounders bang for position and leap and fall and grab at every missed shot, increasing their chance of injury. Great passers thread needles and do many no looks and alley-oop lobs that there is a chance for turning it over. Were those passes not performed much of the time an easy basket would not have been possible. Elite defenders face the same kind of risks for the actions they have to do to be elite. They take charges, rise up to block shots, dive for loose balls, anything to stop who’s usually the best offensive player that the opponent has on the floor.
    Hindsight is 20/20 and if what you said is true and that exact play was when his shoulder started it’s decent to where it is now that is unfortunate. In my humble opinion though Avery Bradley wouldn’t be an elite defender if he gave up on plays such as that one.

  • David

    When Avery recovers and shows up for practice in October to prepare for the 2012-2013 basketball season, Boston will have a very special two-guard supporting Rondo at the point guard position. What makes Avery so special is that his intensity on defense is much like a contagion that rubs off on his teammates. There is nothing like five guys on the basketball floor playing lights out defense, and in my view, that level of intensity may translate into an NBA championship for Boston next year as such defensive intensity often leads to easy baskets, via theft, on the other end. Great defense and a relatively high percentage of easy baskets off steals and difficult shots are two essential outcomes that championship teams thrive on in the game of basketball.