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Your Morning Dump… History isn’t on the Celtics side

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It's an article of faith that the closeout game is the toughest to win in a playoff series — and that certainly has been the case for the Celtics over the past five years. They've won more series than they've lost in that span — 10-3 — but their track record in closing games has been spectacularly humdrum.

In 2008: 4-3. 

In 2009: 1-3.

In 2010: 3-5.

In 2011: 1-0.

In 2012: 1-1.

That's a record of 10-12, and nine of the 10 wins have come in Boston. The two most painful losses, easily, came in Games 6 and 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals in L.A. after the Celtics had taken a 3-2 lead over the Lakers. The Celtics already fell short on their first closeout game this year, Game 5 in Atlanta, and then almost spit the bit at home before barely winning Game 6. Doing things the quick and easy way is not a trademark of the Celtics. They make you squirm.

ESPN Boston – Closing time… or is it?

I have no idea what will happen tonight in Philadelphia. My guts says the Celtics will lose. But the more I think about it, a loss is predictable. And if there's one thing we know for sure about this team, it's unpredictable.

If both of the Eastern conference semi-finals end in six games, the conference finals will start Saturday. If either series goes 7, the conference finals start Monday.

A win tonight would guarantee the Celtics at least two days of rest and maybe four. A loss tonight and the Celtics would be playing Game 7 on Saturday with just one day off before the next series (provided they win). The benefits of closing out the Sixers in 6 games are obvious.

Wait a minute.. I think I've figured out a way to determine if the Celtics will win tonight. 

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

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On Page 2, a Philly sportswriter responds to Garnett's fairweather fan comment with absolute ignorance.

You think we’re the fair weather type, do you? Ok, to that I say that it’s better to be fair weather than to be anything remotely akin the cretins that unleashed their racist vitriol via Twitter upon Washington Capitals defenseman Joel Ward, a Black hockey player, last month after he eliminated Boston’s Bruins from the NHL playoffs with an overtime goal.

Can’t really call this an isolated incident, my friend, not unless you believe that those clowns were gathered together in some sort of Bruins/Skinheads gathering and, after their team went down, they all took to Twitter once Ward drove the stake through Boston’s heart.

No, this wasn’t the whole Boston fan base, not at all. But it’s not a coincidence that Bill Russell, the biggest sports winner in the history of Boston sports, absolutely loathed the city and a fan base that he saw as racist.

His words, not mine. 

So my advice to you, KG, is that you’re better off winning this series, the next one and then the next. Because if you let those stalwart fans down, who knows what they’ll unleash on you. We do know what they are capable of. 

Take that how you want. – Fair-weathered beats bigoted any day

This blog is so bad, so lazy, so wrong, so ignorant, that I'm embarrassed for the author (John Mitchell).

The racist tweets directed at Joel Ward were NOT isolated to Massachusetts. Even so, are a dozen racist comments a fair sample of a city, state and fan base?

Yes, Bill Russell once called Boston a "flea market of racism." That was 50+ years ago. Boston's ugly racist past is indisputable. 

Mitchell should address the racism that's rampant and current in Pennsylvania. According to this artice, Mitchell's native state is home to "33 hate groups," including 2 Skinhead groups and 4 KKK organizations.

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  • paul

    You are talking about the bussing controversy? Do you know history? That was a class issue more than a race issue, and it had a lot to do with the role of government, an attack on the whole notion of community schools. The goal of correcting the poor quality of schools for blacks was a good goal, an important goal, but the method chosen was a trojan horse. Consider: if the judicial dictators involved had REALLY wanted to improve schools for blacks, wouldn’t they have bussed black kids to SUBURBAN schools, and suburban kids to inner city schools? Yes they would. The good schools were in the suburbs, and everyone knew this. What stood in the way of that? Well, do you think those suburban parents would have stood for their kids being bussed to inner city schools? Of course not. The very idea is laughable.
    Bussing was a classist attack on community schooling. If you look at Charter Schools today you will see more of the same, but the Trojan Horse is different this time.
    Is there a non-racist city in the country? I doubt it. America is a racist society. I think that if MLK came back today, he’d be appalled at the overall state of our society. Yes, a few blacks are in high positions of power and privilege, including many athletes, but the black community overall is being crushed economically, and by the ‘drug war’, by the Injustice System.
    Things were far better in the Sixties, in the sense that people actually cared about issues like racism and poverty then. No such issues cannot even be seriously discussed today. No politician will utter even token concern for the poor, for example, or will suggest that the Drug War is wrong. Everything bad in society is assumed to have been somehow solved, and we tell ourselves that we now live in the best of all possible worlds. Any creeping doubts can be chased away with another dose of television. Better not look out the window…ignore the homeless. Ignore the wars. Ignore the prison industrial system.
    Three more cheers for how great society is today!

  • Wow, KG touched a nerve with Mr. Mitchell. His Twitter rants paint him as the consummate professional, too. If you haven’t read them, he’s not a fan of Bill Belichick either.
    That Philly blog was beyond a pathetic reach at attempting to paint an entire city as racist. The sweeping assumptions are, as you put it, embarrassing.
    First off, can we all just agree that racism knows no bounds or colors already? Sadly, it will continue to exist (at least in all of our lifetimes).
    Secondly, just because you’re a fan of the Celtics or live in Boston doesn’t automatically make you a Bruins fan. I don’t even WATCH hockey! But thanks again for boxing me in.
    That’s like me saying everyone from Philly supports animal cruelty because Vick plays for the Eagles.
    Lastly, who cares what anyone from Twitter (TWITTER?!) has to say about anything?! Has he not yet learned that the internet is full of “tough guys” hiding anonymously behind computers from all over the world? What grown ass adult uses a global social media outlet for fact-finding? It’s easy to cherry pick anything to support your “argument”.
    Pathetic “blog” from a pathetic excuse for a “sports journalist”. Grow up.

  • J Atlas


  • Watch out for Rondo tonight. He’ll go for at least 20 and win this game. I’m sure he’ll be in attack (penetrate) mode.

  • Sorry, but KG was dead wrong to label Philadelphia sports fans as “fair-weathered”.
    KG should have called them what they really are…”vile, disgusting, sub-human mutants”!
    These are the same Philly fans who cheered wildly in 1999, as Michael Irvin laid motionless on the ground after suffering a career ending neck injury.
    The same fans who required Vet Stadium to install an on-site jail to house those arrested during games.
    The same fans who, 45 years ago, repeatedly caused game delays by tossing eggs onto the court during the Celtic-76er ECF.

  • RyanH

    I let that writer know that his words were offensive to the younger, enlightened generations of Celtics fans who had nothing to do with the civil rights era of our country. He let me know that I’m guilty by association, a cheater and a moron when I gave him nothing but eloquent points. This man works for a newspaper. Completely disgusting on his part and his employer. I’m lucky that I do not live in or visit Philly.