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Recap: Game 6 was an epic fail


I've been watching the Celtics for some 30 years and tonight may have been one of the worst performances I've witnessed.

The Sixers played mediocre basketball and beat the Celtics, 82-75.

The Celtics were… abominable, alarming, appalling, atrocious, deplorable, depressing, dire, disgusting, distressing, dreadful, fearful, frightful, ghastly, grody, gross, gruesome, grungy, harrowing, hideous, horrendous, horrible, horrific, horrifying, nasty, offensive, raunchy, repulsive, shocking, stinking, synthetic, tough, ugly, unpleasant, and unsightly.

Check the box score for the hideous stats. My personal favorite is the 42-16 differential in the paint.

What the hell was wrong with Rajon Rondo (9 points, 4-14 FG, 9 rebounds, 6 assists)? He played like he had a 104 degree fever. He was torched by Jrue Holiday (20 points).

Ray Allen (9 points, 4-11 FG) is killing this team. His ankle has rendered him useless on defense. I was begging Doc Rivers to play Sasha or Marquis.

Want some more bad news? The Herald's Steve Bulpett says Avery Bradley is doubtful for the remainder of the playoffs and may have shoulder surgery soon.

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  • RyanH

    I miss Avery, Wilcox, J.Green, and the healthy Ray. It just hurts seeing them like this. We’re playing bad, and it’s not like we can even get Rondo and Kevin a rest when they’re exhausted. We did this to ourselves tonight, but damn.

  • Nothing to add to your recap. Everybody was atrocious. I always expect Rondo to step up when his teammates can’t score, and take his game on another level if he wants to be a real leader for this team in the future. Forget it.
    Players were bad, coaching was obscene: Doc is really making a lot of mistakes in these playoffs, way too many.
    At this point, I wonder what’s the meaning of trying to win the series. To go where?

  • Alex

    Ray Allen needs to stay on the bench.
    Rondo needs to wake the fuck up because he really let this team down with his shit performance. I swear, if Paul tries to defend Rondo even a bit, I’m going to straggle him with my virtual hands through his computer screen.
    Just absolute crap. Sixers gave them so many chances but the Celtics clearly didn’t feel like playing. Seriously, why are the Sixers giving the C’s trouble?
    I swear if the Celtics lose this series, you can expect a blow up from Danny. It’s unforgiveable to lose to such a shit team like the Sixers where they even bricked 10+ free throws FFS.

  • The loss, the stats, all troubling. But by far the most troubling to me was the overall attitude and body language of this squad tonight. I literally did not recognize any of them but for their uniforms and faces. I will stay behind this team and support them, but nights like this make it tough to do so.

  • Alex

    Doc is a HUGE moron for keeping Ray Allen on the court. Ray Ray really ruined it for the Celtics. Horrible defense and the man just can’t hit a jump shot. His ankle is too fucked up. He needs to sit.
    Now that we are losing Bradley for the rest of the playoffs, I just don’t see the Celtics passing the Heat (or even the Sixers if they show that same effort in Game 7).

  • SamR

    But then Doc actually put Marquis in the game and he got beat for two easy short jumpers and loafed it down the court when Rondo was trying to lead a break. (I assume he loafed it, if not I am a faster runner than Marquis Daniels). I’m at a loss. Try Sasha? Moore?
    Rondo was totally out of it. Pierce was trying to get to him on the bench and he was spaced out. Him knocking the ball out of bounds at 1:18 when they were down 6 and Ray had just hit a 3 and then they got a stop was horrific.
    Pierce played pretty well, especially considering everyone else was sucking so much that the entire Sixer team was guarding him. KG played OK, and played well in the 4th quarter. That’s about it.
    C’s outrebounded the Sixers by 11 and hit 3 more FTs and 2 more 3s and lost. Almost unbelievable.

  • I’d like to say that the lethargy and lack of urgency surprised me but it didn’t. None of us should be surprised. This is who they are. You could tell from the moment early in the game where you could hear Pierce scream at his teammates closest to a loose ball to dive to the flooe for the hustle play. It came back crystal clear through my tv. To have to be told to hustle DURING the first quarter of a playoff game is shameful. I don’t care if you’re 10 feet tall, get your ass to the floor.
    Rondo isn’t playing to his potential. Not even close. I gave him a pass in the first quarter fully expecting him to snap out of his lethargic state…its GAME 6! PUSH THE BALL! Stay in front of your man! We all call Rondo the engine of this team. Play consistent throughout! He’s the energy guy, if Rondo’s not bringing it, C’s are in serious trouble.
    The only real effort came from Pierce tonight who was let down by the rest of his teammates. KG passed way too much and wasn’t confident in his jumper until it was too late. Pierce was the only one driving. Ray is tough to watch. I thought he was pressing too hard to try and get himself going. If it’s not working, go to something else. That’s one of the biggest troubles for this team; they fail to recognize what’s working/not working before its too late.
    I know it’s Doc’s job to protect his players but he seemed content such putrid play. I get the defensive aspect, but jesus how could anyone stomach the Celtic’s offense? And they continued to play putrid throughout. I would love to hear Doc’s real opinions on this game, particularly Rondo. And I say that as a fan who wouldn’t want any other point guard in the league. I’m just saying sometimes I look at Rondo and I feel like I’m watching JD Drew. I think that’s why most of us get frustrated with him. We know his potential. He knows his potential. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the mind blowing point guard we know he can be. That’s what’s so maddening, especially in a closeout game where it’s evident to even the most fair weather fan that his most of his teammates didn’t have it tonight. He’s supposed to be the built-n shot in the arm.

  • Quest

    The team goes where Rondo goes.

  • Quest

    Philly vs Heat Eastern finals what an embarrassing joke for Boston

  • I don’t know why anyone is surprised by this. This loss was as predictable as the sun rising. The level of play? Not so much. A classic crap Rondo performance, followed by the predictable “Bass goes cold” performance. Ray Allen shouldn’t even be playing.
    That being said, don’t be surprised the Garden crowd on Saturday turns out to be weak. The general public has spoken: they hate this series. I sadly feel a repeat of Game 7 2009 vs Orlando coming…

  • Noori

    With rest I thought we had a real shot at the championship. At this current trend I just don’t see it. I was one of the nostalgia guys that wanted the big 3 to last into their fifties lol, but after tonight I think its time to send them into the sunset and enjoy the last year of them defying the odds for our entertainment. Win or lose I salute these fellas and can at least be satisfied knowing Lakers or the Heat dont get a title this year.

  • paul

    No need to strangle me. I was utterly humbled and humiliated as I watched Rondo’s atrocious performance tonight. I’m speechless. The Celtics played four on five most of the night.

  • paul

    Well put. This team looked beaten in the warmups. They looked like a beaten team.

  • paul

    That scene with Pierce and Rondo on the bench was priceless. All night it looked like Rondo was sick, sedated, completely lost – God only knows what was going on. I’m worried for the kid.

  • paul

    This is one time that I cannot make the slightest pretense of defending Rondo. His play tonight was just awful. I mean, yes, he rebounded, and had a few moments, so one can’t say that he didn’t show up at all, but it seemed like we were playing four on five all night.
    I mean, outside of Pierce the team played horrible, and even Pierce didn’t really play well, and even so Rondo stuck out like a sore thumb of horribleness. I’m stunned, and, really, speechless. Somewhat. Nauseated too.
    Have I really been defending this guy? I wish I could claim it was someone else.
    Four on five nearly the whole night.

  • Well you previous write up was correct. This team is infuriating and extremely unpredictable. Paul comes out and looks like the Pierce of old and the rest of the guys shit the bed. As many of you said, Rondo looked like he was on a different planet. I have been saying this all along in my head but now it looks like the Celtics are thinking it too: What is the point of all this? Even if they SOMEHOW find a way to beat Miami they are not going to beat whoever comes out of the west. Look at this team, we rely on three guys (KG,Pierce,#9) to score and one of them is NOT a pure scorer (Rondo). I am a life-long Celtics fan and will NEVER love any team as much as the C’s but I gotta be honest, I almost want this season and era to be over with. Enough is enough already.

  • jadams5214

    Pathetic offense once again dooms the Celtics —
    It’s hard to believe this team has Rondo, Pierce, KG, Ray, Bass and Pietrus yet can only score 75 points in a playoff game.
    Rondo was HORRIFIC tonight. It’s not his fault that the team missed shots but these are the games where he needs to take over. If it’s truly Rondo’s team then as the PG and the ONE player who has the youth and energy to thrive against Philly he needs to play much better. He refused to drive inside until the 2nd half and then just started throwing up bricks off the backboard that had no chance of going in.
    Worst off though was Rondo’s defense. Not sure what he was doing out there. Holiday absolutely torched Rondo which is inexcusable. There is no reason that Rondo should continue to get blown by on drives to the basket. He kept going for the lazy steal or just flat out stood there. Hubie Brown kept calling him out for it also as he couldn’t believe Holiday was getting by him so easily time and time again.
    Doc once again showed his stubborn nature and it’s getting ridiculous. When the team is struggling so much offensively Doc never at least decides to TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!! What harm could occur with bringing in Sasha for a couple minutes? Maybe he could hit a couple 3’s and ignite the offense and he certainly wouldn’t play any worse defense than Ray at this point. It’s so frustrating to watch Doc stand there and just let the team keep running the same slow motion isolation plays over and over and over.
    Ray can’t hit jump shots, is too slow to drive to the basket and can’t play defense yet Doc leaves him out there. Doc is obviously smart enough to see what is happening but refuses to make any adjustments it’s sickening.
    The Celtics should win Game 7 at home after 2 days of rest. But realistically there isn’t much to hope for going forward. Avery is injured and the ECF series has only 1 day off between EVERY game. Hard to imagine the Celtics finding the stamina to muster up much resistance against Miami or even Indiana.
    The Celtics have slowly become a terrible offensive team over the past 3 seasons and tonight was the pinnacle. They were ranked near the bottom of the NBA in points this season and have been mostly terrible in the playoffs except for a couple great games. Holding Philly to 82 points should be more than enough to win but not with this inept offense.
    All the talk of how “Defense wins championships” sounds great but it has to come with SOME level of offensive production. One thing is for sure, no matter what happens Saturday – Danny Aingle knows the Celtics need a MAJOR offensive upgrade in the offseason…

  • I can only speak for myself, but I’m not surprised they lost. The Big 3 is now I believe 3-10 in close-outs. I think folks are more surprised by the manor in which they lost. They were vastly outplayed by an inferior team-mentally and talent wise.

  • *3-10 on the road

  • vik melb aus

    Man you guys here that avery is shut down for the playoffs, man oh man there goes our chance for 18
    Melb Aus Vik

  • Celts Love

    WE HAVE TO GIVE SASHA A CHANCE! Seriously Sasha put up some great games at the end of the season, when Pavlovich has his confidence he’s lights out. We need someone to be the Bradley that we no longer have… Im disappointed that after a stellar end to the season for Sasha, Doc has locked him out of the playoffs. Why??? Sasha is a potential game changer, and I dont think Hollins, Dooling or anyone else on the bench is capable of that. I agree with much of the sentiment here, why has Doc been so uncreative with the bench in this series??

  • Paul

    In my opinion, our Celtics played with NO urgency or desire to win this game!!! We totally SUCKED in every aspect!!!!!! As of right now, I hate to say, we will lose the eastern finals in 4 games the way we are playing right now, if we advance! That is a BIG IF!

  • Celts Love

    Okay, Pietrus could make a big impact off the bench as well. Maybe Marquis too, though Im not totally convinced. IN ANY CASE DOC, why do you think Dooling is ready to carry so much on his shoulders, when he has not proven himself to be a game changer?? please …. give some minutes to guys that have proven themselves with BIG IMPACT and are healthy.

  • Celts Love

    Celtics getting out-coached? check out this post-game interview from Collins, the 76ers coach talks about some major defensive changes to clamp down on the Celtics and keep them out of the paint.

  • Paul

    I was actually ashamed of my beloved Celtics in game 6!!!! You guys sucked throughout the whole game from start to finish! Eastern conference champions at this point, not in our future!!! Miami in 4 or Indiana in 5 IF we advance beyond the 6’ers!

  • The crazy thing was how the C’s were about to get away with the greatest heist ever! Philly played a stinker as well guys. Were it not for the lay up drill they put on an even worse Boston effort this series would have been over.
    What’s up with Allen Iverson hugging everyone in sight including the refs? Cool for AI but it paints the refs into a corner for those who like to scream about that kinda thing, huh?
    Doc screwed up tonight IMO and it started with the line up. He had a chance to keep MP and Ray Ray coming off the bench. He had a chance to make a move as bold as starting Scal when KG went down a few seasons ago. He had a chance to insert Sasha at starting SG and let the talent around him protect his deficiencies. Then Ray would be able to contribute 28 minutes against lesser competition.
    Instead forcing Allen to defend the Sixer”s first unit kept him in foul trouble and out of sinc all night. Now they’re going to the Jungle for winner takes all and I don’t think Doc has the balls to show that crowd a dramatic change like that. It made perfect sense to try when up 3-2 with the expectations that the C’s were gonna lose anyway.
    It’s really the best option if not Saturday then against the Heat. We’ll see how this plays out…

  • I agree that this was terrible, but KWAPT is right, they do this on the regular. This by no means suggests that the Celtics are going to lose this series. They’re coming back to the Garden for Game 7. We got this.

  • CoachBo

    Best wishes to Rondo as he recovers in the Philly burn unit from being absolutely torched by Holliday. I am so sick of his ambivalence toward this game that right now I don’t care if I ever see him in a Celtic uniform again. You play like that in a closeout game, you either are missing a limb or you don’t give a damn.
    The good news is I’m sure there will be some inane collection of alibis for him below that will crack me up. Where’s Pauly when you need him?
    God bless Ray Allen, he looks like Willie Mays in a Mets uniform out there. He’s not going anywhere except to the hoops bone yard. He’s done.
    This thing is really easy to figure out: Watch the offensive pace. If we’re walking the ball up the floor – and let’s be honest here: Did Rondo attack the basket more than a half-dozen times all night? Hell, no – we’re going to settle for a jump shot and this season is over Sunday.
    This may be the dumbest Celtic team with playoff aspirations I’ve ever seen.

  • Quest

    Collins got it right clog up the passing lanes, play right up close and crowd Rondo and he doesn’t know what the hell to do.

  • greenman

    Damn people, dont jump ship yet. There’s still a game 7 left to play which I expect to be a BEATDOWN!! Go green!!

  • SC

    Dribble penetration killed us…and this Philly team is full of individual players who dribble the air out of the basketball. (That’s where we miss Bradley the most — on-ball defending.)
    And that’s where our entire team collapsed during the middle of the season before the emergence of Bradley.
    I fully expect Doc to make the right adjustments going into Game 7. Hopefully we have enough healthy bodies to hold up for it.
    And honestly, too much time off isn’t a good thing for this team. We’re a bunch of veterans that need rhythm more than relaxtion. Rest is for the teams in the off-season already sitting on the couch.

  • Agreed he was big when doc cut the rotaion to just 8. Doc is awful If we lose this I blame him Just like 2010 not dressing Scal in game 6. still chaps me.


  • I bleed green in L.A.


  • Celts Love

    I agree! BRING BACK SASHA!!!!!