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Rajon Rondo: Better than Dirk at midrange shooting

….. from one very specific spot on the floor.  More specifically, this very specific spot on the floor:

Rajon rondo shot chart

This all comes to us via Deadspin

Just in case this needs explaining, think of this is as a weather map.  The red means you're hot from this spot on the floor, the blue means you're cold, and the the stuff in between is indicated on a scale in the bottom right.  If you're color blind, or perhaps, a dog (they're color-blind, you know), then I can only hope (a) the corresponding shades of grey make sense and (b) WHO'S A GOOD BOY??? YOU ARE!! YOU ARE!!!

Anyway, the hot zones are based on percentages, and Rondo's percentage from that one spot is better than anyone else's 

He's widely known as a woeful jump shooter, and that's not an unfair assessment overall. But Rondo has a few sweet spots from which he is surprisingly effective, and as you can see in his bleak shot chart below, the area off the right elbow is one of those oases. In this area Rondo shot 56 percent, edging out Ty Lawson and Dirk, each at 53 percent.

Rondo also has a couple of pretty "warm" spots in each corner, at the elbow and one from 3.  And in the playoffs, Rondo has stepped up his shooting.  After hitting on 39% of his shots from 16-23 feet this season, Rondo's now hitting 43% from that range.  He's hit 4 of 8 shots from 10-15 feet, a distance from which he shot 27.8% in the regular season (stats via HoopData).

What makes Rondo "Rondo" is all the blue in between those warm spots.  But I guess the thing to take away from all of this is that few things are black and white with any players, even Rondo.  The "Rondo can't shoot" thing isn't quite as cut-and-dry as you might think.  He can hit shots, and he clearly has some spots on the floor where he's more comfortable shooting the ball.  No one's going to argue that his shot doesn't need work.  It does.  But the pretty colors paint a not-so-horrible picture.  

By the way, hit that Deadspin link to see what spots Ray Allen and KG own.  I'm betting you can guess them before you even click.

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  • “Bluer than the deep blue sea”…Rondo, standing motionless, calmly preparing to shoot a FT.

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  • Rondo can’t or doesn’t want to shoot the ball. Let’s keep it to the assist and other stuff.