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KGblockVia ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg:

Celtics guard Rajon Rondo and center Kevin Garnett each landed a spot on the NBA All-Defensive second team. 

The first team consistent of Miam's LeBron James, Oklahoma City's Serge Ibaka, Orlando's Dwight Howard, Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul, and Memphis' Tony Allen. Garnett and Rondo are joined on the second team by Chicago's Luol Deng, New York's Tyson Chandler, and Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant. 

Rondo earned 29 points off nine first-team and 11 second-team votes; Garnett finished with 26 points on 8 first-team votes and 10 second-team votes. 

The voting panel consisted of the NBA’s 30 head coaches, who were asked to select NBA All-Defensive first and second teams by position. Coaches were not permitted to vote for players from their own team. Two points were awarded for a first-team vote and one point was awarded for a second-team vote. 

Celtics second-year guard Avery Bradley finished with three votes, including a first-team vote. 

Say what? Chris Paul over Rondo? Serge Ibaka is a phenomenal shot-blocker (3.7 bpg) and exciting player, but is he really a better all-around defender than Garnett?

I didn't expect Avery Bradley to garner much attention, considering he only played significant minutes for 1-2 mos. But he should supplant Tony Allen next season.

Another interesting note, Tyson Chandler, the league's Defensive Player of the Year, made 2nd team. I guess the coaches and media have drastic opinions.

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  • paul

    Expect Garnett and Rondo to go nuts on the defensive end, fired up by the perception that they’ve been slighted!

  • RyanH

    We have two of the top four defenders in the league in KG and Avery Bradley, while Rondo and Pierce are no slouches themselves. Proud of their effort regardless of accolades. Chris Paul had to get subbed out against the Grizz because Mike Conley was shredding him in pick and rolls. Ibaka sucks at P&R coverage and bites on pumpfakes like no one else. I’ll take our guys any day.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Agreed….I’m happy with the guys we have. I give alot of credit to Doc & KG in that we’ve had 3 different defensive coordinator’s in the last 3 years and the defense is still top-notch. Avery will be first team by next year.

  • Wels

    And once again, the All-Defensive Team honor continues to be somewhat of a joke. Ibaka is improving but still basically just a shot blocker; Paul, like Rondo, gets his steals, but hardly contributes in the other ways that Rajon does; Kobe, as he has been for the past few years, is mostly content to coast and let Artest do the heavy lifting. Happy to see Tony and Deng on there, at least.

  • Ace-one

    KG deserved 1st team honors but 2nd team’s not a huge slight. Andre Iguodala got snubbed altogether. Kobe making the team is a joke.