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Your Morning Dump… Where Reverend Dooling gave a sermon at halftime

Reverend doolingEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"With the same approach we took tonight, with defensive intensity," Bass said of the key to Game 6 Wednesday. "At the half, we were struggling defensively. Doc didn't think we were playing for each other and Reverend Dooling stepped up and gave us a little sermon and let us know that we have to play for each other. In the second half, that's what we decided to do."

WEEI: Bass:  Reverend Dooling delivered "sermon"

Keyon is a VASTLY underrated member of this team… and we'll never know the impact he's had.  It's true he hasn't played much and aside from a couple of decent game, he hasn't had much of an impact on the floor.  But behind the scenes… in practices and in the locker room, I get the feeling Keyon has been on of those "glue guys".   

During the first half, Doc was begging guys… BEGGING them… to play together.  For whatever reason, they came out flat again, and Doc saw bickering and questioning and a lack of overall togetherness.  Then halftime came and, along with Doc's comments, Reverend Dooling delivered his sermon.

Something worked, because the C's were a totally different team in the second half.  Well, for most of the second half.  I guess that par to of the story continues on Page 2:

On Page 2:  Classic KG describes the Garden crowd

Reporter: You were going up against Hawes and they called you for an offensive foul, and the crowd really got back into the game at that point, and you guys seemed to be sparked after that play. 

KG: "Man, we're sparked. This god damn crowd here sparks you. It doesn't take much here, man. I have no idea what you're talking about, to be honest. But when speaking about this crowd, it's like plugging in, man. You're enthused for 48 minutes on, from tip on. So I can't see the difference between minute from minute. I feel like every minute I look up I see my family, I see people yelling, I see the drunk fat guy. I can't decipher. I'm telling you, I can't decipher one from the other. This crowd is ridiculous. I love it." 

Reporter: What's that feeling like? The crowd getting into it? 

KG: "It's like taking a cold shower, stepping into a freezer that's 60 below. I wouldn't recommend it, but if you want the feeling, try it out, come back, let me know."

ESPN Boston: KG: This crowd is ridiculous

“Not even close. You got fans and then you got fair-weather fans,” Garnett said. “Take it how you want.”

Herald: Kevin Garnett: Philly’s “fair-weather” fans don’t compare to Boston’s fans

The absolute turning point in this game came at 7:41 in the third quarter. 

"The foul."  Here are the key ingredients: 

1:  7pm start:  You'll never see a full Garden for a 7pm start.  Traffic is a killer and parking is f'ing terrible.  I even got to a playoff game just after the tip once for a 7pm start.  So you've got a bunch of people not only walking in late… but pissed because they're late. 

2:  Slow Celtics start:  So now everyone's pissed… they haven't ha anything to drink and they're probalby hungry because they came straight from work and didn't get a chance to stop for dinner.  Now they show up and the Celtics look like ass.  The crowd is dying for a moment to get into the game.  The team just isn't giving them one yet. 

3:  Horrible call during a horrible game:  It's a little more than four minutes into the third.  So for 28 minutes of NBA time (a little more than an hour in real time), a bunch of pissed off people have watched a game that pissed them off even more.  They've eaten shitty food for dinner so they're not feeling great as it is and they've spent WAY too much money to eat and drink their way through this debacle.  Suddenly… a villain comes into focus 

Boom.  NOW you've got the Garden crowd erupting.  The "BUULLLL SHIIIIIT…. BUULLLL SHIIIIIT" chants start to ring down.  

KG's pissed.  

The Garden is pissed.  

Defensive stop.  Anger grows to cheers.

KG buckets.  Crowd erupts in a "YEAH… TAKE THAT YA BASTIDS!!!!!" celebration. 

Why do you think Doug Collins took the time out so quickly.  Suddenly, the crowd was awake.  He knew it.  KG knew it.  The god damn crowd was sparking him. 

Philly fans are going to have a field day with him tomorrow.  Careful, Philly.  He likes the boos too.

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    If you guys want a good laugh, you gotta read the first comment on this post. I’ve seen my fair share of dumb comments, but using the phrase to describe KG as a “poor man’s Iggy” is so far my 2012 winner best homer comment.

  • Sixers slammed by a steaming pile of Stiemsma!

  • Tim

    Great analysis of the crowd and the turning point. That was exactly it.

  • paul

    I love Dooling. Most towel wavers are ass kissers. Not this one. He’s for real. A bench guru.

  • does anyone have the clip of “the foul”? wasn’t able to see it last night as my streaming was kinda choppy…

  • Quest

    So what really is happening in the locker room …Doc pleading for guys to play together for each other

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