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Recap: Celtics deliver 2nd half Bass-kicking


Raise your hand if you had Brandon Bass in the Game 5 clutch performer pool. Anyone? Anyone?

The soft-spoken big man scored 18 of his game high 27 points in the 3rd quarter as the Celtics dominated the 2nd half and beat Philly 101-85.

The Celtics were sleep-walking through the first half. They were making lazy passes, getting killed on the boards and playing lackluster defense. That all changed with 7 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter when an official made a horrible offensive foul call on Kevin Garnett. The call woke up the slumbering Garden crowd and the Celtics. John called it the punch that lands on Hulk Hogan before he "hulks up." The Celtics outscored the Sixers 22-9 the rest of the quarter.

Rajon Rondo (13 points, 14 assists) deserves a lot of credit for Bass' success. Rondo was very aggressive with his shot early (6 points in 1st) and late (7 points in 4th).

Greg Steimsma (10 points, 5-5 FG in 14 minutes) had his best game in a while. Here's hoping Doc Rivers sticks with Steamer over Ryan Hollins.

Paul Pierce made three times as many free throws (9-9) as field goals (3-7). He finished with a relatively quiet 16 points.

It looks like Ray Allen is rushing his shot. I'll speculate and say Allen's ankle is not allowing him enough separation from the defender and Ray is compensating by rushing. 

Old man Elton Brand dusted off his mid-range game and torched the Celtics for 19 points (8-13 FG). 

Box score

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • RyanH

    Brandon, you deserve a drink. Best game I’ve seen him play. Just incredible timing for him to come alive and dominate.

  • jason

    At the beginning of the year I thought Bass was capable of this once every two weeks, not once a yeat

  • Best game of his career. Awesome and much needed.
    Ray Allen looks like a corpse.

  • BA$$. Bailed us out. With our 3-15 shooting from 3, *pukes* boy did he save us. That, and Stiemsma’s energy off the pine jumpstarted this team. Oh and did I mention Rondo..? I sometimes wonder if that kid even realizes how much control he has over every game he’s involved in. As soon as he gets it going, the other team is literally helpless. The Captain quietly drilled all 9 of his FT attempts too and remained a factor despite Iggy’s great defense and Collins’ double-teams. Time to go into Philly and end this sh*t once and for all…hopefully.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Ray should rest for this series, let’s try Sasha, he may be more active on defense and can still shoot.

  • Jay

    I gave Bass a lot of grief in the Atlanta series but he definitely was THE MAN tonight. Let’s hope the Celts can go to him in Game 6 and close-out the Sixers. One benefit from that 3rd qtr run: KG got to watch most of the 4th Qtr. from the bench…

  • Quest

    Well I guess that extra film session and shooting practice Bass did was to our benefit hoping the momentum continues.
    Congratulation to Kendrick Perkins….going to the western finals…did that trade ever become his pot at the end of the rainbow….

  • Laker Elimination Night, Y`all!

  • wil

    seriously, ray allen works better with stiemsma than hollins. The Trio leading the 2nd unit Avery, Allen and Stiemsma should be brought back.
    Their offensive out put was great before injuries on allen happened.
    Gooooooooooo Steaaaaaaaaaaaaamerrrr!!! 😀

  • wil

    activated rondo, pierce, garnett and bass. I think the next series belongs to avery! then in the finals Ray Ray will break out! 😀

  • kri

    we got that super Bass
    Boom, badoom, boom
    Boom, badoom, boom Bass
    Yeah that’s that super Bass

  • Smart man

  • James Eisenman

    Where’s the basketball genius Nick I-Know-Everything-About-Basketball tonight? And Jay? Is Bass still floundering like you two called after his second game of the playoffs? Are you still wishing we had Big-unable-to-dunk-Baby? Bass was great tonight. Dunking whenever he got the chance, hitting his mid-range jumper, hustling on D and on tbe boards. He has not had a great playoffs until 2 games ago. But he’s been great the last two and this will re-set his confidence. And Steamer was terrific. If only Doc would stop putting Hollins in instead of him. A gratifying night.

  • Dedicated to the all the idiotic Bass haters..
    remember… him going to the 4 and moving KG to the 5 playing solid basketball was PART of the reason for the celtics resurgance…so all you unappreciative douchbags jumping down his throat after a bad start to the playoffs this is for you

  • vivek NJ

    i always thought bass has ability to hit 30 points consistently. he just needs to be motivated hard. he needs to cut more . we got a young paul pierce.

  • Alright….I like Bass but hes an effective role player…saying hes a young paul pierce is the dumbest thing ive ever heard