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Paul Pierce doesn’t know what a slump is, even with his knee at 20%

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Paul pierce scoring on the sixers

You don't score more than 25,000 points in the NBA if you get sensitive about a couple of missed shots.  So it's no real shock (but still awesome to hear) Paul Pierce say this when he was asked about getting out of a slump:

I don't never think I'm in a slump. I really don't know what a slump is.

Paul Pierce is so confident in his scoring ability, he wouldn't play the word "slump" in scrabble if it was a triple word score to win the game.  He always thinks the next one is going in.  And while you might sit there and say "why is he shooting if he can't hit anything" he'll tell you "I can't hit anything if I don't shoot it." 

14 years in the league.  Coming up on 35 years old.  And playing on one knee.  It doesn't matter to him. 

I'm not making no excuses. I'm a better, even with my knee at 20 percent, I'm a better player than I've been playing. As long as I'm out there, I expect to be pretty much who I am.

20%  TWENTY??

The dude's a warrior.   Between him, Bradley and Ray Allen, it's amazing that the Celtics are even in the position they're in.

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