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Doc burns Shaq on “Inside the NBA”

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) May 21, 2012 Celtics News, Doc Rivers 2 Comments on Doc burns Shaq on “Inside the NBA”

Doc burns shaq

After the Spurs finished off sweeping the Clippers last night, Inside the NBA played this very special ball-busting message from Doc Rivers to Shaquille O'Neal

"Also tell Shaq, please, for me, if he had gotten into the type of shape that he was against Barkley, we might have won it last year."

Shaq shirt offIf you don't know what Doc was referring to, it was the "shirt-off" between Shaq and Charles Barkley where each guy went shirtless to burn our retinas prove they had gotten into decent shape.  Shaq, of course, being Shaq, had them air-brush some abs on him for the contest.

Shaq's response to Doc?

"it wasn't my fault, Boston was too good to me.  Free Boston clam chowder every restaurant in Boston.

… I couldn't help it… free clam chowder in Boston.  THANK YOU BOSTON!"

So there you have it… blame Boston's restaurateurs for fattening Shaq up to a point where his calf couldn't handle the strain of carrying around his massive frame.  

Kudos to Doc for the burn.  Yeah, he was joking, but he wasn't really.  That's one of those jokes guys make to bust each others' balls, but it has a good amount of truth to it.  I only wish I could have heard Doc's reaction when he first saw the "shirt off" at home.  I'm going to guess it was a "where the F was that last year?" type of phrase.

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  • paul

    For when do we bust Doc’s balls about lying to back up Danny after The Trade last year, until the season was over and he had conveniently signed his fancy new contract?

  • Dustin Chapman