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C’s to work out St. Bonaventure’s Andrew Nicholson

I'm not going to pretend to know much about Andrew Nicholson, so let's turn to the scouting report from NBADraft.net

A versatile power forward with a high basketball IQ … While he only has decent size for his position, his tremendous length allows him to play much bigger … Extremely efficient scorer, he has made himself into a reliable inside threat (shows a nice mini hook over his left shoulder, is able to utilize an effective up and under and is also dangerous with a turnaround jumper) … Possesses an intriguing face up game, he has good quickness and regularly shows his ability to work off the dribble … He always had the ability to step out and shoot with range, but became a deadly option from beyond the arc during his final 10 collegiate games (he made 19/30 from long range during that time)… For a big man, his stroke is very smooth, he shoots the ball with good balance and is able to get good lift … He is a dangerous weapon setting screens on the ball as he loves to step out on pick and pop situations and is good at attacking the rotating defender because of his ability to sell the shotfake and then put the ball on the deck … Exceptionally good at moving without the ball, reads space and finds the openings in the gaps … During the 2nd part of his senior season, they ran him off staggered screens because of his ability to get open and knock down jumpers … Solid rebounder on both ends of the floor thanks to his length (but will need to attack the glass on a more consistent effort at the next level, as he won’t be able to get away with coasting like he did at times in college) … Very good shot blocker, has good timing and is aggressive coming from the weakside to contest shots … Has become consistent and reliable from the free-throw line …

Andrew nicholsonThose were his "strengths".  His weaknesses include the need to work on his body and a tendency to take plays off.  Hit that link above for the full profile.

My initial reaction is "another 6'9" big?"  But let's face it, that's what today's game is.  NBADraft.net's mock draft has him going 23rd.  Draft Express has him going 30th.  So with the C's picking at 21 and 22, this is the level of player they're going to find. 

I also don't think the C's are looking at any particular position.  Obviously, everyone wants a big.  But they'll probably work out some wings too. 

'Tis the season to start hearing stories like this.  As focused as we are on the playoffs, this team's future begins now as well.  The NBA draft is on June 28… a little more than a month from now.  We don't know what's going to happen to Ray Allen or Kevin Garnett.  

This is a little like reading over someone's shoulder and trying to finish the words on one page while they're turning to the next one.   

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  • DJinthehall

    My brother in law went to Bonaventure. So, we watched the shit out of them when they were in the tourney.
    This dude can play. He was a one man wrecking crew.
    He was DOMINATE against UMASS to win the A10
    and was probably the best player on the court against Xavier who they beat and florida state who the lost to by 3.
    He is offense and defense a bit under sized, but I was vey impressed with him.
    stat line against XAVIER

  • michael erdman

    Nicholson is the real deal. watched him play his whole career as a Bonaventure alum. He has an amazing skill set for a power forward and is more athletic and stronger than he gets credit for (quick leaper and can bench 300lbs.) I expect him to be more aggresive on the glass and on defense in the NBA because he was so important to the team in college was worried about foul trouble. Good free throw shooter, has developed a nice 3 point shot, very efficient scorer. Great attitiude and a high character guy. He brought our program back from the dead. I really think he can be a very good defender at this level and has a very polished low post game. Would be a great pick at 21 IMHO. I expect his stock to rise the next few weeks.