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Avery Bradley out tonight as BOTH shoulders now an issue


This is just great.  Somehow Bradley's right shoulder has become an issue as well.  The left shoulder is so bad that it practically pops in and out in a strong breeze.

Remember when we speculated about the possibility of him needing surgery?  Yeah, that's going to happen this offseason.  He'll be the third Celtic in these playoffs now who will have surgery in the offseason (Pietrus, Ray). 

Ray Allen will get the start, which I think is a mistake.  I'd rather see Pietrus in the starting lineup since he's the better, healthier defender who has the length to deal with the Sixers.  But I don't get paid $7 million to coach the game… so I'm hoping Doc Rivers has a few better ideas than I do. 

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  • RyanH

    God isn’t a celtic fan. All of our players keep getting hit by injuries, yet keep fighting. Hopefully we can pull one out, but I’m really bummed out. Avery is my favorite player.

  • mollysdaddy

    I smell a triple double brewing in the Celtics kitchen.

  • Sasha should start Doc is an dumba&s

  • Quest

    If they had done their jobs in the first place there would be no game 5 and everyone would be resting now waiting for the finals.

  • Quest

    Both shoulders??? The injured roster is longer than the healthy roster…geesh it will be amazing if the celtics can win this series. So sad they are so close.
    AB Both shoulders??? Will he ever be the same player again???

  • SamR

    For the next quarter, perhaps our defensive rebounds could outnumber their offensive rebounds.
    I’m not sure we can count on Steamy dropping 32 on 16 of 16 shooting in this game.

  • He may have what they call ‘lax joints’. Both of my shoulders pop out too. Sucks and it’s painful. He’s gonna need surgery and a few months therapy to get his arms back in shape.

  • Celts Love

    Ray Allen put on a defensive schooling tonight despite his injury. You could see that he was a prime reason for Brandon Bass’ success tonight. I know you’re critical of Ray, especially his defense, but I disagree. You have to give one of the greatest NBA players all time…. more respect that this.