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Doc admits C’s should have gone to Bass more

Brandon bass shoots over spencer hawes in game 4

A lot readers said it. A lot of people during the game were tweeting it.  

Why wasn't Brandon Bass in the game down the stretch? 

At the time, it appeared Doc was riding his recent small-lineup success to try to generate defensive stops and kick-start a stalled offense with some transition basketball.  But in Game 4, it let the team down.  On a night where Brandon Bass shot 6-10, finally getting his groove back, Doc played him 22 minutes, five minutes fewer than the one-armed Avery Bradley. 

A few minutes ago, Doc admitted it was a mistake.!/scott_souza/statuses/204243619199205377

It was a tough call for Doc because, at that point, the Celtics needed Ray Allen's offense out there.  But Ray's ankle is making his already suspect defense a bigger liability.  He ended up on Andre Iguodala in key spots and Iggy made the C's pay. 

The Celtics need Ray Allen, but they also need to be smarter about how and where they use him.  

It's difficult to be too hard on Doc for going with a strategy that worked three straight games.  He definitely deserve the blame for not making the in-game adjustment, but I would imagine he'd be more flexible moving forward.

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  • Doc single-handedly blew Game 4.
    Philly played the 4th quarter with desperation, driving the lane at every opportunity. Meanwhile, Doc keeps Bass & Steamer nailed to the bench, while an exhausted KG is left to defend the paint all by himself.
    Instead of focusing on getting stops, Doc was hoping Boston could simply trade baskets with Philly until time expired.

  • Because Doc thought putting a hurt Ray Allen on an athletic Iguodala on D was a great idea, tsssss. He needs to stop with his bullshit cuz I can clearly remember he almost cost us the game against our last meeting with the Hawks when he sent Marquis to defend Horford. After that he apologized too. Stop apologizing and stop sitting down players when they’re landing their shots. You sat down Pietrus a couple games back after he nailed two back to back 3 pointers and although Bass had 4 fouls on him last game you should have left him in there and let Rondo set him up for J’s cuz he was clearly on his groove. Tomorrow we at the garden and we need to be 3-2 against these annoying ass Sixers and hopefully we can close them out going back to Philly. Let them hang around for long and we’re done! Not a way to go out especially for this aging big 3 with one last heroic run. Let’s go GREEN!

  • sev

    Single-handedly blew the game? Not sure about that…even though some moves are debatable in retrospect, he also makes great calls through out the game that other coaches wouldn’t. There must be something up with Steamer that we don’t know(maybe not mobile enough with injuries) because Doc clearly trusted him enough to give him substantial minutes in the reg season. It’s a tough call because I agree KG is tired, but is KG tired better than Steamer or Hollins? I wouldn’t have minded seeing a small lineup of Bass at center(to rest KG), Paul at PF, Quis at SF, Pietrus at sg and Rondo at point. Adding quis instead of ray at sg and Pietrus at sf, gives them a little more length, defense, and rebounding(needed to help Bass on the boards) to counteract the athletic/long philly players. Bass is a solid rebounder and the other 4 are better than average rebounders at their position IMO.

  • Once it became clear Philly wanted to get into the paint….it was time for Boston to clog the lane with bigs.
    Force Philly to become a team of perimeter jump-shooters instead. That would have stalled their comeback attempt.

  • I think the celts will bounce back with a strong performance in game 5 on the way to winning the series! i wrote alla bout this and the lakers game right herre


    agree with this post 100%…doc is overrated!!!first thing next season is we need a new coach!!!PERIOD!!!