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Your Morning Dump… where the players and Doc each share responsibility

  Doc rivers vs philadelphia

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“Once they picked up their intensity, I didn’t think we really played with a sense of urgency in the third or fourth quarter,” Pierce said. “That’s a chance where you have a team on its back, you’re up 15 and you really take their confidence. We didn’t do that. You give a team some life, they went on a run and it just carried over all the way through the third and fourth quarter. That was really on us.”

WEEI:  Pierce: Second half meltdown was really on us 

“In that stretch I had to do a better job of slowing us down and getting us into the next set. I had to demand that guys get into the right spots offensively. It’s a calculation for me of when we’re doing a good job in random and when we’re not in that stretch. And in that 15-2 run we didn’t do a good job.

“But in the first half we did make those shots. In the second half when we weren’t making those shots we had to slow it down. But it all comes down to defense. We may have lost our composure, but we’re a veteran team and we’re better than that. We should have responded better.”

Herald: Rondo laments fast pace

"And once we did, we never really returned to playing basketball the way we played in the first half," he said. 

Rivers took responsibility for not being able to get his team back on track. 

"You know, whenever that happens I always think that's me," Rivers said. "I always think there's something the coach can do to slow them down, to get them back in their sets, to get them back in their rhythm, and I couldn't do it."

 ESPN Boston: Doc Rivers: "We lost our composure"

Everyone's to blame.  Doc.. the players… all of them.  The Celtics came out of the half looking to do the same thing they were doing to start the game… and they were.  Then the whistles game.  And you can say what you want about the whistles, but the Celtics never adjusted.  They just stopped playing their game and they let Philly live.  

I'm not going to blame the refs.  I'll just be blunt about it:  Blaming the refs is loser talk.  Losers blame refs, winners figure out a way to win.  The Celtics, to their credit, are not blaming the refs.  There were bad calls.. TERRIBLE calls… but the Celtics still had chances down the stretch.  If they had just grabbed a few offensive rebounds, run a play or two, or maybe not had Ray Allen guarding Andre Iguodala down the stretch… we'd be talking about escaping with a 3-1 series lead. 

So bemoan the calls if you want, but blaming the refs for a loss… nope.  

On page 2: KG's off night

"Doc calls all the plays; Rondo obviously is involved with the play-calling," explained Garnett. "We consolidate the ball here… I thought Brandon came out, had a hot hand; [Paul] came out had a hot hand. At times I played well, but it's all in the flow of the offense. Other than that, it's not pointing a finger, or nothing like that. It's just how our offense runs."

ESPN Boston:  C's can't use ticket to recent success

This was bound to happen.  I know we got used to KG nailing those jumpers at a ridiculous rate, but the fact remains that the shots he takes are a low percentage shot.  Every once in a while, he's going to have an off night.

Well, last night was the off night.  We gotta live with it.  3-12 from the field looks bad.. but if he hits 3 more shots he's beating the odds on those long two's by a healthy margin.  The bigger issue is when he stops attacking and starts passing way too much.  Doc said KG played passively last night.  If the Celtics are going to win, they need an aggressive Kevin Garnett.  I'd rather see 18 shots in the box score than 12.  Chances are good if KG's shooting that much, he'll find the flow.

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  • Alex

    As much as I don’t want to blame the refs on a Celtics loss, I have to say that Bill Kennedy is one of the worst referees in the league. The man is incredibly sensitive and I swear there were times that he would call a foul against the Celtics just to give some of those Sixers players mercy. It was pathetic. The calls got the Celtics in foul trouble and their defense gets effected because they don’t want to foul themselves out.
    Sixers are bad, let me tell you. They are just an ISO team that shoots incredibly bad jumpshots and the fact that they were nailing jumper after jumper during the clutch was a miracle.
    I’m not blaming the entirety of this game on the refs though. Allowing the Sixers to get a crapload of offensive rebounds screwed up the Celtics as well also stupid turnovers by Rondo and KG… attempting to pass in passing lanes that were literally impossible to go through. Stop showing off and make the easy play, ffs. I know the Sixers are trash but you still need to take them seriously because Lady Luck might come out and give them a chance to nail their horrible jumpshots.

  • paul

    I love the photo caption, but I really don’t want to hear this crap about how we are a jump shooting team and so we just have to fall on our swords when the shots aren’t falling. No part of that is true. We are NOT just a jump shooting team. Every time we become that, we lose. We need to be a team that attacks the basket AND shoots js. Then we become powerful. It’s that simple and damn it I’m so sick and tired of hearing about how we are a jump shooting team.
    If that’s all we are than we are a bad team, a very very bad team.

  • greenman

    Call me a loser if you want. I’m blamming that loss on the refs. Without them the sixers wouldn’t of even been in a position to make a run. You can put your blinders on and say we still shoulda won and you might be right but that game was a joke and the NBA should be absolutely embarrassed by its officials. THere was clear cut bias for the sixers the entire game. The fact we were up 15 @ half when every call was going philly’s way is a testament to how much better this team is than the sixers…. We shoulda been up by 30 with the defense we were playing. We held them to 20% from the floor and somehow they were still within striking distance… Total BS.

  • JR99

    What neither the players or coaches can say is the truth, which is that Bill Kennedy stole this game from them.
    Yes, the Cs screwed up in the 4th, but that was after 3 quarter (starting from mid-1st) of ridiculously OBVIOUS bias by Kennedy, who was doing his best to keep the game close. I know the team can’t talk about it, because part of the scam are the fines they get if they do. What’s interesting is how the MEDIA participate in the scam — INCLUDING ALL THE BLOGS — by not mentioning it either.
    Everybody’s making their living the same way… off the NBA. So it’s logical. But it’s not acceptable. It stinks to high heaven. The only ones telling the TRUTH are some of the fans, who have eyes and believe them.

  • CoachBo

    Who stole your account?
    I happen to agree with you, so it couldn’t be you.

  • very true.

  • The Boston Celtics need to stop playing around and move on to the next round so these kids (philly) can go to disney world.