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Enemy Chatter: The stench of Boston’s cockiness


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Philadelphia.

Repeated from Twitter: "Here's the thing. The Sixers are a bad team. Philadelphia knows that. The Celtics are also a bad team. Boston does not. Entitled so hard."

That's what makes this win SO SWEET. The stench of Boston's (and their reporters') cockiness and snootiness was making my clothes reek and I love how the Sixers just shut them up. We know our Sixers are bad. That's what makes them so dangerous. And damn it all, super fun to watch. Sometimes.

Liberty Ballers

I'll be the first to admit the Celtics are a flawed, arrogant team, but this analysis is ABSURD.

Confidence is part the of game. A team with three Hall of Famers brings swagger. A team with one championship and another Finals appearance in four years brings swagger. A team that dominated opponents during the second half of the season brings swagger.

The shot at the Boston media is so off base, it's silly. I haven't found one person with unrealistic expectations of this team. The Celtics are big time favorites to win this series. 12 of 12 ESPN analysts picked Boston. Everyone expects them to win.

Look at Andre Iguodala's expression in the photo. Even he is surprised Philly won.

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  • sev

    your exactly right. If anything the boston media are the ones not looking past this series along with a lot of celtics fans, while the national media(like during halftime) are the ones assuming boston will take the series. Even still, the realistic opinion is that it may be a close series, but that Boston SHOULD win.

  • vivek NJ

    I dont know where they saw cockiness ? Calling boston as bad team is plain stupid. only thing that can make boston vulnerable is injuries. otherwise they can stop anyone. lot of people echo on what they hear , not always objective.
    i dont want to write great things about celtics here because i am sad we missed a game we should have won. i think celtics were pure lazy last night and 2nd game. also bradley should have been in the game for longer. he kept the team in with his defense.

  • C-RealTalk.

    The Celtics reminded me of the Detroit Piston after they won two championships they got very cocky and they didn’t respect their opponents. Rondo started taking jump shots and turning the ball over. They stop going to KG on the post. The defence was terrible on the second half. This is one of the worst playoffs lost that i can remember in the Celtics history. If they keep this up, they will lose the series.

  • ggg54

    Even Philly’s bloggers are classless.What’s new!

  • Jon Doe’s

    I guess if u own a laptop and have some knowledge of basketball, any idiot can call themselves a sports blogger.

  • Jon Doe’s

    The Sixers are a bad team. Philadelphia knows that. The Celtics are also a bad team. Boston does not. Sadly, he’s probably right. The Celtics have been god awful and inconsistent all season.
    Look, Levin, is a clown. Everybody is a blogger today. The Celtics, this post-season, have looked down to their opponents i.e;(Hawks/Sixers). The Celts have been inconsistent this post-season just barely beating the Hawks and now the Sixers.
    If they keep playing down to their opponents and don’t wake up, then their season will end this week. And they’ll be embarrassed throughout the national media.

  • KY Celts fan

    If you make the playoffs, you’re not a bad team. You may not be as good as some others, but you made the playoffs anyways. Neither of these teams are the Wizards or Bobcats. Philly is dangerous, not because they’re bad, but because no one expects them to win. And this idiot blogger doesn’t know the difference.
    Boston wins the next two by 12.6 pts. average.