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Your Morning Dump… Where Game 4 has letdown written all over it

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“It’s important how we start games,” said Ray Allen. “If you look at Game 1 in Atlanta and you look at both Game 1 and 2 in this series, I don’t think we started the quarters particularly well. You’ve got to start in good fashion where you establish a tempo at both ends of the floor. You have to make sure that you start at the beginning of the third quarter in that same fashion, because you don’t want to give a team any bit of confidence.

“If you get a guy that’s been struggling going, then all of a sudden, that’s momentum on their side. So that’s huge for us. We can’t have any letdowns. We can’t walk into a series or a game thinking that this team is going to bow down to us, because now everybody’s here and everybody knows that they can win and move on. We have to continue to feel as though we have to be the aggressors and we have to attack and we somewhat are the underdogs.”

Herald – Celtics look to avoid a letdown

Can the Celtics drop the hammer tonight in Philadelphia and seize control of this series? 

My gut says no. Despite all their success since the All-Star break, they still have the maddening tendency to overlook certain teams in certain situations. 

To be fair, the Celtics didn't have a letdown game vs the Hawks. The effort was there in the Game 5 loss, it was the lack of execution that killed them. 

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On Page 2, the bench guys explain their flex dance.

If the camera pans over at the Boston Celtics bench following a big play by the C's, there's a good chance that you'll see Keyon Dooling, Marquis Daniels or some other backup with doing a double-fist pump in what they refer to as, "flexin'."

"It's something we do, it's like a rallying celebration," Dooling told "It could mean a lot of different things. It definitely means, 'Let's go, it's time to bring the energy up.' We usually do it after a good play; something to get our teammates going."

Dooling added, "We're all connected. Just because guys don't play a lot or whatever, we still have a role on the team. We still feel those guys are playing through us, and we try to help them any way we can."

And "flexin'," Dooling says, is one way they achieve that goal.

"(Flexin') . . . is something, it's a verbal, sign language communication," Dooling said. "It gets our guys going."


Love the bench antics. Anything to continue the Ubuntu attitude.

One question – Does Steamer do the flex?

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  • I expect the Celtics to come out strong tonight…sensing they now have Philadelphia on the ropes.
    More importantly, I want to see Miami “upset” Indiana.
    The Heat are extremely vulnerable right now, while the Pacers young and confident.

  • JR99

    That maddening tendency to overconfidence and playing down to opponents?? I think it’s gone, as of Wednesday night. Gone away, and good riddance to it.
    A lot of this rests on Rondo. He’s seen now how important his aggression and scoring is to the team. I think it continues tonight. And Paul’s getting better with each passing day. KG’s a retro beast. And Philly is toast.

  • paul

    So far, the Cs have played like champions in two out of 9 games. Can’t reasonably expect them not to come out flat tonight. It’s not how they are. Hopefully they grind out a win anyway

  • Danno

    Chuck, ever the optimist.
    They’ll be fine. Philly will fight harder than Wednesday, but Celts will pull away late and never look back.

  • Can’t decide how I feel about it, which I guess means skeptical. Fri night, in Philly, Sixers have to think this is do or die time, they could come out strong.. and like Ray is quoted there that could be enough for the C’s to lose their balance.

  • I was 100% sure they would lose game 3. I was wrong. I have no idea what team shows up tonight, but logic says a lesser effort is coming

  • Alex

    Honestly, I’m more worried about the Pacers than the Heat…

  • GreenDoc5

    If feel a let down coming too. The Celtics have a tendency to make things difficult on themselves. Not to be negative, but I thought a let down would be game 3, but I was wrong. I hope I’m wrong about game 4.

  • Agreed…right now, Pacers are way scarier than Heat
    Looks like Ainge vs. Bird in the the EC Finals

  • SC

    Nice to see dudes on the bench gettin’ hyped up with this flex move. I think it came from the end of the original PP / Eddie House pregame routine where they throw dice, grab the cash, and then flex on it.
    Saw the whole team get in on that routine during one of their televised pregame routines. Seeing that chemistry is a good sign — a championship quality even. Dudes are having fun and taking it personal.

  • SamR

    I actually thought this was going to be a win for the C’s. So much for that.