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Recap: The Celtics refused to win this game


Eighteen point leads are never safe in the NBA, especially when held by the Celtics.

Aided by a 76ers team that couldn't shoot straight, the Celtics led by 15 in the 1st quarter, 15 at the half, and 18 early in the 3rd quarter.

But in typical Celtics fashion, the C's eased up and gave it all away. Three stats tell the story: 17 turnovers. 28 personal fouls. 17 offensive rebounds for Philly. 

Kevin Garnett may have played his worst game as a Celtic: 9 points, 3-12 FG and 7 TOs.

Brandon Bass had 15 points (6-10 FG) in 22 minutes. He sat for all but 36 seconds of the 4th quarter as Doc River stuck with his small line-up. Mistake?

Ray Allen (5 points, 2-6 FG, 6 rebounds, -24) looks awful on defense. And if he's not making shots, then what's the point of playing him?

Props to Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams for making big shots.

Box score

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • gaia

    REF won this game

  • It was amazing watching people on Twitter saying the game was “over” in the 1st quarter. I guess only the experienced C’s fans know better. Just a total collapse in the 2nd half. That, and as much as I hate to say it, Sixers were mentally-tougher. You could see that KG was getting irked by the refs and it was getting him out of his game. I think alot of that also can be contributed to him just being exhausted. So frustrated right now, but this is what the C’s do. And this is what they’ve done (except for NY last year) of late in the playoffs. I have no reason not to think this goes 7 games right now.

  • MJ


  • RyanH

    That was an atrocious game. Avery Bradley is a top flight defender in this league and Bill Kennedy was targeting him on cheap calls where he had his man locked down. Every time Avery comes out, we lose all energy. It aided Williams in his ability to make bullshit shots. In the end, the outcome is our fault, but the endless stream of fouls crippled any and all rhythm. The fans in Boston better will this team to the finish line on Monday.

  • RyanH

    And I hate to say this, because I love Ray Allen, but him guarding Igoudala was a huge, huge mistake in the fourth. He shook Allen badly on that pullup J. His ankle is killing him, and it hurts the defense.

  • Quest

    they looked old and worn out ….. Jackie MacMullan predicted a Philly series win I think she may be right….Philly vs Pacers who would ever thought

  • JR99

    Half the turnovers were due to bogus referee calls.
    Bill Kennedy was BLATANTLY biased in this game, obviously doing his best to keep the Celtics from running away with the game.
    And yes, the Celtics gave up when confronted by unbeatable bias on the part of the refs. Kennedy stopped in the 4th (probably because he didn’t want too much attention paid to his corruption), but by then the Cs were exhausted, physically and emotionally.
    But make no mistake — this was a game the refs stole. Cs know it. We should too.

  • Disgusting choke.

  • sev

    i hated those and one calls lou williams got when bradley and dooling were guarding him. Williams leaned in to make minimal contact and he got both 3 points plays. Could have called that amount of contact every time up the floor. Yea I don’t know whats up with Ray( i guess the ankle), but he looks decent moving side to side on defense, but some of his cuts on offense just looked slow even though he was simply running in a straight line direction. Won’t go anywhere with out him playing…the only player off the bench aside from pietrus.

  • I was surprised they didn’t go with the hot hand more often…Paul Pierce. Given his injury, the Celtics should have taken whatever they could from him and they didn’t exploit that enough IMO. I just felt like the wrong people were taking shots and it turned into hero ball. Hollins shouldn’t be be shooting anywhere outside of two feet from the basket. Keyon tried to do too much and ended up bricking a 3. And Ray, man. It’s sad watching him not be able to get an open look off screens. Preventable turnovers on sloppy play, lack og rebounding were back breakers.
    And of course, Bill Kennedy did what he was sent to do. Call it as one-sided as possible to keep Philly within reach. Touch fouls one way. Worked to perfection. Evan Turner getting the and-1 on MP after pushing off was one of my personal faves. Lou Williams getting sneezed on for another and-1 was a close second. I can only assume that he was the one who tried to pin a ridiculous clear path foul on Pierce early on. It wasn’t in real time but good thing they revieWed the ineptitude. Guy just can’t let whatever he has against the Celtics go, especially when the stakes are high. Stern wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Noori

    Hollins is garbage, I dont know why we use him so much? Just because KG likes him?
    Our small ball typical only surprises opponents for a short span, when Doc rides it for awhile we ALWAYS lose.
    Ive never had such a bitter taste after a game…all around disappointing effort.

  • I blame Doc for this one.
    Boston couldn`t get stops…Philly was aggressive and attacking the paint throughout the 4th…Doc keeps only a tired KG to defend down low.
    Bass would have helped down there. Bass finally starts playing well in the playoffs, and Doc decides to sit him.
    Where was Steamer?

  • Brick James

    When we win: WE”RE THE BEST TEAM EVAR!!!!1
    When we lose: WE”RE THE WORST TEAM EVAR!!!!1

  • I voted Pain before the game started. I had the feeling they were going to either come out strong and relax late, or just not show up. Im not happy being right. Still going to win the series, but its not going to come easy.

  • paul

    The Refs hurt us a lot, but what hurt more was that we played offense like the goal was to kill shot clock.

  • jadams5214

    Rondo hardly drove to the lane this game which was strange. The refs were bad but that is NO EXCUSE for this choke. The Celtics went stretches of over 7 minutes and 4 minutes withouth a basket which is pathetic.
    Not sure what Doc was doing. Bass was the 2nd best offensive weapon tonight after Paul yet Doc benches him for so long. He went out with 4 fouls and didn’t come back until it was too late. What possibly reason would Doc have for not putting him back out there.
    The rebounding was of course horrible. Many times Pierce and Ray weren’t even trying to box out. It was KG grabbing the ball or no one.
    One of the worst chokes imaginable by the Celtics. Philly was ready to quit, the crowd BOOED THEM OFF THE COURT at halftime. Yet Boston just let them hang around by turning the ball over and forgetting how to run their offense.
    The referees were terrible tonight but that isn’t why Boston lost. Keep in mind the C’s were in the bonus with 5 minutes left in the game yet kept taking jump shots instead of driving to the basket. Sometimes they play as if they have no concept of what to do which is inexcusable for such a veteran group and veteran coach.
    It’s hard to imagine Boston being a legit contender after this. Winning this game was HUGE for the team. Going up 3-1 with 2 days off set up an easy victory. Most importantly the team was finally going to get some much needed rest. The Celtics knew what was at stake tonight and failed miserably to deliver against a young, inxperienced Philly team that was ready to give in…

  • Rondo was too busy wondering what kind of flowers Jon Barry was gonna get him after the game to try in the second half.

  • RyanH

    It’s no coincidence that we struggled in the third and let them back when Rondo, Bradley and Bass were sitting with 4 fouls each. The rhythm from the first half never came back and Doc was too stubborn with his trust of Ray. Why do we have that small lineup out there? Ray got abused, Thad Young stole boards and we just choked on rotations. I’m still pissed hours later. It’s gonna be a long wait until Monday.

  • Shawn

    You know what? Regardless of the refs and all that other BS, we lost and this sucks. One of the most painful losses I’ve been through as a celts fan…
    I pray to god this series ends in 6.

  • Quest

    Watching Doc’s post game interview he looks like he is ready to throw in the towel. I use to be really sad that this team will not be together again but after tonigh’s game its time to start over.

  • Anti
  • I voted PAIN before the game, and boy did we get it.
    But you know what? Philly is fighting for their lives on their home court jut to tie the series. Refs were bad, effort was shitty, it was a tough loss. I’m not worried, adjust and move on to next game.

  • Doc stunk, Steamer didn’t even see the floor I’ve been a Celtic since I was 6 but I am beginning to hate this team. really KD KD really we are counting on winning with him and Hollins playing they couldn’t make most NBA rosters. I don’t know why Doc keep playing theses 2 Sh*t bags. Doc had great coaches around him and solid roll players when they won in 08 an came close in 10 now he has neither. it sucks and what does he have againist Sasha? I swear I may I have stroke.

  • My weekend is ruined

  • CoachBo

    One post out of this entire string that actually gets why this game was lost.
    We win when we’re attacking in the halfcourt with the basketball, moving it and not settling for jump shots. Anyone see any of that last night? Anyone?
    I called this loss on another board: in the second quarter, when the Celtics were up 17.
    Rondo did an atrocious job initiating the offense, just walking it up and pounding the basketball possession after possession. He was passive, and we lose when he’s passive – unless someone like Pierce picks up the aggression, and he didn’t attack a double-team all night.
    One of the worst Celtics playoff losses ever, and the blame falls SQUARELY on the players on the floor. All this whining about officials, rotations and shit is just nonsense.
    This game was lost on the Boston bench. If you’re not smart enough to stick with what works for you, you don’t deserve shit in the NBA playoffs.

  • Quest

    Doc Rivers need to accept some of the blame for this mess as well.

  • Greenman

    The refs were sooooo terrible this game it makes me enraged. Yes there was let down by our players in the second half but we would have been up by 30 at half it the officiating wasn’t stacked in philly’s favor. And it was completely stacked. Clear to me that they wanted philly to win this game. If I didn’t absolutely love this team, I would swear off the NBA. It’s starting to become a lot like the Kardashians “reality” show…

  • mdavidz

    There is no doubt that if you were watching this game with an objective and open mind that the refs significantly influenced this game. In the first half the Celts had 5 freethrow attempts and the Sixers had 21. Phili got every ticky-tack call and when Rondo was taking it strong to the hoop and the Phili defense was absolutely mauling him there was no call after no call! I was absolutely embarrassing and appalling! The thing that surprises me is that the announcers will not say a word, with the exception of Jeff Van Gundy (who was on the other coast last nite commentating the Laker OKC game). I have seen alot of poorly officiated games over the past 25 years, but that was without a doubt one of the most one sided games ever!!!

  • vikmelbaus

    I couldnt watch the game as i was working being australia different time scheduale and after I heard what happend I COULDNT WATCH THIS GAME, why do we make it soo hard for ourseleves. I just hpe this is like the all star break.
    We wake up and play inspired CELTIC bball from here..Now game 5 is a must we win, we must come out in the next two games focused and ready for every game.
    ps i know ray’s hurt but if he can start draining the 3 ball like the weapon he is. I hope this dream ending can cme true