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Ray Allen is a total team player

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) May 18, 2012 Celtics News, Ray Allen 2 Comments on Ray Allen is a total team player

Ray Allen is hurting.  He's playing an unfamiliar role off the bench.  He's not scoring like he'd like (3 points in Game 3).  But through it all, he's still a total professional.  When asked if there was anything he would change in Game 4, He said

“I don’t have to change anything tonight that happened from last game,” Allen said. “The way they guarded me, they way they guarded us as a team, the final score was the result we were all hoping for. I can do everything this whole day the same way and go into the game and allow the game to go the same way. The object is to win.”

That's a what you call a team player.  3 points?  So what?  We blew them out.  That's the goal, and I'd take 3 points again if it meant another blowout. 

How can you not love this guy?  I hope to hell he comes back for another year or two.

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  • JR99

    Even when he’s not scoring, Ray plays an important role on offense. Philly is scared to death of him and guards him like he’s Dr. Doom. While they’re getting all bent out of shape following him around a zillion picks, the rest of the Cs are getting easy looks. It’s all good, and Ray knows it.

  • Jake Shuttlesworth

    I know KG chances to come back next season with a paycut is big, but do y’all think Ray will come back?