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Your Morning Dump… Where KG reminded everyone of Ubuntu

Pierce KG captionedEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"After [Game 2] I came in and just said, ‘We’re not going to beat anybody — JV teams or high school teams — if we were not going to play together," Kevin Garnett said. "We’ve worked so hard to get to where we’re at and we got there together. Ubuntu — we’ve been preaching that since I’ve been here. I had to just remind the guys, including the younger guys, so the new guys on how we succeed here and the creed, Celtics basketball and what we are here. I just had to reiterate that."

WEEI: Angry Celtics send a message

And by "reiterate," he means unleash and unholy stream of expletives that nearly melted their faces off.  I think Sean Williams cried.

Message received, huh?

A few things will happen every playoff series for the Celtics:  They'll steal a game, they'll blow the team out, and they'll have a solid, 10 point win where they were in control for most of the game.  They got two of those out of the way now.  Next up, the solid 10 point win, which might be next up on the menu.  

For now, though, let us bask in the greatness of Kevin Garnett… who, when he broke into the league, still had John Stockton and Karl Malone to contend.  When Kevin Garnett was a rookie, Spencer Hawes was 12 years-old 7 years-old. And KG treated Hawes like he was still 7 last night, sending the message that play time is over.  I'm not 100% sure why the Sixers saw fit to leave KG pretty much wide open on those pick-and-pops.  It's not like the Celtics haven't run that before.  KG's only been hitting that same shot for 17 years. 

Y'know.  It just hit me right there.  Kevin Garnett came into the league at 19 years old.  He's been playing for 17 years.  The man has spent almost half his life playing NBA basketball.  I guess you learn a thing or two when you do that. 

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On Page 2:  Paul Pierce downplays his impact

“I just wanted to be aggressive and that’s it,” Pierce said after scoring 24 points, launching 17 shots, grabbing 12 rebounds and going 11-of-14 from the free throw line. “When I’m getting limited to seven shots, nine shots, that’s not me. Whether I was shooting well or not, I was going to be aggressive.”

Herald: Pierce overcomes injury, 76'ers

Doc mentioned this postgame… and it's worth bringing up now:  When you look at the box score and you see a guy who struggled with his shot… then you see that he had 5 offensive rebounds… that tells you something. 

The NBA doesn't often teach young players much, because these guys are SO talented, that they can do certain things wrong and get away with it.  But this is one of those "teachable moments" for coaches and parents.  Paul Pierce, a superstar who is battling an knee issue and his own athletic mortality, did whatever it took to win that game.  He grabbed 12 rebounds on 1 leg, 5 of them on the offensive glass.  That's busting your ass.  That's setting an example.  That's Paul Pierce.

Garnett and Rondo were very impressive last night, but so was Paul Pierce.  He just did it a different way. 

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  • Spencer Hawes was SEVEN when KG was a rookie.

  • My highlight of the game, was the win for sure, but also Michael Pietrus said that he is still afraid to fall, did you guys see how when he drove to the basketball and almost fell, Rondo ran over to him and grabbed him and held on to him? Thats leadership, thats caring about your team mate, and thats why its going to be a perfect storm and Boston will have that parade this year. These guys truly care about each other, and last night they proved how sticking together keeping it simple, you can cruise to the finish line.

  • paul

    It just doesn’t mean that much if we don’t come out strong tomorrow…

  • KY Celts fan

    thank you, debbie downer.

  • How the hell couldn’t ‘Sota turn that franchise around with him on the floor for 10+ years? I’m sure he’s more sage now,playing as a team, leading defense but damn seeing him on our team and seeing how he portrays himself, I can see why KG bottles up when people bring up the Wolves.
    KG is just the man. If he played even 10 of those 17 years in Boston, a franchise big enough for him, they would have challenged Shaq/Kobe at least once, made AI’s Sixers all but irrelevant.. ok, enough.
    Friday night in Philly, it would be so sweet to send them home bitching and moaning.

  • Winston Salems

    Minnesota tried. KG and Starbury were supposed to be the superstar combo. Unfortunately, Starbury’s ego got in the way. They brought in Sprewell but he was a very talented basketcase as well. Sam Cassell came in, Wally was a legitimate scorer (before his body gave up). From 99/00 to 03/04, they won 50 games, four out of the five seasons. 03/04 they had the #1 seed in the west, KG was MVP, but they lost Cassell to a hip injury and they couldn’t beat the Lakers. Between bad contracts and poor drafting, the wolves window of opportunity had begun to close. KG was in his prime and the wolves were in a rebuilding phase. It’s a similar situation to Dwight Howard and the Magic. They don’t draft particularly well, they have a superstar in his prime, they have a list of bad contracts, they already hit their peak as a team, much like Minnesota had, in KG’s last few years on the team.

  • Sam

    Loved that moment also Belinda, that was great to see that from Rondo, especially after the scare Pietrus (and all of us I think) just experienced.
    I love this basketball team.