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Philly fans living up to their reputation


When I think of neanderthal sports fans, I think of Philadelphia. It's not just me, they were recently voted worst sports fans in America by GQ.  

Celtics fans are now getting up close with Philly's worst. Last night, a ginormous man attempt to distract Kevin Garnett by lifting his shirt. In Game 1, an older Sixers fan was ejected from the Garden following two incidents with Celtics players.

According to Mike Gorman, the fan shoved Avery Bradley when Bradley fell into the seats and tugged on Rajon Rondo's jersey as Rondo walked the sideline. The guy is a courtside staple at Sixers games and is known as "Old Man Knees."

Stay classy, Philly. The series is almost over.

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  • st.joes00

    Philly sports fans are just classless in so many ways.

  • wow. never eating a cheese steak sandwich again

  • Terry Bogard

    A little sensitive, aren’t we? Old grumpy guy kinda grabbed rondo by the jersey and fatty mcfan over here looks like he’s having a blast, and so does everyone else around him. But i guess that counts as classless these days. :p

  • Damn. That guy (Knees) was at the Garden for Game 1 but I was out of town. If he’s there for Game 5 I’m going to make him wish he was never born. We will make it the worst 48 mins of his life.

  • KY Celts fan

    whatever about the fat guy. he doesn’t really bother me. But the old man put his hands on two Celtics players, that’s unacceptable, especially for a season ticket holder. The league should ban him for a couple games and give his seats to opposing fans.

  • I’m not sure that GQ is reliable to judge any fans…they lose more time on sports fashion.
    Plus, if philly’s fans are classless, just come watch a game in europe and you’ll see us as serial killers in an arena.
    Seriously, we need fences to seperate us (and cops)!!! (exept those pussies from rugby land, sportsmanship my ass…)

  • I hope I never have to see that fat mfer again as long as I live, it’s disgusting… and how the guy keeps getting pub is unreal. He’s a cheeseburger away from death, and by the looks of the guy, he aint gonna see too many more birthdays.