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Enemy Chatter: Nobody put Pierce or Rondo on the ground


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Philadelphia.

Really disappointed that nobody put Rondo or Pierce on the ground when they were out there throwing behind the back passes and taking 24 footers when the game was already won.

I really got pissed when Rondo did his let-the-ball-roll-on-the-inbounds thing until it almost came to a stop with a 25 point lead.

agreed. WTF? We might not be able to beat the Cs, but we coulda at least repped our hood.
Next time somebody needs to do some checking…

Depressed Fan

The statements above are from three individual Sixers fans and all valid points. The Celtics, especially Rondo and Pierce, often get into "showboat" mode during blowout games. 

A flagrant foul and potential suspension would have been a stupid move by anyone in a Sixers uniform. Philly will need all their horses for Game 4. 

And let's be real, Philly isn't a tough team. 

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  • Mike

    The reason Rondo did that was to set up a 2 for 1 at the end of the quarter. quit crying.

  • paul

    I think this is sheer madness. The Celtics stayed on the court because they could not afford to let the Sixers back into the game. The Sixers can score masses of points fast. There was very little showboating.
    Why are we agreeing with bitter crap spat out by Sixers fans, who are calling for HEADHUNTING?!!!!! Um, shouldn’t we condemn that?
    Really, why not just pad everyone up and play hockey?

  • I think doc left in the starters way too long. We had a 25 point lead with around 10 to 8 minutes left. there is where all of the big 3 should have came out first kg, next pierce, then ray ray then rondo. Everyone has been playign too many minutes as is and the rest could have been well needed. Also giving the bench players like etwuan moore and marquis some time would have been beneificial. If the game ends up going to under 15 points in a matter of 4 minutes then you put everyone back in. Doc’s playing with fire keeping all these veterans in for extended amount of minutes each game. Lets just hope he doesnt get burned and one gets knocked out of the playoffs

  • Exactly. And the game wasn’t ‘won’, we keep hearing these nat’l announcers bring up the Memphis game so a 2 for 1 is a smart play.
    Yeah, fine they showboat. But spare me, it’s the entertainment business and the league has already sterilized most any passion of the game. So a suspension would just be foolish.

  • RyanH

    No one in the NBA takes more joy in blowing a team out than Paul Pierce. He really rubs it in hard and lets you know what he just did to you on the court. Iggy has to be scratching his head after the truth went off on him with a bum leg.

  • Agreed! Just ask Q Richardson if the Captain likes to talk it up.
    Philly can cry all they want, but what it comes down to is they got their asses kicked in their own gym. Doc respects their shooting enough to leave a couple of starters in. More of the same Friday night. Go C’s!

  • Kesh

    A game isn’t over till the final buZzer buzzes. A real player plays hard till the clock ends so because Philly gave up is thr fault not anyone else’s. I remember years ago during penny hardaways era with the magics it was 2mins left in the gm and they were down by 20 points. The other team start playing lazy thinking the gm was won. Well the magics came back and beat that team in OT. All because they didn’t give up.

  • sev

    T mac had 13 points in 35 seconds. You never know. I certainly wasn’t comfortable with a 20 point lead starting the 4th quarter.