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Tim Duncan hates Kevin Garnett. Hates him.

Our friends at Project Spurs were kind enough to alert us to a new Tim Duncan interview with Sports Illustrated's Chris Ballard.

Ballard's reliable sources claim Duncan hates Garnett:

In fact, Duncan hates Kevin Garnett. Hates him the way liberals hate Sean Hannity. This information comes from very reliable sources, who talk about how KG has made a career of trying to punk Duncan, baiting him and slapping him and whispering really weird smack into his ear. They talk about how funny this is, because the worst thing you can do as an opponent is piss off Duncan. Then, as Malik Rose says, "he f—— destroys you." Duncan's lifetime numbers versus Garnett's teams, by the way: 19.4 points per game, 11.6 boards and a 44–17 record, including the postseason.

Duncan is diplomatic about the topic. Asked if perhaps all those years battling Garnett have softened his feelings for the man, led to a Magic-Larry type of kinship, Duncan leans back on the couch in his hotel room and grins. There is a pause. A longer pause. Finally he says, "Define kinship."

Not surprising. Duncan is the quiet professional, while Garnett is the loud mouth. 

Maybe these guys can settle this in a dark gym, a la Apollo Creed vs Rocky Balboa.

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  • RyanH

    KG gets to everyone, and I absolutely love him for it.

  • I love KG, but Duncan is the greatest PF ever to play. His head to head numbers pretty much close the book on that “rivalry”.

  • Carlos

    According to Basketball Reference, they’ve played against each other only 40 times in the regular season and Duncan and the Spurs won 23 of them.
    20.6 and 11.1 for KG
    19.9 and 12.2 for Duncan

  • Carlos

    In addition, they’ve played against each other 8 times in the playoffs with the Spur winning 6 of the 8
    21.4 and 12.0 for KG
    20.6 and 11.4 for Duncan
    Pretty darn comparable if you ask me

  • RyanH

    Duncans a C, not a powerforward. KG started as a small forward. They’re comparable in that they faced off and they have had similarly excellent careers, but they are both far apart stylistically.

  • Furq

    Team win loss is a poor indicator because Garnett’s teams were typically 7-8 seeds playing against the spurs who had more talent and better coaching. As was posted his individual numbers have been just as good.

  • Possible “professional jealousy”
    Both were born in 1976 {KG is a month younger}.
    KG had a plan…he knew he was destined for the NBA…he didn`t waste his time in college.
    Duncan had to “prove” himself to NBA scouts…stayed 4 years in college.
    Result : KG got to the NBA two years quicker…has made $87M more than Duncan.

  • sammy davis jr.

    Duncan has class and the respect of the league and KG does not. It’s pretty clear.

  • KG played almost for 10 years in a scrapy team, only in the 03/04 season had a good team, there’s no sense in comparing the early 2000’s Spurs with the T’Wolves

  • There is nothing to talk about Here Duncan greatest Pf ever McHale close 2nd and tim would kick KG butt heck I like my odds bs KG

  • They’re the 2 best of the modern era. To compare them record-wise is basically comparing the Spurs to the T-Wolves. McHale, in his prime, was as good as either of those guys, just my opinion.

  • Danno

    Tim Duncan is a crybaby bitch. Dude has two moves – dropping a 10 footer off the glass, and making the “surprised lemur” face every time he gets called for a foul.

  • I seem to remember one of the driving forces behind getting KG specifically was his unique ability to guard Tim Duncan. Or so a lot of people said back then.

  • Lee I’m with you I just think Timmy is hair better not in post nobody had more moves Kevin if I ever make to oregon I will buy you a beer. His bank shot money and he passes better then the black hole

  • JR99

    How about they settle this in the Finals? Sounds good to me…..

  • Raoul

    I love how tailored Ballard’s article is. It’s like comparing Phil/Pop based on Rings. Phil is probably the only coach to have been a part of 2 dynasties and coached 2 of the top 10 best ever in the sport… in any sport. It would be as interesting to see Phil starting his career coaching Lebron and the Cavs, as it would be to see what would have happened if KG and Duncan started on the opposite teams. KG’s numbers are still better from what Carlos above is pointing out.

  • kg215

    He guarded Duncan just fine, he had no help while Duncan had a lot of help. If they were in opposite situations who knows what would have happened. KG might not have gotten 4 rings or he might have gotten more than 4 rings. KG is a better defender than Duncan and a better midrange shooter, Duncan has better post moves. KG doesn’t lose out basketball wise if you compare them, numbers wise or intangibles wise. KG has had plenty of clutch moments since he came to the Celtics so don’t use that excuse. In Minnesota they were rarely in a position to be clutch because Kevin Mchale F-ed up year after year.

  • kg215

    Who cares, both of them do everything it takes to win. There is a reason teammates love playing with KG even if they hated him in the past. He is only focused on the game and always has their back.

  • Pwr21

    2 of the greatest PF’s of this generation, no argument. Duncan and Garnett, hating each other is nothing new. No one cares. Why post a pointless article.

  • Dyu

    I wanna see the Spurs and the Cs in the Finals!!!

  • Wills

    Duncan should be applauded for staying at Wake Forrest for 4 years. It helped him to have an immediate impact his rookie year in the league. True Story-KG didn’t have high enough SAT’s to get into college. Who cares he made more $ than Duncan. Duncan is far more revered in NBA history at this point.

  • Wills

    KG couldn’t get out of the first round his first 7 years. Then he teamed with Sprewell and Cassell (who made most of the crunch time plays for ‘Sota) in ’04 and lost in the WCF. Then KG followed that up by not making the playoffs for 3 straight years before being traded to Boston. Can you imagine if Barkley, ‘Nique, or any prior ELITE player had that kind of playoff resume??? He should have at least carried his team into the semi-final round a couple of times.

  • Wills

    In the NBA, more than any other pro sport, players are judged by what they do in the PLAYOFFS. Even guys like Barkley, Nique, and Malone are held in high regard despite not winning rings. They, AT LEAST, carried their teams in the playoffs past the first couple of rounds more often than not. It took KG getting traded to Boston to have Pierce be their #1 option on offense to finally win a title. Without Pierce’s memorable 44 point Game 7 against Cleveland, Celts don’t go anywhere…no title. KG took a backseat to a teammate like he has his entire career. He’s been a great player…just a reluctant alpha-dog in big spots.

  • Wills

    If KG played for the Spurs instead of Duncan, the Spurs would NOT have 4 rings if any at all. KG and Duncan very different in how they play. During the Spurs 4 Championship runs, they ran their offense through Duncan in the post. KG is a reluctant post player and a reluctant go-to guy. He defers to other teammates more than he should…he did in Minny and Boston…Pierce and Rondo are the main offensive cogs in Boston. Duncan has had big plays in crunch-time whether he’s scored in the post, kicked out to an open man when doubled, grabbed a key offensive rebound and put-back, or come up with a key defensive play. He’s never shied from the moment the way KG has. KG is more of a perimeter player that would have completely changed the offensive scheme for the Spurs. He has a tendency to play small at times for someone 7’1″ (he’s def. not 6’11”)

  • Wills

    You over-exaggerate KG’s “clutch moments” in Boston. He’s a perimeter player that hit’s WIDE OPEN jump shots when Pierce and Rondo cause double-teams driving to the hole. KG is a very good jump-shooter, but it’s not like he’s playing full-time in the post and juking defenders down low ala Duncan, Hakeem, etc. That happens on a rare occasion…this has been his MO since the start of his career…confirmed by Flip Saunders (former coach), Kevin McHale (former GM), and even Doc Rivers. Celtics are actually playing better now because KG is forced to play center and post-up more…had he done that his entire career, his playoff resume would look much different.

  • Wills

    McHale was never an alpha-dog type. Can’t imagine him carrying a team on his back…it was always Bird’s team. KG is similar…reluctant star who has always deferred to other teammates…even in big moments. Duncan has always been the first option on offense when the Spurs won 4 rings and has always come up big in the playoffs.

  • Wills

    Anyone who knows basketball knows that stats only tell PART of the story…not the whole story. Stats don’t tell us why KG has a horrible playoff resume before coming to Boston and being saved time and time again by Paul Pierce’s clutchness in big games. Spurs always force-fed the ball to Duncan (in the post, mind you) during their championship runs and TD always made big plays…played his best in the playoffs. I like KG and his game, but he’s always been a reluctant go-to guy and preferred Sam Cassell, Sprewell, Pierce, and Ray Allen have the ball in big moments.

  • Wills

    He’s never gotten to Tim Duncan during games. TD’s play doesn’t get affected by trash talk…the league knows that…and Garnett knows it.

  • Wills

    In his prime, Duncan touched the ball in the 4th quarter the way Paul Pierce does for Boston. Duncan was unselfish enough to always pass to open teammates like Ginoboli and Parker, but the Spurs offense ALWAYS started with Tim…especially when they needed a bucket or a play.

  • Wills

    KG could have, at least, carried his “scrappy team” into the 2nd round once or twice. If he’s an Elite player with his salt, he would’ve done it. 7 straight years getting knocked out in the first round…1 year in the WCF when Sam Cassell made all the cruch-time plays…then 3 straight years not making the playoffs at all. Hard to imagine any elite player in his prime with that kind of playoff resume regardless of who is on his team.

  • Wills

    …and was the best player on 4 championship teams. KG was the 2nd best player (behind Pierce) for his only ring.

  • Hey guys, a very popular Facebook page is stealing your articles.
    They are passing it off as their own work. You can talk to Facebook about this, unless you want people submitting your work as their own. This is 100% illegal and if you want to pursue it, you could even sue them.

  • Nora

    Take the drivel to the Spurs board troll