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Recap: Celtics dominate, bring Philly back to reality

Can a sprained MCL heal in 48 hours? An uber-aggressive and healthy looking Paul Pierce dropped 24 points and 12 rebounds in Philadelphia as the Celtics dominated Game 3, 107-91.

Kevin Garnett continued his dominance: 27 points, 13 rebounds in 30 minutes. Philly has no one who can guard this man consistently. 

Rajon Rondo (23 points, 14 assists, 1 turnover) was brilliant. Along with Pierce, Rondo set the tone early by attacking the basket. The Celtics had 50 points in the paint. 

The Celtics outscored the Sixers 61-33 in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. In Game 2, the Celtics scored a measley 24 points in those quarters.

Mickael Pietrus (13 points, 4-8 FG) was the big gun off the bench. 

Despite the 23 point lead at the start of th 4th, I was mentally prepared for a major letdown. I fully expected Philly to cut the lead to single digits with about 3 minutes remaining. That never happened.

The 76ers missed plenty of easy shots. Evan Turner was the king bricklayer (1-10 FG).

I called this one at 12:53 this afternoon. Just had a gut feeling a blowout was coming.

Box score

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  • Loved the aggressive style they had tonight. Rondo and Paul getting to the hoop early & often and the Captain shocking the sh*t out of everyone. When that didn’t work they got it to KG. Rondo was Rondo too of course. Hell, he even went 4 of 4 from the FT line! Bass looked better and even the bench got involved: Pietrus had a huge game w/13 points and he was struggling so bad. What a huge boost for him mentally. The 2 biggest keys to me were that they only had 7 turnovers and got to the line for 28 ft’s. The only concern I had is that Avery seems to really be hampered by that shoulder. Let’s hope another day off tomorrow helps. No complaints from me. Great effort tonight

  • RyanH

    Paul committed himself to rebounding and attacking the rim, which made all the difference in the world. KG and Rondo are continuing their assault on the NBA. CelticsPride

  • JR99

    Great headline. Philly’s reality is that they have no shot in this series, not with Pierce back and the Cs finally taking these games seriously.

  • KY Celts fan

    I thought Lavoy Allen was the KG stopper? What happened there, Philly?

  • Tremendous effort. Everyone played their roles perfectly. Let’s keep it going Game 4.

  • paul

    It starts with KG and Rondo. Isn’t that clear by now? They are the guys we need to establish every game.
    But I won’t get excited until we do this twice in a row. If the Sixers win on Friday, we are tied up again, and suddenly this game doesn’t look so impressive.

  • if rondo can consistently attack the rim and finish and actually be an offensive threat for this team on a consistent basis then the rest of the nba better watch out. If rondo is attacking the hoop like he was tonight then opposing teams have to watch for that and help on him driving. If thats happening it makes everyone else on the celtics offense that much easier along with a consistent scoring option because rondo just about beat everyone to the hoop. All in all great game. KG FOR MVP

  • It`s a mystery for the ages.
    Somehow, someway…KG has turned the clock back to 2005!

  • jadams5214

    Games like this make me wonder why Rondo doesn’t show this aggression every night. Philly has no chance to keep him out of the lane and it opens up shots for himself and the entire team.
    Pierce looked much more explosive tonight, Pietrus is finally hot from 3 and what more can be said about KG wow!
    Not the time to get too hyped up as the way the Celtics have played is to follow a great game like this with another dud. They blew out the Hawks in Game 4 then followed it up with an anemic offensive effort.
    Celtics need to play with this aggression Friday and grab a commanding 3-1 especially with 2 days off before Game 5 in Boston.

  • JR99

    This felt like a switch flipping. If so, we will not see the bad Celtics again this season.

  • They seem to be gaining momentum again after that loss and the defense was superb at times. At least Avery has his legs under him and can still inspire with his D. When Philly beat Chicago, they danced on the scorer’s table like they’d actually won the championship or something. Collins too got all dramatic. Then I heard him tonite telling his guys to keep their heads up, which they were unable to do. The 6ers are done, they just need to be finished off in a timely manner. The C’s are focused again, and the 6ers can’t do anything about Rondo or KG. I’m looking for another win Friday night.
    (You knew it was one of those nights when Hollins actually caught a pass and laid it in, right?)

  • ItCelticFan

    “flipping the switch” is so 2010! 😉
    the whole thing behind this philly series is getting into their heads.
    by now I think KG not only has got into their big men’s heads, but he’s actually starting to mash up their hearts too.

  • This is the Rondo we were promised…see how amazing he is when he doesn’t pass out of his open layups? Great job by the little man tonight.

  • What was particularly amazing about Pierce’s performance was that he CLEARLY was favoring his right knee the entire game. That didn’t hamper his launching himself off of the healthy left knee but you could definitely see it in how he landed.