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Everyone’s in tonight as Celtics trainers switch from athletic to duct tape

The second part of the headline isn't really true, but it should be.  It's probably the only way to keep Avery Bradley's shoulder in place for a few more games.  

Actually the Celtics training staff has a new plan for Avery should the Celtics advance… they're going full "Jax" from Mortal Kombat

Bradley jax

I joke because it's all I can do to keep from ramming my head through the wall.  Pierce (knee), Ray (ankle), Pietrus (knee), Bradley (shoulder), and everyone else (something, I'm sure) are considered "in" tonight against the Sixers.  

One thing about Bradley that no one is really talking about is the possibility of offseason surgery for him.  Shoulders that pop out multiple times are often fixed surgically.  I'm not sure what Avery's specific situation will be, but I wouldn't be shocked.  And if he does need surgery, he'd likely be the third Celtic currently playing with an injury that will need surgical correction (Pietrus and Ray are the others).  

That speaks to (a) the extent of the injuries and (b) how tough these bastards really are.  

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  • Anyone know AB’s home address? Thinking about going to Sam’s Club and loading up on the mega-sized ibuprofen for him.
    Seriously, though. What a tough guy to fight through that pain night in and night out while continuing to play at such a high level of intensity. Hopefully it stays in tonight so he can play a full game.
    Go C’s!

  • Dutchgreen

    Bradley’s rapidly becoming my favorite player for the post-KG era (not saying that it’s near, but still…). One thing I was curious about is that with his late game block in Game 1 on the Philly break, I was thinking all the way down the court: AB’s got this. Really, I had no doubt he would stop those guys from scoring for even a split-second. Remarkable if a player can get to that level as soon as Avery did – I was just wondering if anybody else felt the same way.
    As for all of the injuries – it does look like the last healthy team standing will come out of the east to get beaten by the Spurs, doesn’t it?

  • The Spurs are rolling. I don’t know how they’ll be stopped

  • Noori

    I heard Spurs dont really play defense, with that our offense will pick up and our defend remains constant. The only downside is their bench is deeeeeeeeeeeep.

  • John Rocker

    Stiemer will likely have surgery as well

  • I agree. The Spurs are terrifying. The Thunder are scary, too. I don’t see a way anyone from the East can beat either of those teams.

  • Pete