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Doc named to new competition committee

Rivers joins a panel that includes owners Dan Gilbert (Cleveland Cavaliers) and Joe Lacob (Golden State); general managers Bryan Colangelo (Toronto Raptors), Mitch Kupchak (L.A. Lakers), Kevin O’Connor (Utah Jazz), and Sam Presti (Oklahoma City); and coaches Rick Carlisle (Dallas Mavericks) and Lionel Hollins (Memphis Grizzlies). The NBPA will also designate one of its members to serve on the Committee. 

If the Competition Committee votes in favor of changing a playing rule or any other competition-related matter, the recommendation will be brought to the Board of Governors for its consideration and vote. Check out the full release from the league after the jump. 

ESPN Boston

First up on the docket… or at least on the docket… flopping… which has gotten a bit out of control. 

Second:  maybe some sort of standardization of the league suspension rules. If this:


is worth a flagrant 2 and a 2 game suspension, then shouldn't this:


be worth at least 1 game.  Or maybe a fine?  It was neither.  It was a flagrant 1 and no further punishment, which is ridiculous. 

So if the new competition committee can figure out how to balance that out, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it. 

Congrats, Doc, for more trouble than you probably need to deal with.

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  • Orb

    That had me yelling at the tv. Not to mention, shouldn’t there have been more free-throws for a “clear path” AND the “flagrant 1?” Or are those rules suspended too because it’s Wade? Seriously, if Rondo or KG do that, they’re gone for the rest of the playoffs.

  • RyanH

    NBA plays by suspension rules when it’s grumpy Rajon, but turn a blind eye when it’s the golden child wade. Screw him, screw stern.

  • aaron

    as much as i severely dislike wade, it’s not his fault, he does play for the team that is the favorite of the mothership network that pays the NBA and stern a lot of money to broadcast games on tv, so of course he can keep on playing
    Boston is not the favorite team, except for maybe skip bayless on certain days, so maybe Rondo could have 1 night off for that play last night

  • paul

    Dwayne Wade is a Made Man in the eyes of Don Sterni.
    Regarding the competition committee – ONLY ONE PLAYER IS ON THE COMMITTEE? Does no one see how insane that is?

  • Quest

    Just confirms Wade a dirty player, reminds me of when Rondo dislocated his elbow when Wade tried to stop him down the court. So Wade a dirty player and Le Bron a flopper hmm winning at any cost.