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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc wasn’t fond of the foul call

Kevin garnett reacts to 4th quarter foul against PhiladelphiaEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

No one can argue that Garnett did, in fact, clear out Andre Iguodala with his arm in an attempt to get Paul Piercefor a potential game-tying 3-pointer. The issue is whether there’s a difference between the first 47 minutes and the final one.

“I wasn’t fond of it. At all,” Doc Rivers said. “You know, I think Kevin got called for three off-the-ball offensive fouls. So clearly it looked like they were looking for it all night and they got three of them. If you’re going to tell me Kevin was the only one moving in picks tonight, then I’ll live with that. He clearly was not the only one, but he was the one who got the calls tonight. We put ourselves in that position. I say it all the time if you put yourself in a position to let someone else do something, then you can lose games and that's what happened."

WEEI:  For Celtics, one that got away

Since all the talk right now is about the foul, let's talk about the foul.  But only if you understand that the foul did not cost the Celtics the game.  The Celtics cost the Celtics the game.  Got it?

The thing that gets me about the call not even the call, which was correct.  That WAS an illegal screen.  Don't give me "you don't call that in that situation"… that's a terrible argument.  I don't care if there's 10 seconds or 10 minutes left in the game, that's a foul.   But the refs had been letting both teams play for pretty much most of the game. 

This is my general argument about officials: you can't call it one way the whole game and then start calling fouls you let go.  That's not fair to players on either team.  Both teams had been allowed to do a lot.  Both teams had gripes with officiating.  But so long as both teams were allowed to play a physical, "we're swallowing our whistles" style of play, then I'm fine with it.  

Those are really my only comments about "the foul."  The refs could have called a ton of fouls on both teams and we would have had a parade of free throws.  And if the Celtics had lost after that too, so be it.  The call on KG was correct.  It would have been nice to see, say, Brandon Bass get a couple of calls on his drives to the hoop, though.

But in the end, I will end my comments on a game-changing foul call the way I always do:  Those fouls rarely, if ever, "lose" you the game.  It's fine to talk about the call because it's something that happened, but it's never THE reason you lost.  The Celtics had a multitude of chances.  They scored 24 points in the 2nd and 3rd quarters combined.  They did it to themselves.

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On Page 2:  How they did it to themselves

“Listen, we knew the blueprint (of how they had to play to beat the fast-breaking, youthful legs of the Sixers) before the game,” Rivers said in disgust. “It took us three quarters to get into it and I always say that’s on me. Somehow I have to figure that out with our guys.

“I don’t think we have a big margin of error. We knew that coming into this whole playoff run with the bodies we have. We’re not going to run away from anybody.

“I would like to. We’ve done it once, I think, so far. Tonight I thought honestly we had a chance to. I really did. I thought if we played right we had a chance to do that and we just didn’t.”

Herald:  Veteran Celtics need to stick to their blueprint for success

Doc's talking about the early 9-0 run that Philly erased and turned into a game and then a lot of 1-on-1 play after that.  

The Celtics need to understand a few things.

  1. They're older.  And as much as they've staved off father time, they can't do all the same things they used to.
  2. They're banged up.  Add that to #1 and you really need to move the ball.
  3. Philly's no joke.  The Celtics are better than Philly and can end this series quickly IF they play the right way.  But if they don't, Philly will win.  This isn't some Bobcats team you can screw with and beat with 2 minutes of effort.

The Celtics have a HUGE advantage over the Sixers, and that's chemistry.  Rondo can call a play from 2008 and they can run it.  That is, if their heads are in the game.  If their heads are not, then you get that disgusting possession with 1:00 left where Rondo was waving people around for 22 seconds and finally had to jack a terrible shot.  

That's terrible basketball.  That's not going to win anything.  

Charles Barkley said at half time that it's clear to him the Celtics don't respect Philly.  Well, they'd better start respecting them soon and playing the way they can play.  They won't win this series putting forth the effort they have in games 1 and 2.

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  • RyanH

    When avery left, so did our energy. He was fantastic in the 4th quarter out there. It’s kind of on Rajon/Doc to make sure we don’t lose composure in the 2nd and 3rd. Losing games is never good, but hopefully with it will come the urgency that should have been there last night. I’m going to leave it at that and forget yesterday ever happened.

  • Jared

    The only reason people should be complaining about the officiating is that missed travel call in the 4th quarter. Guy on Philly took 2 steps, hopped on his foot, and then took another step. Was as blatant as it gets. I have a much bigger issue with that than any moving screen call. But at the end of the day you are right, no 1 call changed the game.
    Pietrus never should have been pulled for Pierce in the 4th. Let him miss a 3 before you sit him down. Another missed free throw by Ray last night and the KG miss after the and 1 alley-oop hurt. Could be sititng pretty up 2-0 right now, and even though we slept for the 2nd and 3rd quarter, still were in a chance to win which hurts the worst.
    Also, hated that 7 PM start. Felt like the 15 win Celtic days. Mix in the traffic from the rain and it was not easy getting to the Garden.
    Big game from Bass in Game 3. That is what we need

  • KY Celts fan

    If we could actually hit some open jumpers, it would do wonders. Bass, Pierce, Pietrus, Ray. We could have built a house with all the bricks they were throwing up these last two games.
    A few weeks ago, there was an article posted here about how Bass had disappeared. A lot of people were upset about it because we had only played two games. I myself thought it was a little premature. However, I think you might be able to repost it, change the team names, and get an entirely different reaction. Eight games in and Bass has been awful. Is he hiding an injury? Did he just lose all his confidence? Whatever it is, he needs to get over it and help us actually win a few, or he can go the way Big Baby and find himself a new team next year.
    Did anyone else not like the Hollins-Steimsma frontcourt in the 2nd quarter last night? Talk about worthless.

  • Too much Bass right now. He’s exposed. If this team insists on going small, they need to ride the hot hand and yesterday that was Pietrus, who was yanked way too soon.
    They also have to figure out how to free up Pierce, who is wearing Iguodala as a shirt currently

  • There`s no need to over-analyze the Celtics` situation : The Captain is injured
    When Pierce follows up a 3-for-11 shooting performance in Game 1, with a 2-for-9 outing in Game 2…nothing more really needs to be said. This type of production decline is costing the team a solid 12-15 points per game.
    Throw in the injuries to Bradley and Allen…that is why they could only get a split at home against the #8 seed.

  • Quest

    well said Redsarmy

  • Bingo. Have to give some credit to Philly’s defense. Iggy was all over Paul last night, & Collins threw double teams at him as well. He simply could not get away on a bum knee.

  • I’m going to say this to whoever will listen…..with 14 seconds to go in the game, Rondo committed the foul that the C’s had to give. The shot clock said 10 sec, so there was a 4 sec differential btwn the two. This meant that the Celtics wouldnt have had to foul and the Sixers would have HAD to shoot and leave time for the C’s…except for some reason the shot clock was adjusted to say 14 seconds also! doc didnt see it, no players or the refs said anything….the announcers didnt notice it either. No explanation was given as to WHY the shot clock was adjusted. Look back at the broadcast, its plain as day. THIS WOULD HAVE CHANGED THE WHOLE FINAL FEW SECONDS OF THE GAME.

  • KY Celts fan

    Nobody mentioned it because that’s the rule. From Hoopedia – “Rule changes in the NBA since 1998, and in FIBA after 2010 state the shot clock will be reset only if fewer than 13 seconds are on the shot clock, after which it is reset to 14 seconds.”

  • not complaining about the officiating but it was a different type of officiating then every other game. The last 3 weeks every reefing squad in the league has called touch fouls and bumps constantly. All of a sudden this squad of nab refs decide to let the celtics and philly play (except on offense fouls i think they’re were more offensive calls than regular calls last night) Each team was killing the other team and hacking and bumping and pushing and no calls were given. Then in the 3rd quarter give some touch fouls to the phillys but besides that they were constant and I have no problem with that. My problem is that this reefing squad isn’t the same with the last 3 weeks of nba refs i have watched on tv. It’s like an ump who calls a high pitch out of the strike zone a strike consistently. You realize the way he’s calling it so you know to swing at it but you know every other ump doesn’t call that strike

  • robinski

    thank you! that travel was just ridiculous. that did change the game ALOT!

  • throwdown40

    It was illegal. Champions win within the rules of the game. If Boston is better it won’t come down to that.Make shots.

  • CoachBo

    And move the damn basketball instead of pounding it at the top of the key for 15 seconds while open cutters rotate through. There’s no law against passing the ball to Ray Allen on the wing.
    This team’s ball movement has been ass since the playoffs began, with one notable game exception and a few short stretches of offensive execution..
    If it doesn’t improve soon, the offseason will be upon us sooner rather than later.

  • cool