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Pietrus’ concussion still in his head

Mickael Pietrus leaves on a stretcher 2

Mickael Pietrus can make life easy for the Celtics.  He can come in, play some nice defense, hit a shot or two, and even drive to the basket when defenses over-commit to the jumper. 

We saw SOME of the driving last night, but that's not going to happen very often, because Mickael Pietrus is afraid of getting hurt

“Playing Philly reminds me a lot of my injury,” he said. “Every time I drive to the basket, I have that feeling I’m going to get hurt again. That’s why I’m always trying not to drive to the basket. Hopefully, it’s going to be better next year. But right now I’m still afraid of falling again.”

That was a horrible play for Pietrus, and it's hard to imagine what it must be like for him.  I don't feel comfortable crushing the guy for not being aggressive when I've never experienced that myself.  All I can say is I hope he realizes that after a few drives to the hoop that it's not that bad and what happened to him is rare. And I hope he realizes it soon.  

Now, this answer is out there.  Now, Philly knows he's afraid.  And unless this is a ruse, I overplay his shot big time. He drove a couple of times last night, so we know he's capable.  Let's just hope he gets this out of his head sooner rather than later.

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  • Quest

    Hmm…. but he rarely drove to the basket before the injury.

  • wil

    he has the Yips

  • NorthernGreen

    I don’t have a problem with him not driving so often, but every once in a while keeps teams honest. In game two, he was coming around, found his three point shoot, played good defense and Doc pulled him. …to put an ineffective PP back in the game. Give him some time to contribute Doc!!!

  • Can’t really argue with that. It’s hard to come down on a guy who just had to deal with such a weird injury that I’m sure scared the crap out of him.