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Enemy Chatter: Lavoy Allen neutralized Kevin Garnett

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I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Philadelphia.

And finally, Lavoy AllenI clearly timed my post yesterday around this breakout performance. He played 30 minutes of super-solid basketball, looking more and more confident as time went along and effectively neutralizing Garnett on his own. He finished with 10 points and 8 rebounds, but his defense is what stood out. While not really a “KG Stopper” like I proclaimed earlier, he did allow the Sixers the ability to defend everyone one-on-one. With Hawes as the primary defender, Garnett got where he wanted, when he wanted, forcing the Sixers to double team him on occasion in the post, invariably leaving other players open. With Allen, this didn’t happen. We needed a big to step up, and Lavoy did. He was the difference tonight.

The Sixers Sense

While I don't have the luxury of watching game tape to analyze Allen and Garnett going mano-a-mano, I'll go out on a limb and say "effectively neutralized" is a major exaggeration.

The Celtics never got Kevin Garnett any consistent looks. He had 5 shot attempts in the first three quarters. And in the fourth, he went 5-7. That's a far cry from good defense.

On Page 2, Philly's reaction to Garnett's illegal screen.

I don't understand the outcry over the call from the national media. Garnett committed two fouls on that play, looking more like an offensive lineman (albeit a really tall and skinny one) than a basketball player. Leaning over and elbowing the other player is an offensive foul, even if your feet are set (which they weren't).

The only legitimate retort the Celtics have is that Garnett commits that foul all game, every game.

Liberty Ballers

Two fouls? A lot of exaggeration coming out of Philadelphia today. 

Be grateful the official had the balls to call that foul.

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  • the refs let both teams play last night, both teams were killing eachother and no fouls got called thats why both teams had extended droughts during the game. Kg was getting hacked and bumped and pushed and for the last 3 weeks every reffiing squad in the nba called fouls for plays like that. Reffing squads letting teams play is something i’d prefer my only complaint is that every other reffing sqaud in the nba doesn’t ref like that and calls touch fouls constanly which gets the players used to getting those calls. The gametape will show that both teams were hacking eachother and bo9th teams were expecting fouls call espically rondo and kg.

  • Also if they’re is something worse than nba reffing it’s nba national tv announcers

  • Yeah it was really more the referee allowing you to stretch his jersey to the floor that was hampering his jumper. The refs neutralized kg more than allen. Did they cost the C’s the game if they execute- no, but they sure as hell kept philly in it when they were cold. Doc should have manned up and took a T last night F#cking pathetic.

  • robinski

    how about the 7 step travel on the hoop just before the screen? that was ridiculous. how did they not call that on philly?

  • Noori

    Boston giving an D rate performance is clearly the equivalent of Philly going 100% as we have seen for two games thus far. So I am not really concerned, so much so that I think Boston can come out of Philly with two wins. HOWEVER
    If they do lose both games it is game over, and the Celtics will have been humiliated by a Cinderella team

  • I think KG has been playing fanastic, i was here the other day saying probably my favorite KG year..but to play devils advocate to all the KG hype lately coming from even myself….he started doing it against a banged up Josh smith, Al horford who had been out all year (and still played amazingly) and now Lavoy allen? I honestly didnt know who this was before this series and there was even a time last night he was effectively checked by evan turner…sigh
    But with that said KG is not the problem…the problem last night, unfortunately was Pierce…hes getting dominated by Iggy out there

  • yea but the celtics were getting away with a lot too. It just seemed like we weren’t ready to play like that escpicially ryan holings and steisma who gave up easy shots to (brand who basically broke the drought for phillty )when they should have been bumping pushing and shoving him. On the other hand philly was ready to play like that and were doing everything to the celtics bumping pushing reaching hacking etc which was smart bc the refs had shown that they were going to let them play

  • Agreed. Pietrus finally starts to heat up and doc pulls him to put more minutes on PP’s sore knee.

  • To some extent yeah. But the C’s were getting touch foul calls in the 3rd quarter when the 6ers weren’t. The refs were a factor. Not the only factor but you should’nt get homered on your own floor. Collins is in their ear every f#cking chance he gets pleading for calls, iggy is post game complaining for more calls. It shouldn’t work but it did.

  • Winston Salems

    I agree. When Turner made that basket, I thought for sure they would call that a travel. To be honest, I think the refs let them play all game, for the most part. There were some questionable non-calls (fouls, travels, etc). I also find it hard to believe a guy can catch a pass, turn around, shoot it, in less than a second. Doesn’t make sense. However, the C’s played like garbage and only lost by 1 possession. If it takes a Philly miracle shot with 0.9 on the shot clock, a Turner traveling circus layup, an offensive foul on KG for a screen with under 1 minute to play, i’ll take those chances 10 times out of 10. Celtics need to steal a game in Philly. I think the C’s will lose game 3 (Philly will be jacked up to have a home playoff game against the Celtics), but the C’s will regroup and steal game 4. Barring any injuries, this series will go 7. The Celtics will have the advantage and close it out at home.

  • robinski

    “letting them play” usually means not calling a slap on the wrist going to the rim or excessive hand checking by the guards or big men bodying up, I’ve never heard “letting them play” means you can take 7 STEPS. haha. but yea, it seemed like if we won that game we would just be their daddy and would have swept the series. played like crap twice and still won, that would have sucked for 76ers. barkley said it at half, we played with no energy or emotion, played like crap and still almost won both games. hopefully they got some rest being at home and can now start to play playoff ball again.

  • robinski

    I love Doc, would not want another coach, but he should not be above criticism. a handful of questionable calls so far this playoffs. Daniels of Horford in hawks game, terrible decision, rondo fouling with a 4 second difference on the play clock. ryan hollins playing in critical moments, extended minutes for his favorite player keyon Dooling,