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Did the Celtics try too hard to get Brandon Bass going?

There is no doubt about it… Brandon Bass is struggling.  

There's also no doubt about this… getting the Brandon Bass that played for the Celtics in the regular season would be a HUGE help for the Celtics. 

I know it.  You know it.  The Celtics know it. 

So when Brandon Bass hit 3 of his first 4 shots amidst a 13-5 start for the Celtics, it looked like he was finally going to break out of his slump and maybe help the C's storm out to a big lead.  So Rajon Rondo  kept looking for him.   Often.  But was it too often?

Bass shot 3 of 8 in the first quarter alone.  He was also fouled that makes nine times Bass tried to score the ball.  The Celtics took 20 shots (and no one else took a free throw).  So Brandon finished about half the C's shot attempts.  Paul Pierce, who struggled, got 2 shots in the first quarter.  Kevin Garnett, who struggled, got 2 shots in the first quarter. 

Rajon Rondo went out of his way to find Brandon Bass. Bass' first few shots came within the flow of the offense.  Avery Bradley found him after a cut… a pick & roll with Rondo… a drive and dish.  It worked.  Then Rondo started to pull his "pass up open layups" routine.  Like this one:

Rondo pass to bass 1

But I was fine with a couple of these because, like I said, you really want to get Bass going.  In this situation, Bass is just outside the paint.  Yes, Rondo could have taken the layup and probably gotten the 2… but all things considered, this wasn't a horrible play to make. 

This was another shot Rondo could have taken:

Rondo pass to bass 2

Again, we've seen Rondo take and make shots like this, especially with the defender yet to challenge the shot.  But look at how wide open Bass is.  He missed this shot too. 

Brandon Bass took a team-high 15 shots.  He mixed them up from various distances pretty well.  He missed 4 of the 6 long-2's he took, but he also missed all 3 of the shots from 3-9 feet.  There were a few drives where he was stripped or blocked.  He was probably fouled on at least a couple of those drives, but that's how the game was being called at that point.  Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett all gave it up to Bass on various shot attempts, and it didn't matter.  

Did the Celtics force the issue and try too hard to feed Brandon Bass?  Aside from a couple of Rondo passes early, the answer is no.  Most of Bass' 15 shots came within the flow of the offense.  He forced a few shots, which shows he's pressing and desperately trying to find his shot.  If you eliminate some of the forced plays, I'd say he would have had 11 or 12 shot attempts.  Yes, the C's tried to get him going early, and he took a lot more shots than usual, but they were mostly make-able shots that he… still… just missed.

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  • paul

    Yes. Rondo tried get Bass going when we should have focused on extending the league.

  • Cam

    He’s struggling. There is a fine line between trying to get him going and force feeding him shots. Bass doesn’t really have much other game than to just shoot the ball and we repeatedly put him in that position. Yes he should make those shots and yes a lot of them were within the flow but expecting him to carry the load offense wise is putting a ton of pressure on him that we shouldn’t be doing now.
    Rondo needs to look to score more bottom line. Bass has been struggling, Pietrus has been, pierce allen and Bradley are beat up. Rondo needs to take on more of the scoring load. He should still be able to run the offense, be the quarterback of the offense while doing this. We need him to.
    10 more open looks tomorrow isn’t going to help Bass but put more pressure on him, especially when he sees guys passing up fairly open shots just to try and help him out

  • Tim

    I agree Bass has struggled a bit offensively. He was shooting 47.9% in the regular season, and is shooting just 40% in the postseason. That said, many of the Celtics are having similar struggles defensively. I think what’s more discouraging is Brandon’s performance on the defensive end of the floor. One of my favorite parts of attending the home games is that I can look over and see Danny Ainge’s reaction to every play. There were many plays last night where Brandon was a little bit late rotating and Danny put his head down in disgust. I think both Doc and Danny are coming to realize they can’t trust him defensively late in games. Not sure if anyone caught this, but in Game 6 of the Atlanta series Doc pulled Bass with just a few minutes to go in regulation, and Bass was visibly upset about being taken out. He and Doc exchanged words and Bass pouted all the way to the bench. Ever since, it’s been Bass on the bench in the fourth quarter.

  • I feel… vindicated…

  • Quest

    Now I know why Orlando was so quick to trade Bass for Big Baby at least Baby could shoot which he proved with his time with that organization. Yea Baby brought a lot of baggage but he had better offense and rebounding in the playoffs than Bass has shown . Yea I know hindsight …….

  • wil

    first minutes of the game should look for Pierce going, if he has a bad start, the rest of his game follows,
    hope the C’s take game 3

  • Tim

    How quickly we forget Baby’s atrocious postseason in 2011…dropped from 11.7 ppg in the regular season to 4.9ppg in the playoffs. Shot just 39% in the playoffs.

  • Quest

    Big Baby was pretty productive for Orlando this season.

  • Quest

    Glen Davis Playoffs Orlando 2012
    Rebounds Pts
    May 8 8 15
    May 5 11 24
    May 2 4 22
    Apr 30 10 18
    Apr 28 13 16
    Total 46 95

  • Tim

    That’s comparing apples to oranges. We’re talking about productivity in the Celtics system, in the role each of those guys has filled the past two years.

  • Quest

    I am talking about the productivity in the playoffs to winning Banner 18 in 2012 on the last run with the Core Big 3 before we become a rebuilding team next 2/3 yrs. Bass needs to step up in these playsoffs. Couldn’t care less about the last 2 yrs Its about now. It about winning Now. The Celtics have battled so much this yr and are so close.

  • kg215

    The bottom line is you can’t take his Orlando numbers, plug Big Baby back into our system for this year and expect the same numbers. His numbers could be higher or lower, we don’t know. When Bass and Big baby both work hard, Big Baby has more talent we know that; but BBD is also immature, frequently out of shape, and is more worried about himself than winning half the time. I don’t miss him, he was awful the entire playoffs not just with his bad numbers but also with his attitude. Bass isn’t playing well but it isn’t because he is messing around or not trying, he just hasn’t knocked down his shots.

  • JR99

    Bass is sinking the ship. The time to get his game straight is over. Now he needs to be placed at the end of the bench, and let other guys do the job he’s almost completely failed to do. It’s that or go home early, at this point. I hope Doc has the vision and balls to do what has to be done now.

  • Leo

    rondo giving bass the ball does not mean more nba teams + players…. what on earth are u trying to say