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Things breaking C’s way? Bosh out indefinitely


The Celtics played the Hawks, who didn't have Al Horford or Zaza Pachulia and then saw Josh Smith limited by a knee strain.  They were set to face the winner of the Bulls-76'ers series, and the Bulls lost Derrick Rose to an ACL injury and Joakim Noah to an ankle injury.  Now they face the 8th seeded 76'ers who, if you believe all the analysts out there, will do little more than slow down the Celtics and set up an inevitable Celtics-Heat matchup.

Which brings us to this:  Chris Bosh is out indefinitely with an abdominal strain.   

Of course (a) the C's still have to get past Philly.  I obviously think they will do that, but I've thought things before and, amazingly, I'm wrong from time to time. (b) The Heat have to still get past Indiana, which has a strong point guard and size to combat Miami's strengths.  The loss of Bosh, all jokes aside, means a player that's nowhere near as good will now start.  And that leaves a back up that a lot worse than that in to face a deep Pacers team.

But if we assume for a minute the C's and Heat DO meet up, this will be a big problem for them.  Kevin Garnett is already having a monster playoffs, and not having Bosh's length to bother him will make those looks even cleaner. 

I'm not going to get deeper than that because, well, I just don't want to go down that road yet.  Maybe later.  Maybe when this series is something more comfortable than 1-0 on a 1-point win.  Still, it's another obstacle down for the Celtics.  There are many others left, but I'll take whatever kind of clearing the C's get.

As for tonight, all 15 guys went through shootaround today, setting up the "everyone is going to play" story for later.

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  • KY Celts fan

    you gotta take it one step at a time, but you can’t help but wonder. this is potentially very exciting.

  • RyanH

    Let’s worry about philly, but things are breaking our way. Imagine Miami having to guard KG with a 6’8″ LBJ or Haslem. Two words: Raining Jumpers.

  • mileke

    This is crazy how everytime this year you think the Celtics will have a tough series, someone important goes down. Hope the Celtics take FULL advantage of this “last shot” go Celtics!!!!

  • Orb

    I wouldn’t normally take pleasure in winning against depleted teams, but after the past four years, we deserve it. Karma-injuries for all.

  • MrFixit

    Just like Rose going down. Now Bosh. Would this mean that if the Celtics make the finals that their opponent will have lost a key player in the previous series, lol. Duncan, Westbrook, Gasol, Griffin? That would be wild. Hey its not like the Celts are healthy. They have more injuries than any team left in the playoffs I believe, they’re just walking wounded injuries.
    Further on the Bosh thing though, even if he returns, I will bet it effects him for quite a while. An injury to your core like that is going to effect all of your movement.

  • I would expect Bosh back at some point sooner than later. Both the C’s & Heat better pay attention to the series they are in cause I don’t think either game 1 W was very decisive. Go C’s!

  • CoachBo

    Considering that every single soul wearing green except Garnett played like ass for three quarters Saturday night, I’ll worry about Bosh later.

  • MrFixit

    I agree with you on everyone playing like ass, but thats also an encouraging sign for the C’s. They played with composure. They kept it close and individuals didnt start trying to play hero ball, they kept playing their game, and eventually the ball started dropping.
    What would a team like say the Lakers do in a game like this, hmmm……
    Game 6 versus the Nuggets is a good example. Everyone but Kobe is playing like crap. Kobe turns on hero ball and goes off….but instead of a win, its a game 7.

  • MrFixit

    I would like to defend Rondo here. I hardly call a playoff triple double with 17 assists and a game clinching play in the final seconds to be a poor performance.

  • Rondo’s triple-double games are also frequently the games where’s he’s making the most annoying and stupid plays. This game was no exception. #YourDailyDoseOfHatin’