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Rondo’s “drop the mic” post game interview

The Celtics had just polished off the Sixers by dropping a beauty of a 4th quarter performance.  Rajon Rondo was fresh off a dominant quarter and the brilliant final :03 of the game.  And then TNT's David Aldridge caught him for this postgame interview.


Drop the mic.

Leave the stage.

This show is over.

This team isn't just putting on a defensive clinic, they're putting on a virtuoso performance in the post-game interview department.  

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  • JimmyG

    Not sure if this is good or not. I love Rondo and part of me loves his no bullshit attitude, but I wonder if this is just a sign that he’s insufferable in real life.

  • paul

    The kid really does have his own ‘swag’, doesn’t he?

  • paul

    Come on. Think about it. What Rondo did was a performance. I’ll be Aldridge will be the first to tell you that it made the interview better.

  • JimmyG

    No doubt it’s made more entertaining by his response. Swag also does have plenty of swag (which he should, he’s a walking triple double machine and he hit key shots in the fourth). Still, having said all that I can’t shake that he might be an egomaniac. Then again, Oscar Robertson was another brilliant enigma so maybe I just need to let go of the fact that Rondo might not make for an excellent dinner guest.

  • Dinner guest? I recall when he was the guest on a cooking show hosted by Ray Allen’s wife, and he was friendly, cheerful, respectful and gracious. It was a side of him I had never seen before. Or since, perhaps.

  • JBauer

    I saw the interview and totally understand why Rondo “dropped” the mike… because reporters continue to ask stupid, dumb ass questions. It’s all about the interviewer these days… let’s see how many buttons “we” can push. So let’s revisit the question about the Celtics being “too old” … they’re up in the series and even a few injuries aren’t keeping these “seniors’ quiet… in fact “old man” Garnet was running around like he was 19. Maybe he forgot to act his age… or may he just forgot.
    So please all you so called “reporters” try and ask some relevant, intelligent questions that viewers feel are insightful rather than “edgy” and embarrassingly stupid.

  • Danielle

    Agreed! This was a justified response…nothing to do with his ego, personality, etc. Plenty of reporters and (ahem, clears throat) so-called fans wrote the Celtics off before the Playoffs…then, they jumped back on the bandwagon after the All-Star break…now, reporters want to continue the same “old” headlines from the beginning of the season. We know the Big 3 are older and who cares…if the “true” fans are tired of hearing about it, imagine how the players feel. So, will the real Celtics fans please stand up?! By the way, I loved Rondo’s Zebra striped jacket…swag *drops mic*!

  • ggreen34

    Don’t blame Rondo, I’m sure he and others get tired as being labeled “old”. They’re not old, because the average of their starting line-up is 28yrs. If the Celts were old, they would of been bounced by the younger and more athletic Hawks.

  • JimmyG

    I agree that the question was stupid, that the response was funny, and that the team can handle any team in the playoffs. However, all I’m saying is that I’m not totally sold that Rondo isn’t a pain behind the scenes. Obviously, that’s just speculation and I don’t really care anyway (I’ve never been for trading him at any point). I need to find the cooking video of Rondo. One Boston Globe writer recently noted that plenty of great players have had strange relationships with the media (using Bird as an example). I just wonder if his personality is all that different around others.

  • Mike

    Most NBA players are probably assholes.

  • here you go…
    he’s really at ease with the allens. i remember in the association, that episode on the christmas game in orlando, they showed ray allen saying grace before christmas dinner, and rondo was there. just like one big happy family =))

  • sev

    would have been even more gangsta if he just walked away as soon as Aldridge said the word old. I love the celtics just as much as anyone else, but it’s just hard to think they could win it all with that bench they have. You only have bradley(i know he starts) and peitrus(not doing as good as earlier in the season) and no solid big men. Ryan Hollins might have worked in 07-08 and steamer doesn’t look as effective. I’m fine with the depth of sg and sf(i like marquis when he plays, but he can’t stretch the floor), but we have no big men to take some of the burden off of KG. I love what he is doing, but I can’t seem to get over the fact that we would actually be for sure contenders with Jeff Green(perfect for small ball as he obviously can play PF) and Wilcox, who was a perfect fit with rondo and he was giving it his all(rebounding) for Doc and the hall of famers. We would have gotten more out of Wilcox than any other team, and even without Green, Wilcox could be the difference in how far we go this year because we have no bigs on the bench. Some of these other teams are really deep and we’re also talking about an injured Ray and Paul. KG will have to continue this pace and Rondo will have to play on a Superstar level, but it’s a damn shame that we lost those two guys in what will prob be the last run of the big three. Shit even JO(somewhat healthy) would help against the lakers front court. They win it all with those guys even with Howard and Rose healthy. This is our weakest bench when our core is the oldest…thank god for bradley. Sorry for the long post

  • SF CeltsFan

    The playoffs are not over dude! We have the same bench that beat the heat multiple times this season. Anything’s possible.

  • sev

    i realize this…just saying it’s a long shot and that it’s too bad we didn’t have a full squad cause danny actually did a great job putting us in a position to win if healthy.

  • Paul

    When was the last time a 20 something year old NBA player needed a nap beforehand to get into the game??? I’m 51 and can’t remember the last time I needed a nap to continue my work day! If you think about it, when do we average Joe’s have any time during the day to get a cat nap in?
    With everything in me, I LOVE my Celtics, but I would love to work less than 48 minutes every other day!
    In my opinion, only injuries should limit any NBA player!

  • JimmyG

    Thank you! This is excellent and he seems very calm as you’ve pointed out.
    In terms of the nap stuff with Rondo, who gives a shit. Remember the controversy two (or three?) years ago about his pregame routine where he sat in a car listening to music or whatever it was. He has strange habits but if that’s what it takes for him to run our offense then I’m all for it. No point guard (including Chris Paul as great as he is) fits in better with this team. I truly believe that.
    I think we are fine with our bench at least in the east. Miami now has two players that we have to face an literally nobody else unless Mario Chalmers catches fire for a game. Otherwise it’s all on Lebron and Wade who still don’t know how to coexist. The only team I don’t think we could beat is OKC at this point. But I don’t want to get too far ahead.
    GO C’s!