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Your Morning Dump… Where Ryan Hollins pisses people off

Ryan hollins against the Hawks 2

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n most walks of life, being irritating isn’t a positive trait. But it’s one that comes in handy while battling for position in the paint.

“Honestly, he’s an irritant. He (ticks) guys off in practice,” Rivers said. “He just irritates people. The funny thing is he’s the nicest guy. He doesn’t mean to, but that’s just what he does.”

[…] When asked if he can tell when he’s getting under an opponent’s skin, Hollins smiled and said, “a little bit.” But he said it’s not his main objective.

“I’m not really worried about how they feel,” Hollins said. “I’m worried about our team’s success and what we do. I’m a guy that plays hard and if I can disrupt a guy’s shot or get a guy off of what he’s doing, I’m doing my job.”

Herald: Ryan Hollins comfortable irritating opponents

Ryan Hollins played crucial minutes in a closeout game for the Celtics.

Ryan Hollins. 

And he didn't kill the Celtics.  He might down the road.  He might in this series.  But he didn't in Game 6.  And he might not the rest of the way.  He's a wild card in so many ways.  But if he's out there, doing things that KG tells him to do and pissing other guys off… good for him.  

Who knows, maybe he's this year's PJ Brown?

On Page 2: The full series schedule

Game 1 – Sat  Philadelphia at Boston  8 p.m. 
Game 2 – Mon   Philadelphia at Boston 7 p.m. 
Game 3 – Wed  Boston at Philadelphia  7 p.m.
Game 4 – Fri  Boston at Philadelphia  TBD
Game 5 * Mon  May 21    Philadelphia at Boston  TBD    
Game 6 * Wed  May 23    Boston at Philadelphia  TBD     
Game 7 * Sat  May 26    Philadelphia at Boston  TBD      


This is making a Celtics in 5 prediction look better than my original Celtics in 6 prediction.  We should be glad the Celtics finished the Hawks off in 6.  If they had gone 7, they might have gotten hit with a back-to-back like the Spurs vs. the Clippers/Grizzlies winner.  Two days off before a potential Game 5 looks pretty nice right now.

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  • Mostly, Hollins pisses off Celtic fans!
    He has no ability to score except by dunking, and he fumbles every hard pass near the hoop.

  • He actually has contributed in his last 2 outings, so I imagine we’ll see more tonite. At least Hollins can dunk, Steimsma seems to have lost any confidence in that mid-range shot he was occasionally hitting earlier this season. Would like to see Bass get aggressive with his shot and go to the rim as well. With Pierce hurting and Ray possibly out, it’d be nice if other guys besides KG and Rondo could score some points. GO C’s!!!

  • Chris

    The Truth will lead us to victory: