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Recap: Celtics rip the hearts out of the Sixers


I need a cigarette after the fourth quarter performance by the Boston Celtics.  I don't even know where to start.  

Ok, I'll start with KG, the destroyer of men's souls.  29 points on 12-20 shooting, 11 rebounds, and 3 blocks.  And if you thought Hawks Game 6 was a "turn back the clock performance," then this was full on Delorean "gonna go back in time" moments.  He was everywhere in the fourth quarter.  He was chasing guys down.  He was picking up on switches and keeping up with guards.  He was draining that sweet 18-20 foot jumper… it was so great. 

Avery Bradley's defense in the fourth quarter?  Sublime.  Ball pressure that was better than the best you've seen out of him… and a blocked shot that words can describe.   

And then there was Rajon Rondo, who came into the quarter 3 rebounds and 3 points shy of a triple double.  He finished the game with 13 points, 12 rebounds and 17 assists.  He dominated the fourth quarter.  He had 5 of the Celtics 9 offensive rebounds and no one on either team got more than 2.  The first three quarters for Rondo were "meh"… and everyone was getting ready to write the "how does a guy this disengaged still get a triple double" story.  But that utter dominance in the fourth is pushing that story line away. 

But the most beautiful plays Rondo made didn't involve anything in that stat line.  With 3 seconds left and the Celtics up 3, Rondo fouled Jrue Holiday to give Philly 2 shots.  That basketball IQ displaying play allowed the C's to call timeout after Holiday made both shots, take the ball out at half court… which brings us to play #2. 

A brilliantly designed play by Doc Rivers sprung Rondo to catch a perfect pass from Paul Pierce in the back court and then run the clock out.  It was just beautiful. 

  • Paul Pierce didn't have a great game but he nailed a clutch elbow J (what else?).
  • Ray Allen didn't shoot great either but he did hit a couple of 3's at key times. 
  • Brandon Bass and Mickael Pietrus are still struggling. 

92-91 was the final.  You can say the C's stole one if you'd like, it doesn't matter.  A 1-0 lead is a 1-0 lead.

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  • RyanH

    KG, thank you for having so much heart. Same to you, Avery Bradley.

  • A fantastic, clutch 4th quarter by everyone involved. I can’t say enough how much KG means to this team. He has been the mvp this postseason. Rondo was maddening until his perfect 4th quarter.
    The bench HAS TO step up. Pietrus, Dooling, Steemer, somebody…has to contribute more than just eating minutes up. At this point with Pietrus i would bench him and roll with Pavlovic, seeing as Moore has 0% chance of getting on the floor.

  • putDJinthehall

    I thought bass looked much better tonight.
    I actually said “I can’t believe spencers hawes is going to beat us”
    Philly shot about as good as they can I think

  • Kricky

    KALIMA indeed.
    Sixers don’t have a reliable scoring option at the end of games. While the Cs have 3 guys (4 if RR is hitting like tonight) they can look to. This was the major difference tonight and wil be throughout the series.
    Only hope for the Sixers is if Doug Collins gets in that Delorean and brings James Toney back with him to suit up for his team.

  • Mileke

    If Philly had any ounce of confidence before tonight, that may be all gone. You can kind of hear it in Doug Collins voice when he said “There’s not much else we can do.” in his post game conference. I’m not quite ready to count the Sixers out of this series, but that was a devastating loss for them, & a FANTASTIC win for us. That 4th quarter was textbook as a team. From the players on to the coaches. All around GREAT win tonight fellas. We’re now 11 away from banner 18. Let’s go!!!!

  • KG : 29 points…11 rebounds…36 years old
    Absolutely Awesome!!!!

  • How can you hate this team? They’re banged up, tired as hell, but they still play hard, still win games. And they don’t make excuses. Rondo cut David Aldridge off when he tried to make excuses for the C’s. Some writers call that snotty but dude just believes in his team. Plus, he didn’t get his nap, if you believe the post-game presser.
    Whatever, it might be true. It might be a mind-screw (trying to keep it clean). Either way, I’m proud of this team. This is a good team.

  • Great recap by John and good comments by some of the regulars, not much I can add. I’m in awe of what they did in this game just to stay close and then rip it away from them at the end. Avery is a warrior playing through the shoulder injury, Ray & Pierce too. The C’s are a dangerous team when they can beat you on an off-nite like 3 quarters of this game was. Iggy and Doug Collins must be wondering what happened to the team they ran out of the gym early in the season. Go C’s!

  • Alex

    Agreed. Pietrus is totally out of it offensively and at least Pav has a higher percentage when it comes to nailing an open 3 pointer. Everything about Pietrus is off.

  • It was an amazing game. It wasn’t our best game, but I enjoyed watching it a lot. I have no words for KG and Rondo, but Bradley was so good tonight. It’s a great feeling to see a player on your own team, developing his game like that.
    Also, am I the only one who felt like Mike Gorman shouted “Doc at his best!” somewhere, when he saw that last play (reference: That was brilliant.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Dooling’s energy off the bench is great, comes in and is all hustle. KG has been the man the last 2 games, think he’s playing for a last contract too?

  • Jay

    Despite Brandon Bass, the Celtics came up BIG. Let’s not forget the defense from AB and Ryan Hollins – yes I said Ryan Hollins. Maybe not statistically, but he influenced a lot of shots and showed the will to actually fight.
    Brandon Bass is a joke right now… and I’m being kind. If it weren’t for the intensity of his teammates the Celtics would have lost in round 1. Forget the 15-18 ft jumper we saw this year. He is disengaged if the play is not being run for him – at least set a screen you stiff, or crash the glass!
    On defense Bass cannot grasp what it means to rotate in time or protect the rim. He is typically a step or two slow and he leaves the lane WIDE OPEN whenever he goes to double. Brandon Bass needs to go to the KG School of Defense & Intensity. Right now, he is hurting this club. It’s no surprise Doc has REFUSED to play him during crunchtime. WAKE UP BASS!

  • jon

    Doug Collins like his 4 guard line up at crunch time and because of this, Doc was able to counter and has the opportunity to play Ray and AB at the same time which is very rare. I am baffled though as to why doc has not utilized his normal rotation of starting AB with Ray, Pavlovic/MP, KG and Steamer which is perhaps our best option when PP and RR are resting…That line up usually runs away and plays lockdown defense during 2nd qtr starts.

  • Quest

    Steisma, Bass and Hollins really need to step up production to help the Celtics win this series. Steisma and Bass playing worse in the playoffs…. no wonder you guys have been bounced around teams.

  • He’s still 35 till Saturday.

  • Now, it`s not nearly as impressive.

  • James Eisenman

    Bass was cold at the beginning but hit some big dunks in the second half. How can you complain about Stiemsma? He’s not getting very much playing time. Step up what production? You have to be on the court to produce. Don’t ask me why Doc is giving Hollins so many minutes. A lot of energy but what has he produced besides a missed dunk and a couple of random rebounds? I’d much rather have Stiemer in there. Look, Charles Barkley, for once had it right at halftime. Philadelphia was unconcious in the first quarter. Igoudala and company were taking and hitting a bunch of poorly chosen shots, yet the Celts were still only down by 5 at half. When those stopped going in, the Celtics crunched down on defense more and they slowly crawled back in, even though no one was burning hot.