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LeBron wins 3rd MVP, Rondo 8th

I was debating the order last night once word leaked that LeBron was going to win.  My top 5 was LeBron, Durant, Kobe, Paul, Parker.  I figured Rondo fit in the 6th or 7th slot… so 8th isn't a huge surprise.  

Rondo earned MVP consideration in that post-All Star run when he notched the 24 straight double-digit assist games and the Celtics climbed from hovering around the 8th seed to the 4th seed.  

I think all these guys deserve their spots…..except Derrick Rose.   He missed half of the season.  To say only 9 players in the league were more valuable or had a greater impact is silly.  I like Rose and he's a hell of a player, but that's just silly.

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  • RyanH

    KG should have been at the 10 spot instead of Derrick. The fact that they won without him says enough, despite their playoff meltdown in his absence. KG’s been the best defender, (better than Tyson), has an absurd +/-, and still dominates in his 17th year against young studs. Salute to Rondo getting his props, though.

  • paul

    Here is a question: if Blake had been traded to NO, instead of Paul to LAC, would Blake be the one at number 3 in the MVP voting?
    I mean, really. The Big Whiner, by which I mean Sir Paul, basically got himself a nice gilded and featherbedded situation, and he STILL may not make it out of the first round, and he’s number three?

  • RyanH

    Basketball writers make it a point to cater to CP3’s ego. Kobe plays heroball and gets reviled, but chris gets a pass. Not standing up for kb, but it’s pretty b.s. that the media treats him like Jesus and he can’t get 10 apg on a team like that.

  • Quest

    MVP… who gets to vote??

  • Aside from Rose, I don’t think Nash belongs on that list. He had a good year for an old guy who can’t check anyone, but certainly not worthy of mvp consideration.

  • Quest

    MVP…criteria based on basketball skills LeBron earned it but he still doesn’t compare to KG in inspiring / putting the team on his back every game to hold up a team that has been riddled with injuries. Maybe my bias is showing but KG should be mentioned in the top 10 for 2012.