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Quick notes: Doc’s concerned, Pierce will play, Ray might not

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) May 11, 2012 Gametime, Uncategorized 6 Comments

The Celtics didn't practiced today, but they did gather for a shootaround.  I can't say I liked what I heard.

Both Pierce and Allen sat out Friday's walkthrough, following a shootaround. Pressed as to whether Pierce or Allen were closer to being ready for Game 1, Rivers sounded an ominous tone. 

"I don't [know]," he said. "I'm concerned with both, to be honest. I don't even want to give a percentage."

I already brought up Ray earlier.  I expect him to miss at least a game in this series, but you never know.  This however (again) is less than encouraging

“This whole last week and a half I’ve been day-to-day. I’ve had some great days and now I’m back to where I was two weeks ago. I’m just working through that,’’ he said.

Pierce, however, in completely unsurprising news, is already proclaiming himself a go.

“Yeah, I expect to play,” Pierce said. “I feel like I can play [Saturday]. I’m just getting the treatments. I’m dealing with a sprained knee, getting as much ice as possible. It’s probably not going to heal until the season is over so I’m just doing the necessary steps that I can to make sure I don’t overdo it or put myself in a position where I could really hurt my career, moving forward, being at the age at I’m at. But I’m confident with the way it feels that I’m capable of going out there.

I tweeted this yesterday, but I don't care about whatever wheelchair jokes other fans throw at us, they wish their guys were as tough as Paul Pierce.  Go ask Lakers fans how they feel about Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum right now, and whether they'd take Pierce's attitude and toughness over theirs.  

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  • Quest

    Paul may want to play but can he contribute effectively or does he hinder the team with no lateral movement?
    These injuries have been the story of the whole 2012 season. Can they hang on for Round 2?

  • KY Celts fan

    After watching Pierce trudge through that series and deliver some great performances, it makes me sick to think his name was involved in so much trade talk earlier this season. Can you imagine if Pierce was on the Nets right now? Or the Lakers like some fans were asking for?

  • SamR

    I’d actually say let Ray rest. The team can win without him, and really when he can’t shoot he’s nearly useless (Pietrus is a better defender and rebounder).
    Pierce is more worrying, but he seems to be able to power thru and find ways to get it done. Last night when the Hawks had gone on that run to take the lead, Pierce fought his way to the hoop and the free throw line despite having nothing left. His will is unbelievable.

  • Brick James

    Hopefully this is nothing more than Doc taking a few pages out of Belichick’s book… misdirection…

  • http://jimbaumer.posterous.com/ Jim

    “Go ask Lakers fans how they feel about Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum right now, and whether they’d take Pierce’s attitude and toughness over theirs.”
    How about, Go ask Red Sox fans how they feel about Josh Beckett right now, and whether they’d take Pierce’s attitude and toughness over his cavalier attitude and preference for golf over chewing up innings for a ball club with little starting pitching?
    The toughness and heart of the Celts is beyond question. I just hope they have enough left in the tank to get past Philly without getting any more banged up, physically.

  • paul

    Try to imagine a team with Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant for a second. In the final minutes of the game, those two guys just completely taking over. Damn. That said, i’m glad he’s here