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Ivan Johnson flips off the Celtics fans that Josh Smith loves


(image courtesy Austin Espinoza. h/t Ball Don't Lie)

Ivan Johnson and Josh Smith have different opinions of Celtics fans. The photo shows Johnson is more of a non-verbal guy. Smith had this to say:

“When you’re playing in an environment like the Boston Garden, they have probably the best fans,” Smith paused, and then thought better of completely throwing Atlanta fans under the bus, adding, “some of the best fans in the whole entire league. Like I said before, I was a little jealous, you know what I mean?

“The fans out here are so supportive of their team,” he said. “You go out and look in the stands, there’s nothing but Celtics jerseys and I don’t see a trace of red in there, you know what I mean? Understanding that the fans are that passionate, it adds an extra advantage for them. A bad shot can be as good as a turnover when you’re playing against a team like Boston, especially with the fanbase that they have.”

Thanks, Josh. I've written it before and I'll write it again, I'd love to see KG mentor Josh Smith. 

Stay classy, Ivan.

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  • Marc Larocque

    dude didn’t play one second last night. bum. go back to south korea … oh, wait

  • paul

    It’s nice to dream about Josh Smith here one day…

  • Alex

    Enjoy the fine, Ivan.

  • Smith is NOT in my Top 25 opponents I would want to see in Celtic Green!

  • noori

    We should totally get Smith, sign and trade jeff green if you have to. Stars wanting to come to boston is rare. I really like the guy and would love to see him with kg, but not kg with an extra year on him (smith has another year on his contact)

  • I don’t concern myself with nobodies.nobodies

  • James Eisenman

    First, I don’t really like Smith, the player. Like Rondo, he is supremely talented but I just don’t know how teachable he is at this point. Unlike Rondo, he settles for bad shots WAY too much. Once he thinks he’s wants to shoot, there is no turning back. The problem is, like Rondo, I don’t know how you untrain someone who’s been playing 5-6 years and who keeps doing something because of his ingrained bad habits. They have to really be motivated to change that. Ivan Johson got PERMANENTLY banned from the Phillipines (I believe) league for that same bit of classy behavior. In one final note, off the subject, the biggest NBA choke artist of all time, Carlos LOSER, coughed up another furball in crunch time to give us Philly. They’re very young and athletic and they concern me. All defenders must stay with their men. Thank God we have home court. Our Philly performances this year were…coughed up furballs.

  • RyanH

    Josh has never been coached. Being back with his bestfriend Rajon, Doc and KG would help him a lot. Remember that he asked for a trade to the celts this offseason. The two draft picks could snare him.