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A quick appreciation of Kevin Garnett (and his complete Game 6 highlights)


I know I've said it before.  I've already admitted that writing Kevin Garnett off four months ago was stupid.  I guess after last night, I realized just how stupid it was. 

Kevin Garnett is, was, and forever will be one of the most unique individuals on the planet.  His demeanor can be shocking, frightening, or warmly inviting, depending on when you experience it.  He is prone to fits of dementia created solely by his own mind for the purposes of excelling at his craft.  

We see bits and pieces of all of this at different times and, because we're human, we fill in the blanks with presumptions to satisfy our own desires to define everything, and everyone, we see.  The clapping, the swearing, the chest-thumping, the surreal press conferences, jokes at the media's expense…. all part of the kaleidoscope that makes the impossibly complex Kevin Garnett.  He cannot be defined, or captured by written descriptors and slickly edited vignettes.  

And because Kevin Garnett is all that, we can never truly know when Kevin Garnett's basketball days have passed him by.  Because it's all of that other stuff, or at least the mental mechanisms that make up all that other stuff, that make him the player that he is.  It's all of that, plus the things we might never know about him, that make the physical tools better than what they might be in other people. 

You see, Kevin Garnett IS old.  At least, he is in NBA years.  Out in the real world, he's getting ready to celebrate his 36th birthday.  That's nothing.  He's still a kid.  But he's not "The Kid" anymore.  And if you could plug someone else's brain into his body right now, it wouldn't function the same way.  The legs wouldn't find that same lift. The jumper wouldn't still be true from 18 feet.  The passes out of double teams in the post wouldn't still flutter perfectly over a defender's finger tips into a teammate's hands under the basket.  

KG's brain, though, makes that body do incredible things.  Still.  

So I'm done judging… gauging… guessing about Kevin Garnett.  I'm just watching him now.  Like sitting on the porch in a swinging chair on an early summer day with some lemonade, I'm just going to watch with a slight smile on my face and appreciate the fact that I'll never know what truly goes on in that man's head that makes him so great.  I don't even want to know, either.  I'm happy knowing it will always be out of my reach.  I'm just happy knowing he's always going to be KG, no matter what we might think.

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  • KG certainly came up big for the Celts–the old guy has still got it. It will be interesting to see him play against Elton Brand, Lavoy Allen, Spencer Hawes and Nikola Vucevic to name a few. Although I believe the Celtics will win the series, it will be certainly be an ugly one.

  • Nice post! haha I was a big critic of KG as you may remember and I have to say since all star break this has been my favorite KG year of all and ill be sad if he decides to retire at the end of this run.

  • Dutchgreen

    Factoring in that I never got to see some of the game’s greats play due to my date and place of birth – not exactly hailing from a basketball-crazed country here – I realized yesterday evening while seeing KG showing off his craft at the Garden that he is simply my favorite player ever. And the way he set the record straight after the game makes it even more so. Keep proving ’em wrong KG – I certainly hope to have you back next year.

  • paul

    This self abnegating crap makes me sick. KG deserved the criticism he got a few months ago. Period. He was playing like he was past it. So was Pierce. But what he did was adjust brilliantly, exactly as Bill Russell would have done. Not the dominator he once was, he began to make the most of his role as team leader and mentor, helping craft the mix of old and young which has in turn maximized his energy and abilities. Greatness is flexible. KG has certainly proved this.
    But as for his raspy words Garnett has been spewing, sheesh. Give it a rest Big Fella. I guess you need to feel like everyone is your enemy, but it’s not the case.

  • wil

    Main reason why im a celtic fan. and why I grew hair on my chin what ever you call that in english lol

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I don’t literally understand this post, really.
    Sounds like KG still had something to prove or something he should have had forgiven for.
    KG is still the best and most important player for this team, period.
    He is the main reason the Celtics became champions again in 2008 and legit contenders so far, and, oh: he SWITCHED ROLE this year, and still delivered like it was easy to do.
    If we are here hoping for the Celtics to go on another run, it’s mainly because of him.