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Your Morning Dump… Where this is where we need Rondo

Rajon rondo giving directions game 4

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In a brief stretch of Game 5, Rondo was the best player on the planet, scoring six points in under a minute and in the words of coach Doc Rivers, willing the tired Celtics back into the game. In most of the other 42 minutes he played, Rondo was decidedly average at best and a non-factor at worst. (Passing up on an uncontested layup to make a tough bounce pass that led to a turnover was one of many questionable decisions). 

Finally, his steal at the end of regulation could have been entered into the Havlicek-Bird pantheon, but instead he dribbled into a trap and couldn’t get off a final shot. So it goes with Rondo. The playoffs are waiting for him to emerge as its signature player and Game 6 is his chance to begin to claim it for himself and begin to put a period and exclamation point on his part in the Big 3 era. 

WEEI:  Game 6: It's Rondo Time

You couldn't sum up Game 5 any better.  Alternating between brilliant and maddening, it was the type of performance that drives plenty of you mad.  And while I, personally, can accept some of that during the regular season as part of the territory, doing it in the playoffs with a chance to put a team away and get your team much needed rest is inexcusable.  

But you can also say that he's the reason the Celtics were even in the position to put Atlanta away.  Without him in Games 3 & 4, people would be talking about the Hawks potentially getting to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

So tonight, in a game almost everyone expects the Celtics to win, we wait to see if "Swag" will show up.  Or maybe that was "Swag" in Game 5.  I'll be honest, I'm still trying to figure out this nickname KG gave him.  Regardless… This is Rondo's time to shine.  The beauty of the playoffs is bad games are erased when you win the series.  It all goes away and you start fresh in the next one. 

But make no mistake about it.  The Celtics need the Rondo from Game 4 tonight.  I think it'll happen, because it fits the pattern.  It'll be the type of game that gets this out of Chris Webber


On Page 2:  Dooling reminds us this isn't a video game

“We’ve got to give him breaks or we wouldn’t be getting what we are from him,” said the coach.

Keyon Dooling encapsulated the Celtics conundrum.

“Unfortunately this isn’t a video game,” said the veteran guard. “You actually need a little rest.”

But the numbers say the Celts need a little more Garnett if they are to survive Game 6 against Atlanta this evening and advance deep into this postseason.

Herald: More Kevin Garnett best bet vs. Hawks

The KG thing is connected to Rondo.  KG isn't creating a ton of shots for himself.  All 7 of the shots he hit in Game 5 came off an assist.  And Rondo, who had hit KG for 4, 5, and 4 buckets in Games 1, 3 and 4… only hit him for 2 in Game 5.  

So if you see KG hitting a ton of shots tonight, it's because Rondo's finding him.  Or I supposed you can look at it the other way… if Rondo comes out like he did in Game 4, then you can expect a big night from KG.  And with Pierce still nursing the knee issue, we're going to need it.

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  • RyanH

    Go KG, Go Rondo, Fuck the Hawks douchebag owner.

  • 10:18 cracking my first warm up Beer a Marzen quite tasty although out of season. Why am I drinking so early Beacuse the C’s will win by 14 tonight and a good beer buzz early in the morning rocks. Go Celtics Kill the chickens

  • I have been saying this for years about Rondo. He plays great but just makes dumb basketball designs at points in the game.Over the past few years I have developed a list that describes all the dumb stuff rondo does that could easily be fixed by coaching. I am not even going to bash his shot which most people will try and point pint when bashing rondo. I however have no problem with his jumpshot, he can’t shoot I get it he might get better but I accept what he is. However on the other hand he has to stop doing these things which as a celtics fan who watches about every game every season and as someone who has played basketball since he was 3 years old and has been obsessed ever since have noticed about rondo
    1)Passing the ball with one hand (some passes look cool but look at the tape when he makes one handed passes compared to two hand passes theres a much better chance it is going to be a turnover)2)walking the ball up the court(constantly wasting precious shot clock then putting a teammate in a bad situation with a low shot clock) 3)not finishing Strong at the hoop when he gets penetration (he will turn up a 4 foot layup for a pass out to a shooter or when he decides to go for the layup he never goes strong aka his little weird spin shots or just floating it) 4)not finishing with the left hand on the left side(self explanatory he’s in the NBA but doesn’t take left hand layups with his left hand instead putting weird spin) 5) passing up open layups for hard passes and 20 foot jumpshots another celtics( a point I already made but rondo has to take these layups to make teams believe he is a threat offensively THIS WILL MAKE THINGS MUCH EASIER FOR KG RAY RAY AND THE CAPTAIN PAUL PIERCE 6)lacsidazical defense when off the ball( doubling for no reason or just leaving his guy open 7) cheating for steals and getting burned( Rondo man is constantly burning him if it wasn’t for kg and the celtics d who bail him out his defensive rating would be much worse by the supposed critics)
    These are all things that rondo does constantly night in and night out. I feel with a little coaching and practice rondo could easily incorporate or unincorporate all these points into his game. I feel he would be an expotianlly better player and without these mistakes could be one of the top 5 players in the league.
    for people who will hate on this post all i can say is look at the tape and for people who agree or want to put out other points in rondo’s game that infuriates them then let me no

  • James Eisenman

    I’ve been posting all these things, all season long, so they call me a hater. I would add 1) the let the ball roll down the court trick to save 2 seconds on the clock and risk it being stolen; 2) the bad free throw shooting which is why he won’t attack the basket and shoots twisting layups because he’s afraid to go to the line and 3) the flat out, upright, unbalanced, lazy defense which allows guys like Teague to pass by him like he’s stapled to the floor even when he’s not trolling for steals. At least someone else actually watches the tape of the game.

  • Classless

    I will agree, his ole’ defense last game made Al Hortford look better than he was since the bigs had to pick up Rondo’s man.

  • Classless

    I will be stunned if Rondo doesn’t have a monster game. At home, Game 6, primetime, Pierce hurt, coming off an uneven game. It seems obvious..

  • First of all BleedGreen, if you are keeping a list of the things Rondo is doing on the floor then you have to much time on your hands, IJS, lets not forget, how many other players is on this roaster? So lets stop bashing one guy when you are using a total of 8-10 for the playoffs, lets not forget who his coach is and if Doc had a problem with this list,im sure he gets on him more than you, i dont care what his weaknesses are at the end of the day, 2011-2012 Celtics would not be where they are today without the hard work and hustle play of Rajon Rondo, I dont care how you put it, say it, drawing it up, this fact still remains. And do you know how you get triple doubles? by doing a little bit of everything, by rebounding to help the bigs out, by coming up with steals to help your team out, by scoring when everybody elses shots are not falling. Do you think its easy to manage a team with this many HOF’s on it, keep the coach happy, and the rest of your team mates, fans, front office, back office, mama, girlfriend, kids happy? We are talking about a 26 year old young man with all of this on his shoulders, and if he was my son, of would be very proud of him. I dont see nobody talking about the bench who at one points scored 4pts against another teams 21pts, Rondo is consistent for alot of things but the one thing i am most proud of, this young man is a hustler, and you wouldnt have 20 triple doubles at 5 yrs in the league if you were not contributing something.

  • You cannot ask a leopard to change it`s spots…nor can you ask Rondo to change his game or personality.
    At his very core, Rondo is a quiet, shy person…who at the same time desparately seeks attention as a flashy, exciting, “please notice-me” athlete.
    That is why you will always see him gamble on defense…roll the ball on some inbound plays…do something uniquely his as soon as he secures the opening tap…kick the ball out to the 3-pt. line after driving within inches of the hoop…resort to one hand passes, etc.
    These things set him apart and bring him attention, which is what motivates him.
    Yes, he does kick the ball out for all the reasons you stated {his fear of the FT line}. However, it`s much easier for him to kick the ball out deep after a flashy drive {and more sectacular}…than making the sacrifice needed to become anything more than a 60% FT shooter.

  • paul

    Oh God. The Haters are out in force again. It’s so depressing.
    Listen, Haters: folks who like Rondo see all the same things you do, I’d say. We aren’t blindly adulatory to Rondo. I don’t like it when he bumps a ref like a punk. I don’t like his flat-footed defense. I don’t like the way he gives up on plays before they’re over. I could go on and on about the things I don’t like, and I could probably make a longer list than you could make. But there are two things to keep in mind. One is that we could do this little exercise with any player. Paul Pierce? Mr. Let me do it by myself? Mr. I rebound on alternate days? Mr. Turnover? Sheesh! If you put anyone under a magnifying glass, there’s a lot to criticize. I swear, sometimes it’s like going to the beauty contest and saying ‘that one has thick ankles’, ‘that one’s nose is too thick’, ‘that one is too tall’ – who the heck is perfect? And more importantly, WHAT DOES PERFECT MEAN? And that leads to the next point: don’t you Haters understand that you can’t separate the good parts of someone’s game from the bad parts so simply? How do you separate the good notes from the bad notes when you are listening to Charlie Parker? For one thing, there’s a bit of Dennis Rodman in Rondo. Haven’t you picked up on that? A lot of his game is based on deception. A lot of his game is based on lulling the opposition. A lot of his game is based off the fact that he does almost everything he does in a different way from everyone else, and that confuses them.
    Remember how Rodman used to stand around like a lost soul on the court? Then all of a sudden he’d dart and grab a rebound, or make some other play? He loved the fact that the other team would forget that he was on the court. He took advantage of that. Rondo mines the same veins of basketball ore, of confusion and misdirection, that Rodman mined, but in much more complicated ways.
    There are times when I can see that Rondo is just being lazy, or selfish, and it’s infuriating to me, just as it is to you. If that’s all you focus on, then no wonder you screech at him so much. But there is a whole other side to the picture, and that’s pretty freaking amazing.
    The clincher for me is the way Rondo grows and grows as a player. He’s a better player each year, each month, each week.

  • Quest

    “Swag” hasn’t nothing to do with basketball… more about the behaviour off the court…lol

  • how much you want to bet, if you dont recognize “swag”, you will see who swag is tonight, go back and watch the game where “swag”, played against the bulls before the all star break, the one where he had a triple double, thats “swag”, the focused, doing everything he can and want to on the court, without even breaking a smile, thats “swag”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Eisenman

    I don’t care what they call him as long as he leaves “Smug” in the locker room.