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Pierce has a sprained MCL, will play tonight

This is the first specific detail we've heard about Pierce's injury.  The MCL is pretty important to your lateral movement, and there were plenty of times after Pierce tweaked it again in Game 5 that it was obvious Pierce wasn't moving from side to side very well. 

But he went through shoot-around.  I don't know if he'll be fitted for a special brace or anything to keep that in check, or if he's going to try to gut it out as is.

FYI, all 15 players participated in shoot around, so everyone appears to be a go tonight.  

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  • KY Celts fan


  • Classless

    Ask Jerod Mayo how effective you can be on a sprained MCL. Maybe for one game, but going forward, this is tough for Pierce.

  • Paul Pierce will do what Paul Pierce always does…rise to the occasion.

  • Shawn

    Sprained MCL? That sounds kinda bad doesn’t it? I mean – it’s only increasing Pierce’s chance to injure something else and have a cascading effect… Just look a D Rose.
    The point is we aren’t winning anything without Pierce. Which is why I think he should sit tonight and only play if we face a game 7 in Atlanta. Sprained MCL’s lead to torn MCL’s.
    It’s pretty scary right now, not sure if we can do this without PP at 100%.