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Hawks owner whines about refs, Garnett’s dirty play

Crying_baby1304873980During an arts luncheon Hawks co-owner Michael Gearon Jr. sounded off about the lack of respect the Hawks are getting from the media and officials. He also called Kevin Garnett a dirty player:

Did you see what Al Horford did last night? The timeline for recovery for his injury is another three months. He’s not even supposed to be playing and Josh [Smith] should not be playing.Zaza [Pachulia] can’t stand up, but if we can get past this round there is a chance that we can get him back. So this is a team that is overcoming adversity. I wish . . . some of the national media or even some of the local media, more the paper than the TV guys, recognize how hard these guys are playing based on how injured they are.

“On top of all that, we don’t get any calls, which I know everybody always hears. But I’ll give you a stat. Last night, we are playing this old physical team. They are old. I know what happens when you play basketball, old guys foul. [Kevin] Garnett is the dirtiest guy in the league. We are playing Boston last night and they had two fouls the whole first half. We had five times that and we’re athletic.”

The statement about wanting the media to recognize the Hawks injuries made me vomit. The Hawks injuries have DOMINATED the storylines, much more so than Ray Allen's ankle or Avery Bradley's shoulder.

As for Garnett being dirty and the Celtics being old, I'm sure Doc Rivers appreciates the bulletin board material.

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  • Classless

    It’s old hat and too easy to call KG dirty. I think Jackie Mac summed up KG best: he’s cagey and engages in intimidation and gamesmanship. That’s incredibly different than Artest intentionally hurting someone, Reggie Evans being sent in to hack people, or ATL’s own Ivan Johnson getting kicked out of Korea.

  • D

    He must not know that the Celtics and HAwks have been called for 99 fouls each (or something close to that). What an ass hat.

  • aaron

    what a FUCKING CLOWN