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Hawks choke late, Celtics move on behind throwback Garnett


The 2012 series between the Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks,which may go down as one of the ugliest series in NBA history, came to a close tonight as the Boston Celtics defeated the Hawks in a squeeker. The Celtics will now move on to face the Philadelphia 76ers starting this Monday, but before we look forward lets take a look back at Game 6.

The real headscratcher of the game came in the closing minutes with the Hawks making one final push to tie things up, Marquis Daniels was pegged to guard…Al Horford? Yes, you read that right. Daniels fouled Horford sending the Center to the line with a chance to tie the game, but the Hawks showed their veteran leadership and playoff experience as Horford clanked the first shot. In typical Hawk fashion he missed the shot he needed to make and made the shot he needed to miss. Paul Pierce would clinch the game from the free throw line as the Garden faithful gave the Celtics a much deserved round of applause after a hard fought series.

Officiating in this one was questionable at best, with some real ticky tack fouls being called. Kevin Garnett played his heart out this entire series, and deserves much recognition for the turnaround he was able to complete this season after a miserable start to the season. Tonight, Garnett put up 28 points and 14 rebounds literally carrying the Celtics on his shoulders.

The Celtics really showed some grit in this series after dealing with a plethora of injuries (Bradley,Pierce, Allen) and the team health will be the talk of the town for as long as the Celtics are able to stay alive, it will likely be the downfall of this team, but for now the city should be proud of a team that grinded through and persevered through all of the problems.

Other topics of discussion will be Doc Rivers choice to use Stiemsma early in the game, yet opting for Ryan Hollins late in the game. The two turning points of the game, early in the fourth quarter the Celtics held the Hawks to only one field goal for about six minutes, thanks much in part to the defense of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierces clutch block late in the game. The health of Paul Pierce will be under much criticism as he looked short on many of his shots in tonights game.

The Celtics will have home court advantage in the second round as the higher seed and will host the Philadelphia 76ers 

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  • My nerves! KG is the man! I kept thinking ‘why is Hollins STILL out there’ after missing those gimmies, but it worked out. That 1st foul on Quisy was really just two guys getting tangled up on an inbounds play, but Jesus, I thought they were gonna shoot two, and then it got smoothed out. Props to Quisy on that 2nd one for not letting Horford have any chance at a dunk or even a shot . Close-out games are the hardest and the Hawks are a good team, but KG is the effin man!

  • army of red

    rivers said garnett asked to come out in the 4th, can’t blame either of them for that, garnett with the THROWBACK GAME! love it! i think rondo’s game flew under the radar too, he made some mistakes but was the only other real good player tonight i thought other than KG.

  • This is why KG is my favorite player. A Hall of Fame performance in a clinching game. He bailed out Doc Rivers’ crappiest coaching performance these playoffs. He left Rondo and KG on the bench too long. And the Daniels substitution to guard the 6’10’ Hortford was shades of Mike Dunleavy.
    Next series is going to be tough. If Philly steals 1 it’s going the distance.

  • steelbanks

    KG is done… where’s the guy who used to say that? 2 seasons ago?

  • RyanH

    KG put up a 1st ball HOF performance. Boards, blocks, buckets, steal, you name it he did it. Doc needs to think about sticking to familiar lineups, though. He’s been doing wierd stuff the past few games. Putting Quis in was just a wierd decision. We need to keep the pace up going forward, and focus more on getting the ball below the free throw line.

  • philip

    ummmm..Ticky tacky fouls? maybe if we were talking about what they were calling on the Hawks, but the refs handed this one to Boston tonight. Its official: the nba hates the hawks

  • Quest

    too close for comfort …KG amazing put this team on his back….now round 2

  • Hey Mr.Gearon-thanks for visiting our site! Did you hear KG’s presser? You got a shoutout!

  • K to the G. I also love that despite being hobbled, Pierce made that HUGE block on Johnson in the closing seconds. It’d be real sweet to get some revenge on Philly for the ass-whoopings they handed us on those 2nd of btb’s this season. Going to need to play much better ball though…

  • glurf

    not literally, nick.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Why does the Pacers Heat series start Sunday and we have to play Saturday, that seems backwards?

  • If something makes no sense…always follow the money.
    Pacers/Heat will get higher ratings on Sun. than Bst/Phil

  • KG won this series for us, flat out. Pierce was great at times, Rondo as well, but consistently KG was THE go to guy for the Celts. I think we get by philly in 6 maybe 7 but what worries me is the road after that. Look, Ray has no lift to his shot due to his ankles and Pierce looks 60% AT BEST with that knee on both sides of the floor. This “grind it out” style of play can work against less talented/smart/experienced teams like Atlanta, but WILL NOT work against Miami. We need guys to rest and get healthy ASAP. Glad we got Hotlanta out of the way though, this series was driving me INSANE.

  • Agree.
    My man KG, he’s the most important player of this team. God bless him!

  • NorthernGreen

    It hasn’t been decided that the C’s will play the Heat if they beat Philly. Do not discount the Pacers. They are a lot better than people give them credit for!

  • DJinthehall

    Grit and balls son!
    ATL made shots and hung tough, give them a lot of credit. That was really the first time I questioned anything DOC has done. Made zero sense why Quis was in there at the end. KG and quis get mix up on assignments? weird stuff.
    I like Hollins hustle I get that, but throwing a guy in the last minute of the game is bonkers. thankfully quis was smart enough to hack em. A win is a win is a win.

  • DJinthehall

    Nice to see the ref’s letting playoff basketball happen the last minutes of the game as well

  • paul

    If it weren’t for the Disco Dancer, we’d have won by 300 points.

  • IanD

    Thank you, I was wondering if I missed KG giving Rondo a piggy back ride at the end somewhere.

  • Noori

    Did you guys see Josh Smith’s kind words for the Boston fans? This guy is enamored with the Celtics. I hope he signs with us one day.

  • Terry Bogard

    It says OKC won’t play until Monday…wtf.