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Eye on the Enemy: Horford the game changer?

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The Celtics are trying to eliminate the Atlanta Hawks and move on to the Conference semis. We'll regularly check in on the competition to see how things stand.

Al Horford changes the dynamics at both ends. You’ll notice that Boston, which prides itself on playing D, couldn’t stop Horford in the final 2 1/2 minutes of the fourth quarter of Game 5. He scored the go-ahead-for-good hoop off a pick-and-roll with Jeff Teague — surely a called play out of a timeout — and made a tough hook over Kevin Garnett and Brandon Bass to put the Hawks up four. And you had to notice that Horford’s slipping of Garnett’s screen forced Rajon Rondo to dribble into the corner on the final sequence, whereupon he lost the ball. Would all the folks who picked the Celtics to win this series have made the same choice if they’d known Horfy would be back?


That's one of 3 reasons Mark Bradley thinks the Hawks can win.  And while it's entire possible the Hawks CAN win… they won't.  This is going the Celtics way and it's going their way by double digits.  Book it.

Then we all become Bulls fans again and hope they can extend the series and give the Celtics about 4 days rest.

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  • I LOVE the confidence of our fearless leader! They better damn take care of biz tonight. I’m locked in to a family outing on Saturday and wouldn’t be able to watch a G7. GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!

  • KY Celts fan

    I really like Al Horford, and Atlanta is lucky they signed him to that big contract. He’s a top 5 center in this league. And this person is correct when he calls Horford a game changer.
    All that said, Atlanta is going down tonight. And we’ll have a nice long weekend to rest.

  • paul

    We woke up a monster. Now it’s gonna be a job to put the monster back to sleep. But even with Pierce hurting, we’ve got a heckuva team too. As always, a lot depends on Rondo.

  • Chris

    You would have to become a bulls fan before we win by double digits because their game starts an hour earlier. Really hoping the Bulls can win the series because me and my buddy planned a trip to Chicago this month hoping wed be in town for a Game 5 Celts Bulls.

  • Hawks will wilt, Celtics will get it done in the 4th this time. But Doc more steamer less hollins this time please. And I almost forgot, Al Horford is still a dick.