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Your Morning Dump… The Celtics end of game execution was awful

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

But when Pierce airballed a jumper with 18.9 seconds left with the Celtics trailing by a point, no one on the court apparently realized they were not out of fouls, meaning they needed to foul twice to get the Hawks to the line.

They waited 7.7 seconds until the ball was passed to Josh Smith before Allen fouled him. And while they fully expected Smith to step to the line, the Hawks called timeout to prepare for another inbounds play.

Rondo saved the embarrassment for a few moments by stealing a bounce pass headed for Joe Johnson, and racing up the court for perhaps the series-clinching basket. But the Celtics resembled one of those youth teams that compete at halftime at TD Garden, racing up the court in chaos because they lacked a timeout…

“We signaled to foul and our guys decided to try to go for a steal first,’’ coach Doc Rivers said. “They didn’t understand we had a foul to give. I told them after the game, we talk about it every night, every day in practice, end-of-the-game execution is going to win and lose playoff games for you. And you think about that seven extra seconds we would have had, that doesn’t mean we make a shot but you never know. We would have extra time. And we didn’t have it.’’

Globe – Not finest performance by drama club

Reading these game summaries has my blood pressure boiling again. It’s all very un-Celtic.

Doc said Rondo should have went down the middle of the court on the final possession. Once he reached the paint, the Hawks would have collapsed and Rondo could have easily found an open teammate.

Pierce refused to admit the knee bothered him much, but we all know the truth. He’s hurting.

In typical media fashion, the pendulum has swung in the Hawks direction. Now folks are questioning whether the Celtics can close in Boston in Game 6. C’mon, people.

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On Page 2, Rondo gets miffed at a TNT cameraman.

(video h/t to CelticsLife)

I’m not going to fault Rondo here. He’s pissed off about the loss and the camera operator won’t give him a private moment.

Props to Charles Barkley for the funny line about Rondo’s jacket.

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  • greenman

    How many freaking dunks did we give up in our halfcourt defense last night?? Goodlord! Gotta close the series in 6, I want nothing to do with a game 7 in ATL.

  • Quest

    Not enough talent and experience on the celtics bench. Starters carrying the game 48 min fatigue a big factor.

  • I think this was just one of those games where they didnt have a good start, the chemistry wasnt there, and the shots were half falling. Even Rondo’s lay ups were not falling, but his efford was diffinitely there. Im glad to see when his jumper is not falling he keeps shooting them, but hey they are still in a good place, the hawks need 2 games to beat them, they only need one, they will be at home so hopefully they can close this one out. As far as Rondo and the camera man, i dont blame him, he played the game, he talked to the press, he did his job, when he is with his family, let him be with his family.I dont care where you work, or what you do, you deserve to have some quality time away from your job, and this time he did it in a respectful way, he didnt chest bump him, he wasnt loud, but these camera guys dont give up, this camera guy should be fined!!!!!!!!!!

  • paul

    Come on, I’m a Rondo fan, and even I know that he acted like a thug, or like Frank Sinatra, towards that cameraguy. It’s scary to see how out of control Rondo can get. One has the impression, from the video, that he would have clocked the guy, if he didn’t have a minder with him. It’s morally wrong to act this way, and also this kind of behavior could be devastating to Rondo’s career and life. What if he had actually hit the guy? Now you are possibly looking at assault charges and a civil suit as well, and possibly a career in ruins on top of all that.

  • paul

    Starters were unfocused. They didn’t exactly carry the game.

  • KY Celts fan

    it sucks, yeah. but like what was mentioned yesterday, this team struggles in closeout games. Always have. This makes for for the 11th closeout game loss in the New Big Three Era.
    Give Hawks credit. It was as a do or die situation for them, and they did. We’ll just have to take care of business on Thursday.
    Keep in mind, we weren’t the only ones. There were four games played last night, all of them potential series clinchers, and only Indiana was able to deliver. LA even lost on their own court! All thanks to Kobe’s hero ball mentality.

  • KY Celts fan

    omg, I think hell just froze over. did paul actually have something negative to say of Rondo? Someone call the FBI, this has to be a case of identity theft.

  • paul

    Man, you have to be freaking kidding. What Rondo did was scary and wrong. He definitely tried to intimidate the camera guy, which he had no right to do. He also looked like he was definitely thinking about hitting him, or at least pushing him. He certainly chased the guy down. Rondo needs to wake up. Sure, he has a right to privacy, but he was in what was effectively a public space. He can request that the cameraperson stop filming, but he cannot enforce that request physically or with intimidation. I love Rondo, but he does have a normal human responsibility to act like a decent person.

  • paul

    Lol! i actually criticize him all the time. Folks here would see more of that if they weren’t so damned busy hating on the guy.

  • paul

    The Cs showed their usual lack of resolve and discipline last night, and now we are in a situation where the worm has definitely turned. The Hawks are a potentially very powerful team, and they now seem confident and resolved. The way they reacted to Rondo’s steal was not encouraging from a Celtics fan point of view. Where as the Celtics acted chaotically, the Hawks recovered their cool instantly and hit Rondo with tough, smart defense. Which team looked more like a champion? Not us.
    Hopefully we will come out strong in Boston

  • Kricky

    Screw the Camera guy. If RR asked the guy no to film him, and then the guy keeps doing it, then he’s a friggin’ Jerk. IT doesn’t warrant RR punching him, but a stern talking to is justified.

  • I`m confident the Celtics will close it out in Game 6.
    As much as the Hawks needed to win last night…as badly as Boston played in huge spurts…as hampered as Pierce was….it was only a 1-point deficit when the final buzzer went off.

  • Kricky

    I’m confident we’ll close in 6. But it would have been nice to get that rest, especially with the Captain banged up.

  • Jason

    Man screw that camera guy. He was basically being a paparazzi Rondo should have taught that guy a lesson.

  • Alex

    Nah, you always give praises to the dude and RARELY criticize him. Actually this is your first time you actually said anything bad about Rondo.
    Clearly tho, Rondo was pissed off at himself for losing the game for his team and when you see a camera guy recording you while you are with your family… it’s really annoying. Rondo felt like his privacy was being violated and that the analysts would be talking shit behind his back.

  • Mike

    We can go over the final plays of the game over and over, but I think this game was lost on the back to back turnovers late in the 4th. One was on Rondo dribbling into the paint and getting up in the air and trying an ill advised dish to Bass, and the other was Pierce just dribbling it off his foot. I cant remember if it was during the stretch when the Hawks went up 7, or if it was right after the Celts came back to tie, and then the hawks went back up 4. Can anyone clarify?

  • Quest

    No love in Atlanta…. Hawks show bad taste featuring the Celtics on the Jumbotron and cameraman disrepects Rajon’s personal space…. well hoping we can slay this newly awakened Hawks dragon Thursday…. Hawks making good adjustments to the Celtics defense…

  • Quest

    with out the starters the c’s would have been blown out…starters carried the game imo.

  • Always something with Rondo…sigh.
    I’ll be interested to see how Doc reacts to the new ATL lineup. Bradley was rendered a bench warmer last night and the C’s need more of him and less of bricklayer Pietrus. Gotta give credit to Larry Drew. He’s doing a great job with what he has.

  • trytryagain
    Any wonder Rondo & bitch have the same amount of letters? Geez

  • Exactly. Atlanta shot lights out, the C’s played like sh#t and still almost won it. I don’t fear the hawks winning in Boston, if the crowd is loud and rowdy, they will wilt. Oh, and I almost forgot Al Horford is still a dick.

  • Real-Talk

    Rondo has some anger problem, his very immature. He always screaming and doing something dumb, that’s who he is. But can somebody tell me how many turnovers we had last night. that was one of the worst defensive gave the celtics played. They left the hawks wide open shooting 3’s and going to the basket. If they don’t play solid team defence and cut down on the turnovers, they will lose the next two games. Danny please trade rondo in the off season, his a cancer to this team.

  • We must have been looking at 2 different clips, he said that he had already asked that he not film him, okay public place, then why was he not filming somebody else, it was after the game, let the guy relax and re-group, the only thing this camera man wanted to do was film him and catch him doing something crazy then go public with it, then Rondo gets fined, and he gets promoted, come on let the guy clock out from work and have a beer in piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trade him? You must have just started watching Boston this season, If it wasnt for Rondo everybody would have been really taking Boston for a Joke. Rondo came into the season ready, he and Ray Allen was the only Celtics in game shape, and he held it down until everybody got it together. He’s still young and yes he can be hot headed at times, but out of all the years I have been watching this kid develop, I must say this the best I have seen him play, he really elevated his game, and with age the attitude with be adjusted to, but do you think for one minute Danny is going to trade Rondo because of his attitude? No, you know why, because Danny wants to win, and with the league the way it is today, the best teams, got the best point guards. Every player in the league has his good or bad, as good as ray is, and as nice as people say he is, they also say ray is crazy, im not trying to disrepect ray but im just making a point, nobody is perfect and at the end of the day, it all boils down to winning. Everybody talk about his attitude and lack of focus when boston lose but when they win and Rondo is the biggest contributor then everybody loves him.

  • Mikeco15

    Trade Rondo when he’s one of two legit pieces they have for the future when it’s tough enough to lure free agents to Boston with even a loaded roster? So let’s gut what little legitimate young talent we have and suck for the next 10 years. I bet you were singing a different tune before this game….calm down.

  • Winston Salems

    Rondo hanging with J Smoove and his family after the game. Who cares? This is another one of those situations where it gets blown way out of proportion. Rondo and Smoove are best friends. I’m sure this was a chance for Rondo to say hi to the fam before they go back to Boston and close it out. Though interesting, it really is a non-story. Just add it to the long list of bad PR for Rajon Rondo. It shouldn’t matter what this kid does off the court, how he acts, who he talks to, what he does, it shouldn’t matter. THe only thing that matters, is what he does when he puts that 9 jersey on.

  • Love,Love,Love what you just said. I have been watching guys play ball since high school, and they would fight, curse each other out, then go hang out after the gang, the best of friends can go hard on the court and then hang out together, all these guys in the league hang out, when they go to different cities, Perk gave Rondo a birthday party the night before their game, and Perk still played hard, its a guy thing, they want the bragging rights!