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Ryan Hollins is actually contributing

Ryan hollins against the Hawks

Doc Rivers has to play the guys who are making plays. And Hollins — no matter how out of control or wild he seems at times — is making lots of plays.

[…] With Hollins, the good play that the C's are getting from him, could dry up at anytime so it's important that they ride this out for as long as they can — even if it means sitting Stiemsma.

"The one thing you know when Ryan comes into the game, something's gonna happen," said C's coach Doc Rivers. "It's gonna be good or bad, but something's gonna happen."


No one can write anything postive about Ryan Hollins without the caveat "I can't believe I'm actually writing this."  

But we are. Hollins played 18 minutes last night and while there were some very Ryan Hollins moments out there, he actually played some decent defense, caught those two alley oops, and grabbed four rebounds… three of them on the offensive end.  I wasn't even aware that you were allowed to grab offensive rebounds a member of the Celtics. 

This isn't to say we've found this big revelation in Hollins.  He might not have another productive minute for this team the rest of the playoffs.  But with Stiemsma either a little too hurt or a little too overwhelmed by the playoff moment, Hollins is getting a chance to play a few minutes.  I'm sure Stiemsma will be fine, but for right now, Hollins is doing something with the minutes he's getting. 

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  • I wonder if Stiemsma did anything to put himself in Doc’s doghouse?

  • RyanH

    Hollins seems to be a nice kid and a hard worker. Not that he has the talent of a Mcgee, but we’re seeing a lot of big men prosper under good coaches and veteran teammates. I always root for guys that look to overachieve.

  • Why is Doc snubbing Sean Williams?
    Things go better with “coke”!

  • I saw it too! Definitely his best outing in green. Still prefer Steimsma for defense, but he’s gotten shy again as far as taking a shot. Go C’s!