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Your Morning Dump… Where this might not be this team’s last run

Ray allen at healthpointEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The key is to get Garnett and Allen to return on shorter contracts and reduced money. It’s difficult to believe Garnett would eagerly pursue playing for another club if the Celtics wanted him to return. He has become an icon here. The public deeply respects his privacy and has embraced his style.

For Allen, it’s been an admittedly difficult season and he has prepared for offseason ankle surgery to improve his free agent marketability. But perhaps one more run, a chance to play completely healthy and with the same core, would encourage him to come back.

Also, the Celtics have the money to entice Brandon Bass and Mickael Pietrus to return on longer-term deals and match offers for Greg Stiemsma. Bass has a player option next season at $4 million, but has outplayed that contract. Pietrus said last Friday he wants to return. What the post-All-Star break and playoffs has proven is the current Celtics have something left.

Globe:  Premature to break them up

All this talk was triggered by a couple of lines in Woj's glowing piece about Rajon Rondo yesterday:

These Celtics understand they won’t be back together next season. Perhaps Garnett could return on a one-year contract, but Allen is almost assured to leave as a free agent. 

I talked about the reasons why it's too soon to so plainly say Ray's gone on Facebook yesterday.  But the short version is that even if Ray is pissed at Doc and Danny for nearly being dealt, July is still a couple of months away, which is plenty of time to cool off.  Add to it that there aren't many teams that will give Ray what he wants and his family is in a good place here in Boston (and they just added another baby), and it's going to be harder for Ray to leave than people think.  He's on a year-to-year basis in the NBA, now.  Everyone's watching to see how much longer he can defy age and be a productive, and key player on a contending team. 

I think KG has shown enough to warrant another one-year deal. Maybe two if you want to throw the guy a little "thank you" money that won't necessarily kill the team.  He has basically said he only wants to play for Doc Rivers at this point.  The only question is, if the Celtics somehow manage to win a title this season, will that be enough for him to say "that's it, I'm done."

It's entirely possible this i the last go-'round for this C's team.  But with two first round picks, E'Twaun Moore possibly developing into the team's "shooter" and JaJuan Johnson showing signs of possibly filling a role of "mid-range shooting big"… along with Greg Stiemsma, Brandon Bass and Mickael Pietrus  playing well during the regular season… it would be nice to have the vets around to help make sure the foundation is solid moving forward. 

The rest of the links:

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  • Tim

    I agree with everything except what you say about Moore and Johnson. In an ideal world they would develop into key players for this team, but as of right now I just don’t see that as realistic.

  • KY Celts fan

    I’m glad I’m not the one making these roster decisions. I like most everyone on this team, but to maintain cap flexibility, we got to cut some strings somewhere. I’d hate for it to be Ray Allen. or Pietrus. We’ll just have to ride those rapids as we come to them.

  • PutRajonRondointhehall

    Given the opportunity and proper guidance. I do think Moore and Jujuan Johnson will be good NBA players.
    JJ shoots when open (confidence) and we know Etwaun is not afraid. It seems at this level if you make a roster
    it just comes down in your own confidence + work ethic to whether or not you will succeed.
    I am very encouraged moving forward.
    in 2k12 JJ is awesome! defends, rebounds and strokes the 15 footer. (disclaimer this is NOT what I am basing it on)

  • Astarot

    The cap room will be big this offseason and it’d be great if Ray and KG would stay but still the team will need some good front court players(especially center) so Celtics need this money to get some free agents.

  • Brent

    please don’t re-sign pietrus,all he does is hurt the team. He just stands at the 3 pt line, launches 3’s and is incredibly inconsistent. By the way, that’s Jeff Green’s status for next season??

  • Brent

    haahah u found that out too. Dude dunks on everyone in 2k lmao

  • Alex

    I think with more minutes, these players could very well develop into great players. Remember… we sorta lost hope on Avery Bradley… but ever since he got more minutes, he flourished into a great defensive and offensive weapon.

  • Alex

    I’d love Pietrus to be back. Great locker room personality, great defensive player, his shooting is off most likely due to his knee injury and I think he just needs more time with Doc and practice time to understand when to attack the paint rather than constantly camp at the 3 point line. Mind you, he was with Orlando Magic for quite some time so that stuff is probably stuck in his head. The more 3’s you shoot, the more you get used to camping behind the line.

  • KY Celts fan

    I agree with Alex. Air France – the only way to fly.

  • aaron

    seriously, its a coach and system all the vets we have buy into.
    KG is a Celtic
    Ray has put his family’s roots down, worth more tham 10 mil.
    Bass has gotthen the time and developement he needs as a player
    MP is crazy and loves it here, and with fresh legs will do more than sit at the three spot
    If Jeff Green is sitting courtside with a team that gave him a bunch of money, then cut him with no real guarantee of a job next year, he’ll be back, Ainge will make sure of it.
    nothing is in stone, but if this team goes deeper than ANYONE thought, who wouldn’t want to stay?

  • Personally I think it’s for the best to let go of both Garnett and Allen. they have both served their purposes and they are both headed for decline. I say invest in players such as Avery Bradley who has been doing very well and find complementary players that will play well along side Paul pierce and Rajon Rondo. Jujuan Johnson from his rookie numbers showed some potential and given the minutes, he can provide the Celtics a solid PF for years to come as well.

  • ditto that.. Peaches belongs here

  • KG`s late season play forces Ainge to re-sign him, on terms the Celtics can live with. This is the best he`s looked since the knee injury in 2009.
    Ray will be 37…coming off surgery…add to that the emergence of Bradley = Allen is gone

  • As much as i love KG and Ray, another painful year of managing minutes and being scared of injuries is not appealing. This year is a huge exception, with the lockout and major injuries left and right. The Celtics are winning the battle of attrition, but going forward this team can’t compete with Chicago or Miami with an aging roster. Time to see if Rondo is the guy or not next year to build a franchise around.

  • BradinFL

    The only way i would want KG & Ray back is it was league minimum or close to it. Hopefully get Jeff Green back, sign one decent free agent & get lucky on one of the two draft picks. If that was to happen, they could do better next year just from having San Antonio style depth.

  • wil

    Etwaun Moore has already shown talent and eagerness to play. Next year, he can play more minutes, and under Doc Rivers guidance he will prove to be a good back up point guard to rajon rondo.
    Jajuan is just not ready this year. But the pre season work outs will help him develop. He is an atheletic player with a good midrange shot. Its more likely that he will improve too. Only problem is with his minutes if they bring back brandon bass and sign in a real Center.
    Confidence is they real key here. True, not all players develop into good ones. But the combination of Doc Rivers, KG and Rondo makes the team better.

  • wil

    yeah its the knee. he only shoots 3s at the start of the season, but as it went on, he was driving inside which means its getting bigger.
    In offense i cant say much for pietrus. but in defense. The Guy can almost guard any body. he would be just a role player though if jeff green and ray allen comes back.

  • wil

    KG is just as important as every body else. I believe he is on a decline. But his mentality is what changes the Celtics. Take him off the roster right now and they wont be half as good.
    He is a leader of this team. Any team would love to have what he has to offer. KG is a game changer.

  • wil

    Allen doesnt need to be in the starting line up, Allen will be a key component for the C’s if they play him off the bench. Its been a couple of seasons now since theyve had a confident scorer off the bench.
    KG is a walking book of basketball knowledge. He is the type of guy that makes you think you can do anything!

  • If we get Draymond Green in the draft we are essentially getting a more athletic Bass. We can then use the money saved on Bass to get a bonafide center. My optimistic side thinks Roy Hibbert is possible if we throw near max money at him.


    Hey C’s army…just one question from a Celtic from Europe…where do I can get one of these training shirts Allen is wearing on the picture above?? No chance to get that stuff on….any recommandations??
    And just to add my part to the discussion…why not adding Josh Smith next year to the team?

  • Andre Jones

    Veteran’s minimum and Lamar Odom, work him hard in the off-season and I’ll think he’ll come out with some fire in his belly from the bench. If we got Josh Smith it would make at least a few wonder why we got rid of Glen Davis; Josh is more consistent and stronger but what would he really bring to the table?