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VIDEO: Celtics Playoff Montage: We are Young/Dream On

The Celtics unleashed a handful of new video montages on the jumbotron prior to their two home games this past weekend.  While we already showed you two of them, I forgot to include the one below.  It's an awesome montage of footage from their entire history of playoff runs.  It's initially set to the background music of "We are Young" by Fun, then transitions to Aerosmtih's classic "Dream On."  To get you pumped for tonight's Game 5 in ATL, sit back and enjoy it:


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  • Sam

    Is that Going The Distance or Victory about to come in when it cuts?

  • Alex

    I’m sorry but “We are Young” by Fun was the WORST song to use in a Sports Montage ever. The way they just transition to the start of the montage was badly done.

  • Griffin

    I agree with Alex 100%