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Eye on the enemy, where Joe Johnson wants more touches

With the Boston Celtics trying to wrap up their series with the Atlanta Hawks we'll be keeping a closer look on the Hawks to see what they're up to.

Johnson took just eight shots in Sunday’s 101-79 loss to the Celtics, who are up 3-1 in the best-of-seven series heading into Game 5 Tuesday at Philips Arena.

“I don’t think they are doing anything different defensively on me,” Johnson said. “I think it’s just, basically, getting an opportunity to touch the ball. That’s it.”

When asked if he was not happy with his touches, Johnson answered with a simple, but emphatic, “No.”


This is just great.  The Hawks are suddenly making huge lineup changes and their star player is griping about not getting the ball.  All this while making uninspired comments about the effort expected in Game 5.

That's fine, Joe, if you want to get more touches.  You can slide over the 2 and deal with either Rajon Rondo or Avery Bradley.  And then you can get all the touches you want against two guys who can REALLY make you uncomfortable defensively.  Don't expect Johnson to do a whole lot of driving in this game. 

If he wants to take one of those smaller guys in the post?  Fine.  Let him. Then the Celtics drop the "Dwight Howard" defense on him:  Let Avery or Rondo guard him one-on-one.  If he wants to take turnaround fadeaways all day, then fine.  The rest of the guys stay home and DO NOT DOUBLE and then we'll REALLY see some fun quotes and comments coming out Atlanta when Joe Johnson is 12-21 for 28 points and no one else has more than 10. 

I know Chuck called a loss for the C's tonight, and I totally get the reasoning.  I would normally agree, but the Hawks are too much of a mess.  I think the Hawks fall apart tonight.  I can't see this team putting up much of a fight.

Be sure to come back tonight at halftime for the Gang Green halftime show. It goes live right at the buzzer.

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  • KY Celts fan

    *doing my best Mr. Burns impression*

  • Chuck never gets it right anyway.

  • James Eisenman

    I promised not to post about Rondo anymore but please, please, please Doc do not listen to this post. The last thing in the world our team would ever want is for Rondo to guard Joe Johnson on a regular basis so that he can leave him all alone all night long while he drops off to the free throw line to guard the paint and Joe Johnson shoots at will. Stop this myth about Rondo actually playing defense. It’s embarassing.

  • paul


  • James Eisenman

    Rondo “guarding” the superstar Willie Green with 2:33 left in the game. http://youtu.be/JbkKCh9mnMY

  • James Eisenman

    I do agree that the Hawks are a mess and that Joe Johnson is not the kind of person who could ever be a team leader. Team leaders don’t complain about their touches. They inspire their teammates. Plus, you don’t change starting line-ups in the middle of a playoff series. Horford does not look ready for primetime anyway.

  • stalwart

    Funny. If it were to happen, though, I don’t think Rondo has his usual option of going for the steal as he’d have to body up his man. He’d probably be forced to play defense more than the gambling he usually does on the perimeter. However, I’m pretty sure Rondo does play defense. :))

  • good