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Behind the scenes with “Larry Bird” at Magic/Bird on Broadway

There's no doubt you've heard about the Magic/Bird production on Broadway.  I've gotten a chance to see the show (which I reviewed here), and earlier this week, I got a chance to go behind the scenes and talk to the man who transforms every night into Larry Bird. 

Tug Coker (@TugCoker on Twitter), is an actual, honest to goodness Celtics fan who grew up watching the Celtics.  And as you can see, he is living a dream playing Larry every night.


I sat down with Tug to talk about the show and what Larry Bird meant to him as he prepared to become "Larry Bird" every night.  You can see how much the chance to talk to Larry meant to him and influence not only his performance, but his career. 


The show closes this week, so if you'd like to go see it, you have to get to a show in the next few days.  If the C's wrap up their series with the Hawks tonight, it'll be a nice way to get a little fix before the next series.  I've seen the show twice, and I thought it was great.  It's the story told from a dimension we haven't seen before.  If you're in Boston and you want to make a weekend trip to New York, this is the time to do it.  If you're around New York, the head into the city to check it out.  You can get tickets here.  If you're interested in more, here's my interview with Peter Scolari, who plays Red Auerbach (among others) in the show.

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  • This seems like a “play in search of a story”.
    It had a very short run on Broadway, so it clearly was not a major success.