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Your Morning Dump… Pierce says the knee will be fine

PierceBikeEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"I kinda sprained it this morning, then I aggravated it today in the game," said Pierce. "I’m glad we were able to get a win like this, give me some rest. We'll get me a couple days off, I can get some treatment and hopefully it feels good on Tuesday." 

Boston engaged in a light walk-through Sunday morning, but still nearly lost Pierce. He then aggravated the injury when he banged knees with Atlanta's Josh Smith with 5:45 to play in the first half. He returned to play the first 3½ minutes of the third quarter and helped Boston open a 35-point lead before calling it a night. Pierce spent some time on the exercise bike courtside, then returned to the locker room in the fourth quarter for treatment. 

"I kind of tripped over someone’s foot, turned the knee [in shootaround]," said Pierce. "I had to sit around the last half of shootaround and, tonight, I just kind of re-aggravated it when I came up off the double screen with Josh Smith there. It’s a little bit sore right now, so Doc just wanted to take precautions tonight, especially when we had such a big lead. That allowed me to go back in the fourth quarter, get treatment and rest for the next couple days." 

ESPN Boston – Pierce plays thru left knee injury

Move over Ray Allen, Avery Bradley and Greg Stiemsma, we're adding Paul Pierce (knee) and Mickael Pietrus (hamstring) to the front of Eddie Lacerte's treatment line. 

Pierce takes priority, because without him… (nevermind, I won't go there). The sprain was serious enough that Doc Rivers didn't believe Paul would be able to play last night. Pierce recovered and looked injury-free until colliding with Josh Smith in the 2nd quarter.

Pierce's body language didn't signal serious injury. He returned in the 3rd quarter and sported a smile while riding the stationary bike. Pierce thinks he'll be fine (message relayed in late night tweet) and so do I.

Consider the Celtics lucky. All of their injuries are of the day-to-day variety. Did you see what happened to the Knicks Baron Davis?

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On Page 2, Josh Smith says the Celtics are playing way more harder.

“They shot the mess out of it tonight,” said Hawks forward Josh Smith, who returned from the left knee injurythat kept him out of Game 3. “I’m watching it and being real observant when I’m on the bench. They’re just running the plays way more harder than we are. Whatever play is called, you know, Ray Allen is running off screens 100 miles per hour, Paul Pierce is finding a way to get open, the bigs are setting screens, getting the guards open.

“We have to try to duplicate what they do,” added Smith. “We have to try to get open. They’re trying so hard for Joe[Johnson] not to catch the ball. They’re being real physical with him, so we have to be able to match their physicality and be able to try to return the favor a little bit, see if they like it and stop being so passive.”


This quote from Josh Smith makes me tingly inside. 

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  • It changes to see a player saying that the celtics are outworking them and playing harder, usually it’s all about them being a “dirty” team… kudos to smith.
    And great great win last night…saw it live. Hawks destruction + new president in one day = yeeeaaaaah!!!!

  • Nathan

    I bet we see josh smith in a clerics jersey in the next year or two

  • IanD

    He would look great in green, standing next to Roy Hibbert, RR, AB & PP. With KG and Allen coming of the bench

  • Alex

    Lol, nice dream you are having.

  • James Eisenman

    God forbid. Unless Doc could train the stupid out of him. He doesn’t know how to say no to his shots. Once he gets in the “shoot mode”, nothing stops him from putting something up no matter how awful it is. Same with Joe Johnson. They may be providing most of the offense but they are also the primary reason we’re beating this team. In crunch time, these two hold the ball and shoot too much, forcing enough to grind their team to a loss. Raw talent but no brains. It takes a team to win a game.

  • IanD

    Hey a guy can dream, right?