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Woj: Rondo is coming for the Heat


Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski wrote a spectacular column on Rajon Rondo and the threat he poses to the Miami Heat:

Rondo’s rising again, on a tear for months, and he’s still the biggest potential barrier between Miami and a return to the NBA Finals. He was his genius passing and playmaking self – 16 assists, one turnover – in the Celtics' 101-79 victory over Atlanta at the Garden. So many of his 20 points came on jump shots, on the kind of sweet, fluid stroke that’s seldom functioned for him. Boston goes back to Atlanta with a 3-1 series lead for Game 5 Tuesday, goes back with a chance to advance closer to a conference final with the Heat.

Boston’s still the looming issue for Miami because Rondo and Paul Pierce, Garnett and Ray Allen have a run left with them. Boston’s still looming because that failed, final sequence in the Heat’s Game 4 loss to the Knicks on Sunday is a reminder of how efficiently this Celtics coach and these Celtics stars run plays in the telltale moments of games. Miami doesn’t need to let Boston linger in a series, doesn’t need to let the conference championship come down to execution late in games.

LeBron James is the best player in these Eastern Conference playoffs, but Rondo controls a basketball game like no one but else but James. All these threats to the Heat in the East have crumbled, but Rondo remains. And, rest assured, he’ll dare the Heat to take him out again. Rondo’s relentless this way. Doc Rivers wondered: What would’ve happened? Well, the Celtics want to find out again. They have one, best chance, and it hasn’t changed for a year. Three hundred sixty-five days later, Rajon Rondo’s still coming for the Miami Heat.

If this column doesn't get your Celtics blood pumping, then you should be watching the Boston Cannons. Everything from the Green Avenger image to Woj's subtle reminder that Rondo's dislocated elbow was reason #1 the Heat beat the Celtics last season.

Be afraid, LeBron. Be very afraid.

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  • Mike

    deep breaths people. i’m as excited as anyone, but we should NOT overlook the sixers. luckily what we as fans do doesnt matter one bit, and i dont expect the celts to take Game 5 or any following teams/series lightly.

  • putDJinthehall

    Game 5 wil be a tough win for us.
    ATL is a mess but still dangerous.

  • paul

    I believe Woj is the first commentator or writer or talking head to sortof acknowledge that the Heat took Rondo out.

  • Does anyone know who that lady to the right of rondo is. She stands up after every made basket and is a season ticket owner for sure.

  • I agree. Sixers are super athletic and well coached. Jrue Holliday presents a huge challenge for Rondo, plus Philly can put Thaddeus Young at the 4 and effectively render Bass a benchwarmer (much like what ATL is doing now).
    Woj is right though. I never understood why the national media pretended Wade didn’t tackle Rondo. Guy is a legit dirty player now.

  • Paul

    Does anyone know what the story is with Rondo’s undershirt? It looks like it’s been ripped in half and it’s still hanging over his shoulders. I’ve only noticed it in the past few games.

  • RyanH

    Wade is dirty, through and through. Threw bibby’s shoe into the stands, broke Kobe’s nose, threw Rip down on a flagrant 1, trashed talked Avery after he annihilated his layup, and threw Rondo down. The media gives him a free-pass, but he has rage issues and is a terrible sport. Not to mention he blows through picks, which got pierce ejected in game 1 last year. The best revenge would be to kick the Heat sqaure in their punk asses.

  • I’m not sure..couldn’t find any info on her. Most-likely one of the many diehard season-ticket holders. As of now, the longest tenured female season-ticket holder, and in my opinion, the most dedicated, is Joanne Borzakian-she’s had season tix since 1974.

  • Quest

    Agree with your comments. Just which the Refs would wise up to his dirty plays on the court.

  • IF anyone would know you would. I think I got all the key Players down. It’s easy to spot Wyc, Flo, Paul and KG’s women, and the Palotta sisters and mom sitting next to Ed Lacaert. Do you know who the Season Ticket holder is who sits at center court, Black hair mid 60’s he is on Tv all the time. Wears Jeans with Dark shirt gold jewelery alaways walking around talking to the other season ticket holder? After every time out he is standing up clapping or does the fist pump and stands up after a big hoop. The Lady behind the hoop has been on every game that I have seen this season. I don’t think she ever lets go of her pocketbook. Yes I watch to many Celtics games….:)