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Three Hawks players get Rondo’d

Let's examine the Hawks who are burned by Rajon Rondo on this play.

Jeff Teague – Forced to respect Rajon's hot jump shooting, Teague races out to the perimeter. Rondo promptly blows past him. 

Jason Collins – Frozen by the behind-the-back ball fake. He's in a tough spot. If he challenges, Rondo dishes to KG for an open 17 footer. Likelihood of KG making that shot is 90%.

Joe Johnson – A truly disgusting defensive effort by Johnson. He never left his feet to challenge Rondo. At the very least, Johnson should have hammered Rondo and put him on the line.

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  • Alex

    Even the camera guy at the end of the video got Rondo’d.

  • Larry

    Johnson didn’t get Rondo’d he got lazy. That was Johnson’s play to make (foul or not). Inexcusable. I know you’re down by 28 but show some freakin’ heart man, send a message for game 5. It must be hard to be a fan of the Hawks.

  • paul

    Well said. That disco dancer Rondo never does anything right.

  • putDJinthehall

    Rondo stat line last night has become the norm in the playoffs, is anyone surprised by the numbers?
    i’ll let that sink in for everyone.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I like Gorman’s chuckle after watching the replay.